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Resident parking Withern Road

We the undersigned petition the council to Create residential parking spaces on Withern Road square

We would like to request residential parking spaces for residents of Withern Road square with house numbers 30-60. We currently have very limited parking with residents being unable to leave the cars on the square. There are 2 unused green spaces overgrown by grass and trees, which overhang the street and areas around the square. Green spaces are surrounded by 2 large paved areas, which are unused by residents and don't provide access to any properties or pavements. There are number of residents with young children, including disabled, and elderly, and with current parking arrangements, it is becoming increasingly dangerous for residents. Greens on the square are being used by residents of surrounding roads for dogs and fouling, have herefore become unusable for residents of the square and create nuisance. Vehicles are being parked on sloping road leading down to the square, with trees overhanging it, as the leaves fallen are not cleaned up due to side of road being blocked off by parked cars, road is becoming wet and slippery whilst driving off and parking, which is creating danger to residents, as this is the only access to and out of the square. As parking spaces are limited due to lay out and driveways on some properties, residents have no other parking spaces, and would have to park on the main road, where spaces are also limited, for residents of square, families with children and elderly, access to those vehicles is becoming increasingly limited and difficult. Only spaces currently usable for residents have trees overhanging them, with falling branches, tree sap and bird droppings, damaging vehicles parked underneath those, and affect visibility of drivers creating further danger, tight spaces also cause vehicles to be blocked in and damaged, creating issues between residents. We would therefore like to request for one of the green spaces to be turned into parking spaces for residents to allow access to properties and our vehicles as we don't feel safe leaving them further away from properties with valuables in and vehicles not being visible from square, as well as to allow residents to safely park with children and elderly close to their properties and away from main road. This would also allow us to unload shopping as we are sometimes are unable to do so. We would also like to request for the overhanging trees in the nearest future to be removed to avoid any further damage to vehicles parked where possible.

Started by: Agnieszka Malicka

This ePetition runs from 06/03/2023 to 05/04/2023.

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