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Creation of Residential Car Park opposite Moor Bridge Tram Stop

We the undersigned petition the council to build a residential car park on Hucknall Lane in Bulwell on the green area opposite the Moor Bridge Tram Stop.

I, Charley Naldrettcain, currently live at 287 Hucknall Lane, Bulwell NG6 8AE, facing straight opposite the Moor Bridge Tram Stop. Myself and other residents would like it if Nottingham City Council would turn the large green area facing our houses on the T-Junction of Ashton Drive and Hucknall Lane into a car park as we have seen this has been done in other areas.

The only parking we have is on the main road, which is very dangerous for our young children, in particular mine as I have a child with special needs. I have had also had countless occasions of vandalism occurred to my car, which is not my own vehicle, but Motability's. Also the side street parking is not practical as the road gets very busy causing restricted access, especially for emergency services. We also have no view of our vehicles with the side road parking, which isn't ideal. All of my neighbours agree the car park would be highly beneficial to us. Thank you.

Started by: Charley Naldrettcain (Residents)

On reaching 1 signatures the head of the relevant department will be made aware of the matter.

This ePetition ran from 10/05/2019 to 09/06/2019 and has now finished.

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