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Residents Parking Nuthall Road

Approve the proposed plan to turn the green space into a car park

We, the undersigned , are in favour of proposed car parking spaces in front of our houses instead of the green unused space on Nuthall Road, NG8 5DY, Nottingham. The green space is currently not in any use by any of the residents. The grass is growing big and we are struggling to find car parking spaces on Didcot drive. This is becoming a real struggle, especially at times, when you have small children with you and also need to carry all the shopping and deliveries down the alleyway. There are also some disable and elderly people in the block who are also struggling with getting to and from the cars. We struggle to find parking spaces on Didcot drive (the nearest parking sport) and it’s used for parking over 20 houses on Nuthall road as well as residents of Didcot drive itself. This car park will hugely benefit the local resident and will increase their welfare. We also don’t feel safe leaving our valuable cars on the street far away from our houses, where they are at high risk. We would really appreciate it if this can be prioritised and be completed.

Background Information:
The previous resident at 206 Nuthall Road had 2 cases with Cllr Arnold dating back to 2017 about getting a piece of land turned into parking which was promised buy Cllr Arnold. Cllr Arnold had suggested a more limited scheme after her inspection and speaking to residents as there has been complaints of lack of parking here during the day. Cllr Arnold promised a small parking area to the right of Didcot Drive proceeding up Nuthall Road towards Stockhill. A maximum of ten spaces to run alongside each other, serving the needs of residents. The residents at the time made a good case for this and similar schemes were introduced in Basford and Aspley.

A letter was issued in 2017 from Cllr Arnold, stating that a parking area had been put on the contenders’ list and that the then NDO agreed that something needed to be done to ease the parking situation. From affected residents’ perspective, this was a promise that the Council hasn’t fulfilled.

Started by: Aisha Sajed

On reaching 1 signatures the head of the relevant department will be made aware of the matter.

This Paper petition was received on 06/02/2020.

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Council response

16 January 2020

SUBMISSION OF A PETITION – Car parking in front of the houses

Thank you for your petition which has been received by Constitutional Services.

Your petition has been forwarded to the Corporate Director of Commercial and Operation and will now be investigated. You should receive a response within 12 working days.

If you would like any further information or have any queries please feel free to contact Constitutional Services on 0115 8764301.

Yours sincerely,
Kate Morris
Constitutional Services Officer

4th February 2019

Re: Request for Communal Parking Area to be established on Grassed Area adjacent to Nuthall Road.

Thank you for your petition submitted to Nottingham City Council on 13th January 2020 highlighting parking concerns in and around the above area.

Firstly, I’m very sorry you are experiencing these difficulties on a regular basis. I’m sure you’re aware there are abundant areas in the city that currently face the same frustrations with limited parking capacity due to the early design. Car ownership has increased significantly since then and unfortunately, there is just not the highway capacity to accommodate the amount of parking required. This coupled with increasing financial pressures on local authorities makes funding all such requests very difficult.

The land in front of the properties in question is not publically adopted highway and classified as Housing land. Our grassed areas are an important aspect of drainage as they allow rainwater to soak naturally into the soil below. Careful consideration must be given when converting these areas as this can lead to localised flooding and ponding issues as the water cannot soak away and flows into drains that have a finite capacity, which can in turn contribute towards flooding issues.

Having said that, on a positive note and in order to take this matter forward, we will discuss your request in more detail with Housing colleagues who manage the land to see if there are any economically feasible solutions in this area to address your concern about the lack of parking and we will write to you again once the study is complete with the recommendations.

Finally, may I thank you again for bringing these matters to our attention and trust that the proposed way forward mentioned above will go some way to alleviating your concerns on this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Boulton
Head of Traffic