Delegated Decisions

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
2976 - D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership Growing Places Fund Loan Approval and Deferrals ref: 427819/10/201727/10/2017
2978 - Approval of the allocation of Rosehill Special School lifecycle funding to maintain the building ref: 428019/10/201719/10/2017
2977 - Children and Adults Communications and Marketing Support ref: 427919/10/201719/10/2017
2975 - Surrender of Ground Lease and Subsequent Granting of New Lease at 211 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 1GN ref: 427718/10/201726/10/2017
2974 - Approval of the costs of an Adults care package ref: 427618/10/201718/10/2017
2972 - Property Investment Acquisition - Project Castle ref: 427418/10/201718/10/2017
2973 - Approval of the costs of an Adults care package ref: 427518/10/201718/10/2017
2971 - Setting School Terms & Holiday dates for 2019/20 to 2021/22 ref: 427316/10/201725/10/2017
2970 - Stray dog service - kennelling and maintenance ref: 427217/10/201717/10/2017
00389 - Sherwood Booze, 562 Mansfield Road, NG5 2FS ref: 427116/10/201716/10/2017
2969 - Flood Alleviation Scheme at Top Valley ref: 427016/10/201724/10/2017
2968 - ERDF Derby Nottingham Metro Environmental Improvement Projects ref: 426916/10/201724/10/2017
2967 - Brocade Fibre Channel Switches with 5 year Support ref: 426813/10/201721/10/2017
2966 - Extra Care at Woodvale ref: 426711/10/201719/10/2017
2965 - Vulnerable Providers Network funding ref: 426609/10/201709/10/2017