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Executive Board
Tuesday, 17th April, 2018 2.00 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Committee Room - Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG

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Last meeting held on 20 February 2018 (for confirmation)


The minutes of the meeting held on 20 February 2018 were agreed as a true record and they were signed by the Chair.


Proposal for a Scheme of Selective Licensing for Privately Rented Houses and approval of licence conditions and fee - Key decision pdf icon PDF 351 KB

Report of Portfolio Holder for Planning, Housing and Heritage

Additional documents:


The Portfolio Holder for Planning, Housing and Heritage introduced a report, informing the Board of the outcomes of a submission to the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government for a scheme of Selective Licensing for housing in the Private Rented Sector in Nottingham.


The report highlighted the background to the successful submission, the Operating Model and Business Plan for the Scheme, Licence conditions and duration, and exemptions. Several points were made during discussion:


(a)  the Scheme requirements, including having appropriate gas and electricity certification and fire alarms for private rented properties, were reasonable and proportionate, while the licence costs were modest over the 5 year period of the Scheme;


(b)  evidence from the current Additional Licensing Scheme demonstrated that regulation had led to improved standards and outcomes for those in the private rented sector, as well as creating a more level playing field for conscientious landlords;


(c)  private rented sector demand was likely to continue to grow in importance, and the Scheme will help ensure the quality of new entrants to the sector.




(1)  to note that the area shown in the Designation contained in Appendix 1 of the report is confirmed by the appropriate national authority, further noting that Selective Licensing will come into effect in this area from the 1st August 2018, and that the Director of Community Protection has published the required notices under Section 83 of the Housing Act 2004 under delegated powers;


(2)  to approve the operational detail of the Selective Licensing scheme outlined in the report and at Appendix 2 – Licence Conditions for Privately Rented Houses and Appendix 3 – Operational Delivery and Business Plan;


(3)  to delegate authority to the Director of Community Protection to make changes to the operational delivery of the scheme during its five-year lifetime. For example, this may include changes to the expenditure from within the agreed overall budget, recruitment, licence conditions, structural service change and fee review;


(4)  to approve the establishment of the scheme over the five-year period, with an estimated value of £25,092,000;


(5)  To approve the spend as detailed in sections 4.8 and 4.13 of the report from 1st May 2018 until the end of the scheme - 1st August 2023.


Reasons for decisions


The decisions are necessary to ensure the implementation of the Designation and Scheme of Selective Licensing which is a priority under the Council Plan.


Other options considered


Not pursuing the Scheme was rejected as there is a justification for Selective Licensing, as confirmed by the Secretary of State, and to abandon the Scheme would not meet the Council priorities.






Proposed Designation for a Scheme of Additional Licensing for Houses in Multiple Occupation - Key Decision pdf icon PDF 830 KB

Report of Portfolio Holder for Planning, Housing and Heritage


The Portfolio Holder for Planning, Housing and Heritage introduced a report, outlining the outcome of evidence gathering on the continued need for Additional Licensing within Nottingham and presenting a proposed designation for consideration.




(1)  to pursue a scheme of Additional Licensing as outlined in the report;


(2)  that the draft Designation at Appendix One to the report be approved for consultation in accordance with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) guidance document Approval steps for Additional and Selective Licensing Designations in England;


(3)  that the outcomes of the consultation be reported to a future meeting of the Executive Board to consider whether the Designation should be approved.


Reasons for decisions


The evidence collected suggests that a scheme of Additional Licensing is needed in the Designation, and the conditions for implementing a scheme have been met.


The legislation requires that there must be a public consultation of at least ten weeks before a local housing authority can approve a designation.


Other options considered


Not proposing a further scheme of Additional Licensing was rejected because there is evidence that there is a need for a further scheme. Despite improvement, problems persist in respect of the quality of HMO accommodation in Nottingham. Not continuing with Additional Licensing would undermine the Council’s efforts to improve property and management conditions in the Private Rented Sector, thus enabling all citizens to access a good quality home.




Adoption of Revised Playing Pitch Strategy - Key Decision pdf icon PDF 254 KB

Report of the Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture

Additional documents:


The Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture presented the report on the adoption of the revised Nottingham City Playing Pitch Strategy, which is informed by new Sport England assessment methodologies.


The revised Strategy covers Nottingham’s football pitches, cricket pitches, rugby pitches (Union and League), artificial grass pitches, tennis courts and bowling greens.




(1)  to adopt the updated Playing Pitch Strategy and its strategic recommendations at Appendix 1 to the report;


(2)  to use the document to inform the review of the Local Plan, helping shape policy, inform on the protection and provision of sports facilities and provide development opportunities as part of the review of the Local Plan to help address housing needs of the city;


(3)  to note the agreed approach with Sport England and the National Governing bodies of sport for the disposal of surplus sites for new housing growth, as listed within Appendix 1;


(4)  to agree the action plan, which provides a framework for the improvement maintenance , development and, as appropriate, rationalisation of the playing pitch stock;


(5)  to delegate authority to the Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture and the Director of Neighbourhood Services to implement the action plans within the Playing Pitch Strategy.


Reasons for decisions


The revised Playing Pitch Strategy provides a robust, up-to-date assessment for sport and recreation facilities, in line with the National Planning Policy Framework.


The revised Strategy provides the framework for the maintenance and improvement of formal outdoor sports facilities, as well as providing an agreed approach for the release of surplus facilities for development opportunities, as part of the review of the Local Plan.


Other options considered


Not completing the Strategy: rejected, as this would mean that there would be no clear rationale or strategic support for attaining external funding to take forward these developments.