06/04/2021 - Fairham Pastures Development Land Transaction - Key Decision

Decision Maker: Executive Board

Decision due date: 20/04/2021

Lead officer: Gillian Bradbury

Notice of decision: 06/04/2021

This decision will be taken under urgency procedures.

Reason for urgency:
The item could not be included on the 28 Day Notice and the meeting is urgent and the business cannot be deferred becausethe Council is required to expedite the approval of heads of terms and negotiate the final contract.

Anticipated restriction: Part exempt  - view reasons

Explanation of anticipated restriction:
The public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information because the report contains commercially sensitive information relating to a land transaction that, if published, would prejudice the Councils’ negotiating position, meaning that it would not be able to achieve best value.