Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Disposals of Surplus Property Assets - Key Decision20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Sutton House - Decommissioning of Independent Living accommodation & conversion to Temporary Accommodation for homeless families - Key Decision20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
2024/25 Budget Strategy /Medium Term Financial Plan refresh - Key Decision20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Establishment of a Waste Transformation Board - Key Decision20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Extension to budget at Eastglade (Phase B) - Key Decision20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Letting of premises at 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 Carrington Street, Nottingham, NG1 7EQ - Key Decision20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Social Housing Decarbonisation Funding- Wave 2.2 - Key Decision20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Replacement of Cremators, Wilford Hill Crematorium - Key Decision20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Homelessness Grants - Key Decision20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
NCT Shareholder Representatives Performance Quarterly Report20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Appointment of Non-Executive Directors to Blueprint, Futures, NCT and Council-Owned Entities that are due to be liquidated20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Blueprint Strategic Review20/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Community Energy Fund - Key Decision16/11/2023UrgentFor DeterminationNot before 24/11/2023
Fee rates for adult social care services 2024/25 - key decision13/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Bus shelter and council information panels - key decision13/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Retendering of offsite storage service - key decision13/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Nottingham Car Club retender - key decision13/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Employee and citizen travel and accommodation - key decision13/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Public e-scooter hire operator retender - key decision13/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
VCS grants programme 2024 onwards - key decision13/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
East Midlands Shared Services Strategic and Performance Report - Quarter 2 2023/2024 - key decision09/11/2023For Determination11/12/2023
East Midlands Shared Services Financial Update 2022/23 and Draft Budget 2024/25 - 2026/27 - Key Decision09/11/2023For Determination11/12/2023
Regional Skills Pilot - to develop and implement a skills training plan to support the energy efficiency and retrofit market - Key Decision09/11/2023UrgentFor DeterminationNot before 17/11/2023