Delegated Decisions

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Title Date Effective from
2798 - Vulnerable People Preventative Service ref: 408927/03/201705/04/2017
2797 - Bread and baked goods contract ref: 408828/03/201705/04/2017
2799 - Mental Health Forensic Independent Living Support Service ref: 409027/03/201706/04/2017
2796 - Contribution to the Nottingham Music Service ref: 408727/03/201704/04/2017
2794 - DCLG funding to help support survivors of domestic abuse with complex needs ref: 408523/03/201704/04/2017
2793 - Opportunity Nottingham - Additional Assessment Resource ref: 408423/03/201704/04/2017
2795 - Acceptance and spend of DEFRA Air Quality Grant 2016-17 ref: 408627/03/201705/04/2017
2792 - Delegate authority to Council Property Services to dispose of Bakersfield Library ref: 408324/03/201701/04/2017
2791 - Approval for the creation of an Apprenticeship Levy Monitoring Officer Role ref: 408223/03/201723/03/2017
2789 - Unit 12 The Glad Business Centre, Gala Way/ Forum Road, Southglade, Nottingham, NG5 9RW ref: 408122/03/201722/03/2017
2788 - Commercial Unit on Derby Road, Nottingham - Lease surrender and new letting ref: 408022/03/201730/03/2017
2787 - Granting a new lease for Units B, C and D, 4 St Mary's Place, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1PH ref: 407921/03/201730/03/2017
2786 - Public Transport Integration Project - external resourcing ref: 407821/03/201729/03/2017
2785 - Environmental Health posts' regrade ref: 407721/03/201729/03/2017
2784 - Electric Bus Charging Infrastructure grant award ref: 407620/03/201729/03/2017
00383 - Kwacha House, 47 Gregory Boulevard ref: 407520/03/201720/03/2017
2783 - Commercial Opportunity for Neighbourhood Services Catering ref: 407315/03/201728/03/2017
2782 - Ashiana support service for older Asian adults ref: 407216/03/201725/03/2017