Delegated Decisions

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
4661 - Swim England Partnership ref: 802523/06/202223/06/2022
4659 - New Pay and Progression Policy for Registered Workers within Adult Social Care - Key Decision ref: 802324/06/202202/07/2022
4660 - Apprenticeship Levy ref: 802424/06/202202/07/2022
4658 - Allocation of S106 Education Funding to Bluecoat Aspley Academy and Whitemoor Primary Academy ref: 802213/06/202213/06/2022
4657 - Procurement of a Needle and Injecting Equipment Supply Contract ref: 802123/06/202201/07/2022
4656 - CPA for Elmhurst Energy ref: 802017/06/202217/06/2022
4655 - Approval to use consultants for Midlands Energy Hub and Rural Community Energy Fund External evaluations ref: 801921/06/202221/06/2022
4654 - Sustainable Warmth Competition - Key Decision ref: 801817/06/202225/06/2022
4653 - UK Tram Subscription ref: 801715/06/202215/06/2022
4652 - Recruitment of Interim Treasury Manager ref: 801609/06/202209/06/2022
4651 - Recruitment of Interim Team Leader - Technical Accounting ref: 801509/06/202209/06/2022
4650 - Sale of 16-18 Sneinton Road, Nottingham, NG2 4PA ref: 801410/06/202221/06/2022
4649 - External funding approval ref: 801310/06/202221/06/2022
4648 - District Heating and Waste Strategy Funding ref: 801210/06/202218/06/2022
4647 - Residual cost share of body storage facility ref: 801110/06/202218/06/2022
4646 - Local Transport Fund - Key Decision ref: 801010/06/202218/06/2022
4645 - Interim strategic Finance Lead and Deputy 151 Appointment ref: 800910/06/202218/06/2022