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Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton, Radford and Park Area Committee
Wednesday, 23rd September, 2015 5.30 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Committee Room - Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG. View directions

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The committee confirmed the minutes of the meeting held on 17 June 2015 and they were signed by the Chair.


Nottingham's Cycle City Ambition Programme - Western Cycle Corridor

Presentation by John Bann, Cycling and Roadspace Transformation Manager, Nottingham City Council


Keith Morgan, Cycling and Roadspace Transformation, gave a presentation on the Western Cycle Corridor, highlighting the following:


(a)  cycling is an important part of the transport mix in Nottingham, and investment is planned at £10 per head of the population;

(b)  a Cycling Action Plan has been written which prioritises certain routes to improve, one of the first of which will be the Western Cycle corridor which will go from the city centre to Priory Island along Castle Boulevard, Abbey Bridge, University Boulevard and Woodside Road. This will form a part of a wider network of routes to link important destinations in Nottingham, including routes alongside the tram tracks and the River Leen;

(c)  the number of cyclists in Nottingham is increasing year on year and a target is in place for 10% of journeys to work to be by bicycle by 2025. This is an ambitious target as the figure is currently 3%;

(d)  £6.1million funding for the cycle network was made available from the D2N2 local economic partnership, as it will create jobs and help Nottingham to grow;

(e)  the western cycle corridor will create a facility that cyclists will be happier to use along busy roads as it will be safe and segregated as well as fast and direct. Current cycle lanes are not user-friendly as they are unsegregated from pedestrians and get blocked by parked cars and trees;

(f)  different types of route will be created: along Castle Boulevard and over Abbey Bridge there will be a segregated Cycle Super Highway on the same level as the road but segregated from it with priority over cars exiting from side roads, whereas in other areas the cycle lanes will be at the same level as pedestrians. Shared space with cyclists and pedestrians is being kept to a minimum but is required in some areas;

(g)  at the Abbey Bridge roundabout, cyclists will not need to cycle on the road and a new pedestrian crossing will be created over Abbey Bridge;

(h)  alongside the Queens Medical Centre (QMC), the QMC has agreed to give up some of its land to enable the path to be widened and the boundary wall will be removed to improve visibility;

(i)  the corridor will link into local neighbourhood schemes such as the Lenton Green Corridor;


The following answers were given in response to questions from the Committee:


(j)  the current cycling layout on Castle Boulevard is not dangerous, but underused as it is perceived to be dangerous and difficult to use. Evidence from Sustrans demonstrates that the Cycle Super Highway will be more attractive to users;

(k)  construction will begin soon and finished by April or May 2016 as the funding needs to be used over 2 years. All the money to build the route is in place;

(l)  the Council has engaged with local communities and organisations during the planning and consultation phase, and is happy to continue to do so during construction and implementation;

(m)there are no current plans  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.


Area 4 Grant Update from Castle Cavendish

Presentation by Dave Brennan, Chief Executive, Castle Cavendish


Dave Brennan, Chief Executive, Castle Cavendish gave a presentation updating the Committee on use of the Area 4 grant in 2014/15 and 2015/16, highlighting the following:


(a)  Castle Cavendish is the lead organisation in area 4 and receives a grant from the Council to spend on, primarily, funding for children and young people in the area;

(b)  the main provision in 2014/15  was linked to the needs analysis endorsed by the Area Committee in September 2014. It funded 16 delivery partners, which was an increase from 8 the previous year. Over 600 young people were engaged, with over 40,000 hours of supported activity at £1.39 per person, per hour;

(c)  The funding in 2014/15 totalled £129,964 and was made up from £92,882 from the Nottingham City Council area based grant, and £37,082 from Castle Cavendish funds;

(d)  For the 2015/16 programme, all but one of the providers successfully passed their performance review. The activity programme for 2015/16 is as follows:




CYP Activities

Dunkirk and Lenton

(grant commitment of £14,000)

The Lenton Centre

Free gym & swim sessions, and various after-school activities

Lenton Health & Wholeness Project

After-school club

Radford and Park

(grant commitment of £19,500)

Shiefton Youth & Community Enterprise

Diversionary programmes for ages 5-18, min. 6 hrs/wk. Educational programme around homework support & lifestyle.

Building Bridges Breaking Barriers

Weekly youth club (ages 11-16).

Notts County Football in the Community

Football sessions to increase positive behaviour and confidence.

Switch Up CIC

Boxing & team sports, mentoring and coaching involvement

Independent Street Carnival Troupe

Weekly dance class

9th Nottingham Girls Brigade

Weekly Girls Brigade sessions on Lenton/Radford border, covering ages 5-15


(grant commitment of £26,000)

Hyson Green Youth Centre

Weekly 2 nights open access youth club, 2 sessions parent & play (Roma), 2 sessions homework support, 2 sessions basketball, outreach with families, 6hrs table tennis, 6hrs boxing, music inclusion project, 3 football sessions. Set up Youth Forum.

New Horizon Trust

Tutorial classes and youth club

Nottingham Health & Education Support (NHES)

Saturday morning 3hr sessions at Djanogly, educational support and sports break.

Take 1 Studios

Dance, running, KS2 workshops

East African Education Centre

Basketball, recreational activities, informal learning sessions, health food, parents/young people meetings, 1:1 advice and guidance

The Bridge Centre

Reading and homework club for parents and KS2 children

Across all wards

(grant commitment of £5,500)

Think Children

1:1 support for around 20 children with personal issues impacting on ability to concentrate at school, in partnership with schools.

New Art Exchange

Activities in partnership with other organisations.


(e)  £25,000 was also used to fund a summer activities programme. In Summer 2015 23 groups were funded to deliver activities including sporting events, arts and craft based activities, dance courses and fun days for local communities;


(f)  The summer activities programme 2015/16 is as follows:




Grant awarded

New Horizon Trust (Bobbersmill Community Centre)

Sports and education activities, 4hrs/day for six weeks


Take 1 Studios

Various activities and trips, 4 days/week for 3 weeks


Hyson Green Youth Club

Sports/arts/crafts; beauty  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.



Report of the Chief Executive of Nottingham City Homes

Additional documents:


Matthew Wilson, Regeneration Project Manager, Nottingham City Homes (NCH), gave a presentation on the redevelopment of the Lenton tower blocks as a part of the Building a Better Nottingham programme. Matthew highlighted the following:


(a)  the forecast number of properties built as a part of the Building a Better Nottingham programme is 700+ to 2018/19, with 141 complete already and 145 under construction. Modern methods of construction are being used and the schemes use local workers;

(b)   the tower blocks in Lenton were no longer fit for purpose, with antisocial behaviour issues. Other future redevelopment sites nearby include the former Sandfield Centre site and Church Square;

(c)  Palmer Court is the first new building to be opened on the site. It provides 54 flats in sheltered accommodation for former residents of Newgate Court. The first residents moved in in August 2015;

(d)  the new flats are spacious and have much more light than the previous flat and they all have access to a private courtyard garden. The flats are also much more energy efficient and could save residents on average £300;

(e)  demolition of the final tower block should be complete by the end of this financial year.


Chanel Richards, Tenancy and Estate Manager, NCH, then introduced the Chief Executive of NCH’s report updating the Committee on NCH’s performance on the following key themes:


·  capital programme and major work;

·  area regeneration and environmental issues;

·  key messages from the Tenant and Leasehold Congress;

·  Tenant and Residents Associations updates;

·  area performance figures;

·  good news stories and positive publicity.


RESOLVED to note the information



Report of the Strategic Director of Commercial and Neighbourhood Services

Additional documents:


Inspector Robert Wilson, Neighbourhood Policing Inspector, Nottinghamshire Police updated the Committee on crime within the area, highlighting the following:


(a)  updates were given on crime levels for each ward, compared to the same period last year:


·  in the Arboretum ward, overall crime has increased, burglary has increased and vehicle crime has decreased;

·  in the Dunkirk and Lenton ward, there is no change in overall crime levels, however burglary and vehicle crime have decreased;

·  in the Radford and Park, overall crime has increased slightly, shop theft, criminal damage and burglary have all increased, and vehicle crime and bicycle theft has decreased;


(b)  students have recently returned to the area for term time. The police are working with the council and the universities to prevent crime, antisocial behaviour and bin issues. A large programme of engagement will be carried out with students to encourage them to be considerate neighbours and to prevent late night noise;

(c)  there has been a review in the level of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in Nottinghamshire due to budget cuts; however the number of PCSOs the area 4 will not change;


RESOLVED to thank Inspector Wilson for his update, and to note that the Committee values the contribution of PCSOs in the area and is happy that the number will not change.


Dorothy Holmes, Locality Manager, introduced the Strategic Director for Commercial and Neighbourhood Services’ report providing updates on key issues and themes which link to local priorities and strategic themes in the Nottingham Plan 2020, including:


·  ward priorities;

·  community engagement;

·  finance;

·  safer theme – crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB);

·  neighbourhood theme – environmental issues;

·  working theme – unemployment rates;

·  housing;

·  community protection;

·  fire;

·  health theme – local health priorities.


Neighbourhood Development Officers highlighted the following successes in individual wards:


(a)  in the Arboretum ward the Neighbourhood Action Team (NAT) has successfully secured a role in the Blue Project, which aims to tackle street drinking in the area. Two steering groups will be developed, looking at enforcement issues with shops and developing training opportunities for offenders in the area;

(b)  in the Dunkirk and Lenton ward funding has been secured for a green outdoor gym at Lenton recreation ground;

(c)  in the Radford and Park ward a joint fencing scheme is taking place with NCH in the area around Coleridge Road and Norton Street, in order to improve the environment in that area.


RESOLVED to note the key information from the ward performance reports for Quarter 2



AREA CAPITAL FUND 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 179 KB

Report of the Strategic Director of Commercial and Neighbourhood Services


Additional documents:


Rob Gabbitas, Neighbourhood Development Officer, introduced the Strategic Director for Commercial and Neighbourhood Services’ report seeking approval for schemes recently prioritised and detailing the latest spend under the Area Capital Fund, including highways, traffic and safety and public realm schemes.




(1)  note the monies available to the Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton and Radford and Park wards:


Arboretum  £94,767

Dunkirk and Lenton  £56,819

Radford and Park  £65,673


(2)  approve the new schemes prioritised by Ward Councillors since the last Area Committee, as detailed below:


Arboretum Public Realm schemes






Hyson Green



Additional contribution to joint NCH fencing project in Hyson Green area


Dunkirk and Lenton Local Transport Plan schemes






Dunkirk and Lenton ward

Litter bins


Programme of installation of 13 litter bins in identified locations across the ward


Radford and Park Local Transport Plan schemes






Radford and Park ward

Dropped crossings


Provision of four pairs of dropped crossings at identified locations across the ward


Radford and Park Public Realm schemes






Radford Boulevard



Gating scheme in Radford Boulevard/ Ilkeston Road area




Report of the Strategic Director of Commercial and Neighbourhood Services


Additional documents:


RESOLVED to formally note the appointments of Area Committee Community Representatives from the Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton and Radford and Park wards below:




St Pauls and Pleasant Row TRA

Rosie Jarrett

Nottingham Action Group (NAG)

Maya Fletcher

Radford and Leen Residents Group

Ursula Dove

Addison Street TRA

Carol Laverick

All Souls Church and Community Centre

Mark Gilmore

Muslim Women’s Group

To be confirmed


John Aghoghogbe

Nottingham City Homes (Area 4 Tenants Representative)

David Lockwood

Bridlington, Oldknow and Birkin Avenue (BOBS) TRA

Jane Hartley

The Lenton Centre

Zenn Athar

Lenton Local History Society

To be confirmed

Nottingham Sports Group

Abdoulie Jah

Holy Trinity Lenton

To be confirmed

Partnership Council

Moby Farrands



Appointments to Outside Bodies pdf icon PDF 183 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED to agree the appointments to outside bodies listed below:


Outside Body



Dunkirk and Old Lenton Community Association Management Committee

Manage Dunkirk and Old Lenton Community Centre

Cllr Trimble

Lenton Centre

Manage the Lenton Centre

Cllr Piper