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Speeding on St Albans Road Bulwell

This Petition is raised to have the excessive road speeds undertaken by many motorists using St Albans Road, Bulwell, Nottingham monitored and subsequently brought under control, by the introduction of additional means such as speed cameras, pedestrian light controlled crossings, Police traffic / mobile camera cars, camera partnership mobile camera vans, etc.

Heavy lorries, buses, motor cycles also present a problem, as most disregard the speed limit and take the existing speed humps between their wheels.

The speed limit on this road is 20MPH, in many cases it is obvious that this speed is exceeded by 2 to 3 times, ‘without the use of a camera’, both in the daytime and during the evening. The speed humps have little effect with many motorists even to the extent of slower moving traffic being overtaken, sometimes by motorists going round the wrong side of the existing pedestrian crossings.

The 20MPH signs are almost inconspicuous. Some covered in grime and almost illegible, larger more prominent signs would be a help.

It is therefore of paramount importance that action is taken, before serious injuries or even death occurs due to speeding and the lack of relevant action being taken to control it.

Your urgent attention to this matter would be very much appreciated.

Started by: Brian Yates

On reaching 1 signatures the head of the relevant department will be made aware of the matter.

This Paper petition was received on 08/03/2019.

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Council response

Relating to your petition, I have received the following reply from the office of the Portfolio Holder for Transport and Human Resources:

Thank you for you petition regarding speeding traffic on St Alban’s Road, the inappropriate and anti-social behaviour of some drivers and the impact it has on the local residents.

Although the size of the 20mph signs is set by national legislation and we are unable to provide larger signs, it is possible to provide additional reminders. The local Area Committee can consider whether they are able to allocate some of the funding that is available for local priority improvements, although there are many calls on this funding. You will be able to keep up-to-date regarding further developments on this through the Area Committee meetings, which are published on the City Council’s website: (

As one of the partners in the Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership, we have an agreement that a percentage of the mobile speed enforcement team’s time is able to react to sites where there is community concern and we will raise this. You are also able to raise concerns about any road directly through your local policing team. It is also possible to volunteer your time and create or join a Community Road Safety Group and support the local police with this.

Unfortunately, we are unable to allocate any additional resources towards this as there are national standards about where speed enforcement equipment is deployed. One of the criteria is the number and severity of injuries per year per km in the preceding years and the road safety records show that St Alban’s Road, with two serious injuries in the last five years, appears relatively safe and does not meet these criteria.


• The road safety records show that there have been 2 serious injuries and 7 slight injuries in the last 5 years that we have full data (2013-17).
• St Alban’s Road is around 1.6km long, which means it scores 6.4 for speed camera enforcement.
• National guidance is that mobile cameras should only be deployed where the score is 11 or above and fixed cameras on roads where the score is 22 or above.
• We are unable to consider adding St Alban’s Road to the ‘core casualty sites’ that the road safety partnership enforces regularly.
• However, around 15% of the enforcement time can be deployed to ‘community concern’ sites and the Road Safety Partnership (the City Council, Police, County Council and Highway England) has an agreement that this is done, managed directly by the police.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Henning, Corporate Director of Development and Growth