Agenda and minutes

Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton, Radford and Park Area Committee
Wednesday, 18th May, 2016 5.30 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Committee Room - Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG. View directions

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Appointment of Chair


RESOLVED to appoint Councillor Merlita Bryan as the Chair of the Committee for the 2016/17 municipal year.


Appointment of Vice Chair


RESOLVED to appoint Councillor Liaqat Ali as the Vice-Chair of the Committee for the 2016/17 municipal year.


Apologies for Absence


Councillor Liaqat Ali


Zenn Athar

Ursula Dove

Maya Fletcher

Rosie Jarett

Lucas Willen


Declarations of Interest




Minutes pdf icon PDF 317 KB

Last meeting held 17 February 2016 (for confirmation)


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Air Quality and health in Nottingham pdf icon PDF 477 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection and Corporate Director of Commercial and Operations


Richard Taylor, Environmental Health and Safer Places Manager, gave a presentation on air quality and health in Nottingham, highlighting the following points:


(a)  air is comprised of 79% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. The remaining 1% is "other" such as natural emissions and particles and emissions from human activities. Near to roads, around 3/4 of emission contributions are from road transport. In addition to gases there are particles (such as sand, dust, carbon, and diesel particulate emissions) present in the air;


(b)  air pollution shortens lives, the great smog shortened 12,000 people's lives in London alone. In 2008 it was estimated that 29,000 people died early due to particle pollution, this figure was later revised upwards to 40,000 when the effects of nitrogen dioxide were re-assessed;


(c)  during air pollution episodes with higher concentrations of pollutants, these issues become much more apparent. When there is an episode this is usually due to air not moving around enough, so pollutants build up. There was a big episode in April 2014 affecting a significant proportion of the country;


(d)  there is discrepancy between WHO recommended levels of pollutants and national and EU limits, so we may reach our own targets but we are still not within WHO recommended safe levels;


(e)  the Clean Air Acts (1956, 1968, 1993) each caused a significant change in visible air pollutants and improved situations significantly. Air pollution is now far less visible. Black particles of smoke and sulphur dioxide reduced dramatically due to the introductions of these acts. In 1995 some older measurement equipment could no longer measure the levels as they were now so low. The current pollution problem is road transport related. The 1995 act introduced local air quality management, Councils are required to assess air quality and come up with a plan to improve air quality to meet objectives;


(f)  concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in Nottingham follow the major roads into the city. Air quality management areas have been introduced to reflect these areas. Nottingham City Council has attempted to change behaviours by encouraging walking, cycling, and public transport use. All local authorities had to do this, and neighbouring local authorities are also working together. It is still a problem though as car use is still very high. Nottingham is meeting legal air quality objectives, but not WHO guideline levels. There is a general trend down on particulate pollutants;


(g)  Public Health England plotted background particle concentrations for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, which confirmed that dense urban areas have higher particle levels. This helped the argument for what needs to be done to improve air quality;


(h)  in Nottingham we recognise that air pollution has an impact on health. Air quality is now included in the joint strategic needs assessment, and a range of behaviours and programmes to improve air quality are promoted;


(i)  the government has announcement clean air zones, Nottingham will be one of a number of city's mandated to declare one. DEFRA have slightly different qualifiers, so their areas don't  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Policing Update


Inspector Rob Wilson, Nottinghamshire Police, provided a verbal update on policing in the area to the committee:


(a)  the Police are now based in a modern building at the top of maid Marian Way, along with some Nottingham City Council teams such as Licensing and Trading Standards. There have been some teething problems, but overall it is a good facility. There is a front counter with service during office hours;


(b)  there have been some staffing changes around police inspectors covering different areas. The total number will be reduced, but the number of front line officers will be kept as stable as possible. Effectively there will be no immediate change in this area;


(c)  all 3 wards have had an overall decrease in crime based on the end-of-financial-year figures;


(d)  Arboretum has seen a total reduction of 75 crimes. Anti-social behaviour has reduced by 224 calls. Burglaries have reduced by 13. There have also been reductions in crime so far in this financial year. There were some robberies towards the end of the last financial year, but a significant number of arrests were made. Future work includes tackling street drinking as the weather improves;


(e)  Radford and Park has seen a total reduction of 21 crimes. Home burglaries increased by 24 which is concerning - there are a number of Houses in Multiple Occupations (HMOs) in the area which are often particularly affected by home burglaries. Work continues to try to combat this, with patrols, investigations, and a number of arrests having recently been made. Anti-social behaviour has increased by 5 offences. Future work includes tackling noise, begging and violence linked to drug supply;


(f)  Dunkirk and Lenton has seen a total reduction of 10 offences, with Anti-Social Behaviour reduced by 20 calls. Dwelling burglaries reduced by 15. Future work includes tackling noise, drug related crime, and un-licensed scrap metal dealers;


There were a number of questions and comments from the Committee:


(g)  some member of the committee expressed concern regarding the removal of the City Division of Nottinghamshire Police. In light of fantastic crime reductions, they felt this re-organisation was ill-advised, and could place partnership working in jeopardy. Inspector Wilson reassured the committee of Nottinghamshire Police’s commitment to partnership working and crime reduction, regardless of whether there is a separate Chief Superintendent for the City and the County;


(h)  the committee asked for feedback on what issues there have been in Bridlington. Inspector Wilson confirmed that there have been some youth related and drug related issues, and will feedback in more detail to Councillors;


(i)  a citizen expressed concerns regarding a bookmakers in Hyson Green, where customers have been drunk, dealing drugs, exposing themselves, and engaging in violent crime. Citizens, residents associations and councillors have repeatedly asked for security cameras to be placed in this area. Inspector Wilson will follow up with these issues with the citizens concerned after the meeting.


RESOLVED to note the information in the policing update.


Nottingham City Homes Update pdf icon PDF 124 KB

Report of Nottingham City Homes

Additional documents:


Paul Howard, Tenancy and Estate Manager at Nottingham City Homes (NCH), presented an update to the Committee, highlighting the following points:


(a)  there have been some staffing changes at NCH which affect the areas covered. These are the last planned staffing changes for a while;


(b)  NCH is hoping to complete works on any bathroom or kitchen that was missed in the last upgrade. If anybody knows of an NCH tenant whose kitchen or bathroom is in need of works, please have them contact NCH;


(c)  the community mediation service now up and running, and NCH will update Area Committees on its progress;


(d)  at the Inside Housing awards, held by the Chartered Institute of Housing, NCH won the Equality and Diversity category award for their Women in Construction initiative, and were runners-up in their approach to anti-social behaviour.




(1)  note the update and performance information as set out in appendices 1 and 2 to the report;


(2)  note the allocation of funds for 2016/17:



Dunkirk & Lenton


Radford & Park



(3)  approve the Area Capital Programme funding requests as below:




Willoughby Street Lenton

Upgrade the current damaged and tired wooden fencing with a high quality timber replacement, to improve the appearance of the estate.


Wyville Close, Warner Street, Byfield Close Radford

Replace current fencing with new high quality black metal railings, to improve the appearance of the estate.




Ward Reports


Linda Wright, Neighbourhood Development Officer, presented the Ward reports to the Committee.


The new style of ward report focuses on ward priorities, provides details of community events, and replaces the old ward performance reports. The recent community cohesion events have been very successful.


RESOLVED to note the information in the ward reports.


Area Capital Fund pdf icon PDF 178 KB

Report of Director of Neighbourhood Services

Additional documents:


Deborah Wilson, Neighbourhood Development Officer, presented a report on the Area Capital Fund, requesting approval for a number of schemes. Iffat Iqbal provided an updated appendix detailing these schemes at the meeting (attached to the minutes).


RESOLVED to approve the following Area Capital Fund schemes:

Arboretum LTP Schemes


Estimated cost


Arboretum Ward parking feasibility study


Study to determine options around parking issues in the Alfreton Road area - lead service: Traffic & Safety

Forest Road West zebrites


Upgrade zebra crossing to zebrites near Unity Primary School - lead service: Traffic & Safety

Craven Road safety programme


Installation of VAS on Craven Road - lead service: Traffic & Safety


Arboretum Public Realm Schemes


Estimated cost


Kirkstead Street improvements


Installation of outdoor gym, refurbishment of fencing and additional play equipment at Kirkstead Street playground - lead service: Parks & Open Spaces

Hazelwood Street/ St Pauls Avenue alleyways


Improvement of alleyways off Hazelwood Street and St Pauls Avenue - lead service: Neighbourhood Management

The Forest/ Gregory Boulevard improvements


Improvement to verges adjacent to The Forest tram stop, to include new path and other surfacing works - lead service: Parks & Open Spaces

Radford Road lighting


Provision of Christmas lights for Radford Road - lead service: Street Lighting


Dunkirk and Lenton LTP Schemes


Estimated cost


Maxwell Close parking scheme


Contribution to parking scheme on Maxwell Close - lead service: Traffic & Safety

Warwick Road carriageway improvements


Micro-asphalt surface treatment to carriageway on Warwick Road - lead service: Highway Maintenance

Dunkirk Area signage


Refurbishment of cast street name plates in Dunkirk area - lead service: Highway Maintenance

Dunkirk & Lenton schools road safety


Package of TROs to address road safety issues at identified sites near schools across the ward - lead service: Traffic & Safety

Dunkirk Road/ Gibbons Street road safety


Widening of cycle access under railway bridge to accommodate mobility scooters and wheelchairs - lead service: Highway Maintenance


Dunkirk and Lenton Public Realm Schemes


Estimated cost


Priory Park pathways


Reconstruction of existing and construction of new paths in Priory Park - lead service: Parks & Open Spaces

Willoughby Street/ Maxwell Close improvements


Contribution to NCH area improvement scheme on Willoughby Street and Maxwell Close - lead service: NCH


Radford and Park LTP Schemes


Estimated cost


Hartley Road signage


Relocation of road sign to safer location - lead service: Traffic & Safety

Faraday Road parking


Double yellow Line junction protection in Faraday Road area with dual use parking bays between Derby Road and Kittiwake Mews - lead service: Traffic & Safety


Radford and Park Public Realm Schemes


Estimated cost


Radford Ward CCTV


2x yearly SIM rental for mobile CCTV cameras, plus 7 moves, and residual costs from decommitted CCTV scheme

Wyville Close, Warner Street & Byfield Close iprovements


Contribution to NCH area improvement scheme on Wyville Close, Warner Street, and Byfield Close - lead service: NCH

Grimston Road gating


Gating scheme in Grimston Road area -  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.


Delegated Authority Projects pdf icon PDF 20 KB

Report of Director of Neighbourhood Services

Additional documents:


Deborah Wilson presented a report on delegated authority projects.


RESOLVED to note the actions taken under delegated authority, as set out below:




Amount (total)

Mobile Heritage Museum


Merlita Bryan


Addison Street Clean up

Merlita Bryan and Azad Choudhry


Parks and Open Spaces


Hyson Green Festival


Community Engagement


Arboretum Fun Day 2015


Zodiac All Stars Carnival Troupe


BOB’s Summer Play Scheme 2015


Unity Families Engagement Event




International FGM Conference


ADO Pigeon Signs


Gating Kenslow


Canning Circus Lights Switch On


Hyson Green Festival Event 2015


Refugee and Asylum Seekers Event


Pilot Cohesion Project


Alleyways Improvement Scheme


Dark Angels Premier


Penn Ave Consultation by Groundworks

Dunkirk and Lenton

Dave Trimble and Sarah Piper


Canning Circus X-mas event


Research on Older people’s need in Dunkirk and Lenton


Lenton Blvd Improvements, plants on Park St


Dragon’s Den 2015


Hear to hear project- Ear Foundation


Recycling indoor bins for Lenton Boulevard properties


Older Person’s health and wellbeing project in partnership with Thomas Helwy’s church, DOLCA and local churches


Martin-mass fair 2015


Dunkirk Community Centre Spectacular displays 2015


Hillside railings


Jigsaw group time capsule


Computer screens for THBC Community Cafe


Supporting Crocus Café to move to Lenton Blvd


Primary Arts Studio – Ilkeston Road Memorial Park Event

Radford and Park

Liaqat Ali, Ilyas Aziz and Anne Peach


Hyson Green Festival Group – Hyson Green Festival


Muslim Women’s Organisation – Family Sports and Fun Day


Nottingham City Council – Curry in the Park


Nottingham City Council - Community Engagement – Various events


Primary Arts Studio - Carnival Costume Workshops


Dunkirk and Lenton Forum – Events on Radford Recreation Ground


Zodiac All Stars – Zodiac All Stars Carnival Troupe


4 B’s  - 4Bs summer activities


Mojatu – International Female Genital Mutilation Conference


Nottingham Carnival Trust – Nottingham Carnival


Nottingham City Council Design and Print – Good Garden Award Postcodes


Nottingham City Council Neighbourhood Management - Canning Circus Christmas Lights Switch on Event


Skn Heritage Museum - Mobile Caribbean History Heritage Museum


Radford Care Group – 2 Ipads to support digital inclusion


Nottingham City Council -Radford and Lenton Library Frontage improvements




Future meeting dates

21 September 2016

23 November 2016

22 February 2017


AGREED to meet at 5:30pm on the following dates:

·  21 September 2016

·  23 November 2016

·  22 February 2017