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Broadmarsh Car Park Development and New Library - Key Decision

Report of the Leader of the Council/Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Growth


In a change to the published agenda the Chair chose to take this report as item 9 of the agenda (minute 63) eliminating the need to exclude the public from the meeting to readmit them for subsequent items.


The Board considered a report from the Portfolio Holder of Regeneration and Growth seeking approval to commence the Broadmarsh Car Park (BMCP) development to create a new carpark, bus station, library and complementary retail. The BMCP development is an integral part of the wider Broadmarsh programme which significantly contributes to the regeneration of the southern part of the City.


Following a very positive public consultation the central library element of the project was added to the program and is contained within the financial envelope. 




(1)  Approve the award of the BMCP development construction contract to the highest scoring bidder;


(2)  Delegate authority  to the Director of Major Projects to accept the Local Growth Fund funding when it is confirmed;


(3)  Note the amended  scope to include the Library shell and core and the revised project costs as set out in Exempt appendix D, and amending the capital programme accordingly;


(4)  Approve the library outline business case and, subject to remaining within the funding envelope, to delegate authority to the Corporate Director of Commercial and Operations in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Localities to:

a.  Finalise the business case

b.  Commence procurement for the library fit out; and

c.  On completion award the contract to the contractor offering the most economically advantageous tender.


(5)  Approve the lease and licence arrangements for the BMCP development as set out in exempt appendix F


(6)  Approve the ongoing project resourcing required to deliver the development and the above works as set out in Exempt appendix D;


(7)  Delegate authority to the Director of Major Projects, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Growth, to agree any amendments to this scheme, subject to such amendments remaining within the financial envelope at Appendix D.


Reasons for Decision

The decision allows a key project in the continued regeneration of the south part of the city to go ahead alongside upholding the requirements of the lease with intu. The opportunity to establish a new central library will give the council the opportunity to develop a purpose built space in a prominent position with up to date modern facilities that will play a key role in the work to improve literacy, with special focus on children and young people.


Other options considered

There were three alternative options considered, the first was to do nothing. This was rejected as this would breach the lease agreement with intu. The Council would also miss the opportunity to secure the income form the carpark and other revenue which would has a significant detrimental impact on the economic vitality of the city and would significantly reduce the regeneration programme in the southern part of the city.


The second option considered and rejected was to delay the start of the BMCP development until after confirmation of the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre development. This option was rejected as the BMCP development highlights, such as income, regeneration etc would be delayed. Delay may also detrimentally impact on investment decision in this part of the city.  


The third alternative option was to pursue a lower cost option and reduce the scope of the development. This would still meet the lease requirements with intu, but was rejected as it would not help the Council achieve its economic growth ambition for the area nor would it maximise future income for the Council.


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