28 Day Executive Notice

Urgent Private Meeting Notice - Regulation of Investigatory Powers - 16/04/2019  (05/04/2019 to 16/04/2019, Executive Board)

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Updated Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA) Policy New!

Decision maker:  Executive Board

Decision due:   16 Apr 2019

Lead officer:  Naomi Matthews

Notice of proposed decision first published: 05/04/2019

This decision will be taken under urgency procedures.

Reason for urgency:
This meeting is urgent and the business cannot be deferred because an approved updated Policy and Guidance means that the Council can continue to work with its partners towards the reduction of crime and disorder by ensuring evidence gathered by the use of covert surveillance has been acquired legally and that the correct procedures have been followed

Anticipated restriction: Part exempt  - view reasons

Explanation of anticipated restriction:
It is not in the public interest tto disclose this information because to disclose this information because it is likely to reveal actions that the Council is required to take to improve its strategy and processes for the investigation of crime, which may then jeopardise current or future investigations through such disclosure