Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Interim Budget 2020/21, Medium Term Financial Outlook and Draft Strategy 2021/22 to 2022/2422/09/2020UrgentFor Determination22/09/2020
Council-Owned Companies - Financial Governance Standards21/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Council-Owned Companies - External Audit Reports21/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Council-Owned Company Discussion - National Ice Centre Update21/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Council-Owned Companies - Financial Performance Review21/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Voluntary Redundancy Programme - Key Decision21/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Broadmarsh - Next Steps - Key Decision21/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Procurement of Services for Rough Sleepers - Key Decision14/09/2020For Determination10/11/2020