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Save Our L11

We the undersigned petition the council to To keep the L11 bus service running from Beeston to Bulwell

90% of the people in Foxton Gardens regularly use the L11 as their only means of transport. It is only because of Covid 19 that he numbers have deteriorated as is the case of the other buses that we hear are going to be stopped. When we come out of lockdown and “back to normal” you will find a great increase in the numbers of passengers using the buses

Started by: Kate Morris

This ePetition ran from 04/03/2021 to 12/03/2021 and has now finished.

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Council response

The City Council has over many years invested heavily in public transport, and is proud that Nottingham has one of the best systems in the country. A combination of factors, including high quality bus and tram services, tickets that are available across all operators, and investment in bus priority and infrastructure has meant that Nottingham is one of the very few cities in the UK to see public transport use grow in the years up until the pandemic.

The link bus network has been a major part of the success story in transport over recent years and so it is with considerable regret that we are looking to make reductions to these services. Unfortunately the very serious budget challenges the Council is facing at the moment has left us with no choice, and mean that some extremely difficult decisions on the services that it can provide are having to be made. Please note that it is the need to balance the Council’s budget that is driving these changes, and not because fewer passengers are using the services during the pandemic.

The link bus services operate have always operated with a subsidy, and supplement what is already a very comprehensive public transport network in Nottingham. We have looked closely at the network and are proposing withdrawals only where alternatives on the network are available, or where timetable changes can be made to cover remaining gaps across the City. This will ensure residents will not be left without access to the city centre and local centres.

In terms of the L11, this service is proposed for withdrawal because all the areas that it serves are also served by other bus routes. The L4 service will continue to operate past Foxton Gardens, and this gives access to the city centre, Strelley Road Asda and the Bracebridge Drive shops throughout the day on Mondays to Saturdays.

The L11 does provide a direct link to out of town shopping areas like Beeston and Bulwell. These places will still be accessible but will require an interchange to be made between bus services to complete a journey. As an alternative, there is a dial-a-ride service (Easylink) also available for those who may have mobility difficulties, and for further information and bookings you can call 0115 9691801.

In conclusion, the Council would prefer not to make these changes, and as mentioned above, is only doing so because of the extreme financial position it finds itself in. The Council fully recognises the importance of public transport in the daily lives of citizens across the city, and will do all that it can to retain access to key services as the city reopens and recovers from the pandemic in the coming months.
I hope you find the above helpful but please come back to me if you require any further information.