Delegated Decisions

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
4205 - Oracle Financial and HR Support and Maintenance Renewal (2) ref: 555305/05/202105/05/2021
4207 - Strategic capacity for Property function ref: 555505/05/202115/05/2021
4204 - Increasing Capacity to Support Asset Rationalisation ref: 555205/05/202113/05/2021
4203 - Creation of a Senior Solicitor Post in the Commercial, Employment and Education Legal Team ref: 555105/05/202113/05/2021
4202 - Nottingham Business Improvement District (BID) Renewal (April 2021 - December 2025) ref: 555030/04/202130/04/2021
4201 - Summerwood Closure ref: 554928/04/202111/05/2021
4200 - On-street parking payment mechanism review ref: 554829/04/202108/05/2021
4199 - Licence Fee Policy and Guidance on administrative practice for Licences under Parts 2 and 3 Housing Act 2004 ref: 554723/04/202123/04/2021
4198 - To Grant a New Lease for 41 Clayfield Close, Crabtree Farm Estate, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8DG ref: 554623/04/202107/05/2021
4197 - Approvals related to the expansion of community testing sites ref: 554528/04/202107/05/2021
4195 - Grant of a new lease at Unit 8 Midland Court, Midland Way, Radford, Nottingham, NG7 3FR ref: 554326/04/202126/04/2021
4196 - New letting at Unit 5J Mulberry Walk ref: 554426/04/202105/05/2021
4194 - AMCS Contract Extension ref: 554219/04/202129/04/2021