Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Approval of additional budget for Broadmarsh Car Park Operations - Key Decision15/10/2021UrgentFor DeterminationNot before 25/10/2021
Broadmarsh Bus Station User Agreements - Key Decision14/10/2021UrgentFor DeterminationNot before 02/11/2021
Voluntary and Community Sector Grants - Key decision11/10/2021For Determination09/11/2021
Debt Advice - Key decision11/10/2021For Determination09/11/2021
Purchase of Corporate software licenses and services for Microsoft products - Key decision11/10/2021For Determination09/11/2021
Allocation of Household Support Grant - Key Decision08/10/2021UrgentFor DeterminationNot before 11/10/2021
Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund and Testing Fund Allocations - Key Decision06/10/2021For DeterminationNot before 04/11/2021