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Speeding on St Albans Road Bulwell

This Petition is raised to have the excessive road speeds undertaken by many motorists using St Albans Road, Bulwell, Nottingham monitored and subsequently brought under control, by the introduction of additional means such as speed cameras, pedestrian light controlled crossings, Police traffic / mobile camera cars, camera partnership mobile camera vans, etc.

Heavy lorries, buses, motor cycles also present a problem, as most disregard the speed limit and take the existing speed humps between their wheels.

The speed limit on this road is 20MPH, in many cases it is obvious that this speed is exceeded by 2 to 3 times, ‘without the use of a camera’, both in the daytime and during the evening. The speed humps have little effect with many motorists even to the extent of slower moving traffic being overtaken, sometimes by motorists going round the wrong side of the existing pedestrian crossings.

The 20MPH signs are almost inconspicuous. Some covered in grime and almost illegible, larger more prominent signs would be a help.

It is therefore of paramount importance that action is taken, before serious injuries or even death occurs due to speeding and the lack of relevant action being taken to control it.

Your urgent attention to this matter would be very much appreciated.

Started by: Brian Yates

On reaching 1 signatures the head of the relevant department will be made aware of the matter.

This Paper petition was received on 08/03/2019.

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Council response

Acknowledgement letter, sent 07/03/19:

Thank you for your Petition, which has been received by Constitutional Services.

Your Petition has been forwarded to the Department of Development and Growth and will now be investigated. You should receive a response within 12 working days from the date of this letter.

If you would like any further information or have any queries, please contact Constitutional Services on 0115 876 4468.