Agenda and minutes

Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton, Radford and Park Area Committee
Wednesday, 21st June, 2017 5.30 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Committee Room - Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG. View directions

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Appointment of Chair


RESOLVED to appoint Councillor Liaqat Ali as Chair for the municipal year 2017/18


Appointment of Vice Chair


RESOLVED to appoint Councillor Azad Choudhry as Vice Chair for municipal year 2017/18




Iffat Iqbal – Neighbourhood Development Officer

Inspector Andy Townsend – Nottinghamshire Police

Tim Preston – Lenton Historic Society


Declarations of Interests

If you need any advice on declaring an interest in any item on the agenda please contact the Governance Officer shown above, if possible before the day of the meeting.





Minutes pdf icon PDF 357 KB

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 22 February 2017


The minutes of the meeting held on 22 February 2017 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



Police Update

Verbal update from Nottinghamshire Police


Inspector Robert Winter, Nottinghamshire Police, gave a verbal report updating the Committee on the work of Nottinghamshire Police within the wards. He highlighted the following points:


(a)  Unfortunately due to changes last year in crime reporting and recording comparable figures from last year do not give an accurate picture of crime trends;


(b)  Despite the terrible incidents in Manchester and London over the last weeks there has been no rise in hate crime, and no links to arrests made in the community have been made to these national events. There has been and will continue to be increase police in order to reassure the public, and those officers have been armed on some patrols;


(c)  Violent crime with no injury has risen over the last year, this is thought to be as a result of the new crime recording rules imposed nationally and is not thought to represent an increase in crime;


(d)  Burglary in Dunkirk and Lenton has come down since 2016 as it has in Arboretum and the Park. However in the predominantly student area it is expected that there will be a slight rise towards the end of term. Nottinghamshire Police are working hard with community groups to ensure that everyone is aware that locking doors and windows helps to reduce burglary;


(e)  Vehicle crime has seen a big increase, mainly targeting motorcycles. Arrests have very recently been made and investigation is ongoing;


(f)   There is a recruitment drive currently taking place and is open to the whole community. Nottinghamshire Police are looking to recruit Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers and are particularly keen to recruit more officers of an ethnic or minority background;


Following discussion and questions from the Committee the following information was highlighted:


(g)  Police continue to work with the Universities to ensure that students are staying safe and protecting their properties from burglary. In the first few weeks of term Police and University staff work hard to attend events and distribute crime prevention information. This hard work is backed up continued efforts by Community safety and community groups;


(h)   Nottinghamshire Police are holding recruitment events across the City and in various venues, faith venues, community centres with the aim being to attract a wide range of people, and to ensure that the police force is representative of the community it serves;


(i)  So far the response to the recruitment events has been encouraging although BME, LGBT and female officers are all still under represented on the force;


RESOLVED to thank Inspector Wilson for his report on the work of Nottinghamshire Police in the Area and to note its content.


Community Protection Update

Verbal update from Nottingham City Council Community Protection


Des Storey and Flora Cameron, Community Protection Officers, gave a verbal report to the Committee on the work Community Protection are doing within the wards. They highlighted the following points:


(a)  Around 90% of incidents reported to Community Protection are noise related. Of nearly 500 report, where warnings were issued, just 9 went forward and Fixed penalty notices were issued showing that the early stages of warning are effective;


(b)  To date around 475 alcohol confiscations have been made, mainly along the Derby Road corridor, this figure does not include those confiscations made by Nottinghamshire Police;


(c)  There is still a large issue with bins being left on streets, there was over 2000 reports of bins on streets, of which 500 then went on to receive a warning notice. Tackling this problem continues to be a priority;


(d)  As the end of University term approaches Community Protection are gearing up for the extra amounts of rubbish that are produced, and the excess noise and street drinking that can result from end of year celebrations;


(e)  There has been a rise in the incidents of fly tipping where the waste is clearly commercial. All incidents are being fully investigated;


(f)  Community Protection officers continue to actively engage with the community. There has been increase visibility around the community in an effort to help reassure the residents following attacks in both Manchester and in London;


Following discussion and questions from the Committee the following information was highlighted:


(g)  Nottingham City Council continues to be one of the only local authorities in the UK to offer free bulky waste collection to residents. The Council will continue to require residents to be registered on the electoral roll to access this service and other, non statutory services it offers. The Council will continue to work with residents to support and educate them on these issues;


RESOLVED to thank Des Storey and Flora Cameron for their report on the work of Community Protection in the Area and to note its content.



Issues and Good News Stories From Community Representatives

Verbal updates from Community Representatives

Additional documents:


Dave Brennan, Chief Executive of Castle Cavendish, gave a presentation updating the committee on the Area Based Grants Programme for Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton and Radford and the Park. He highlighted the following information:


(a)  Hours of diversionary youth provision was slightly down on target, but summer holiday sessions were above target as were hours of targeted youth provision and the number of young people engaged through targeted activity;


(b)  The programme continues to support 18-24 year olds into training and education and has recently started a targeted programme for 30-64 year olds too. Job club sessions did not prove as popular as was anticipated with attendance being down on targets. However local people supported though training and into work were over target;


(c)  The Programme has recently taken on a new role, to support the local Voluntary and Community Sector  to access external funding, ensure governance is in place and share best practice to encourage growth. The uptake of services offered has been generally below target although it is hoped as this is a new offering uptake will improve next year;


(d)  Day centre and luncheon club sessions were well over target as were physical activity sessions for local residents, positive sporting sessions delivered to BME young people were also popular;


(e)  Local priorities are to support grass root activities by providing small grants of up to £1,500. These projects are related to:

·  Loneliness and Isolation, particularly in the elderly

·  Translation/conversational English Support especially among new and emerging communities

·  Community cohesion

·  Mental health
Crime and Community Safety

·  Poverty, especially food and fuel poverty;


(f)  These priorities remain largely the same in to 2017/18. Targets are ambitious yet realistic and reflect the need for services within the community;


(g)  The Area Based Grant funding has been reduced this year, and will be reduced next year too. It is essential to ensure that the programme works with other community initiatives and strategies to work in a joined up way;


Following questions and comments from the Committee the following information was highlighted:


(h)  The community is currently changing rapidly in terms of diversity and ethnic background. It will be important to ensure that provision and support is appropriate for these newly emerging communities whilst maintaining support for well embedded groups:


(i)  Jointed up working is becoming more and more necessary. Links are being made with various other provisions, such as Area Partners Network and Nottingham Together;


RESOLVED to thank Dave Brennan for his update to the Committee on the Area Based Grant Programme and to note its content.




Year Review for Early Help Central 2 Team pdf icon PDF 116 KB

Report of Director Children’s Integrated Services

Additional documents:


Jane Richardson, Community Service Manager Early Help introduced the Year Review for Early Help Central 2 Team to the Committee. She highlighted the following information:


(a)  The deliver of the provision is split into Play and Youth and Targeted Support and there is also Mental Health input too, particularly around self harm;


(b)  Play and Youth services offer a termly programme of sessions across the wards, with a special summer holiday provision;


(c)  Children’s’ Centres offer open access sessions as well as targeted work aiming to offer parental support, address behaviour issues, build confidence in parents, offer support in accessing education for parents and addressing children’s development;


(d)  If a child aged 8 or over is starting to show signs that they may become involved in offending behaviour referrals from play and youth can be made to early intervention and diversionary services to address emerging antisocial behaviours. Where there is a high level of need these referrals can be made earlier;


(e)  The Summer programme this year aims to standardise provision city wide. There is a focus on community days with provision for 0-19 year olds, but there is also a focus on getting young people from across the city to come together, and getting out and about together and participating in activities together;


(f)  Over the last year there has been a lot of work around recruitment. This was very successful and play workers have gained valuable experience which has allowed them to go on to further roles within targeted support leaving further vacancies to fill within the play services;


Following discussion and questions from the Committee the following information was highlighted:


(g)  ESOL provision was very successful earlier in the year, however in the last quarter it was cancelled;


(h)  The report distributed with the agenda includes reference to Edwards Lane and Sherwood, this is because the Early Help teams are not set with the same boundaries as wards and areas, there is some overlap into other areas;


(i)  Work with new and emerging communities has been slow to establish. It is difficult to gain trust and make connections to some of the new communities. In Hyson Green, for example, there is an increasing population of Polish and Roma families, and work with these communities is at very early stages. Further work is required in order to encourage more engagement;


(j)  To tackle the issue of continued vacancies  ongoing recruitment has been established. It is encouraging  to see that workers are gaining experience and then taking that and using it in targeted support, and that Nottingham City Council is supporting its workers to gain new skills and progress their carreer, however it does leave a gap in experience within the Play service which needs to be filled;  


(k)  There are “hotspots” for knife crime and targeted work is taking place to address this. The Youth Offending Team and Early intervention services are also involved in tackling this issue with work taking place in schools across the City;  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


Nottingham City Homes Report pdf icon PDF 145 KB

Report of Nottingham City Homes

Additional documents:


Paul Howard, Tenancy and Estate Manager at Nottingham City Homes (NCH) introduced a report to update the Committee on the work of Nottingham City Homes within the area. He highlighted the following information:


(a)  In light of the tragic events at Grenfell Towers in London, Nottingham City Homes wants to reassure residents that the cladding installed on its properties is not the same type as installed on Grenfell Towers. The safety of its residents is priority and fire alarm tests are carried out weekly in high-rise properties, and monthly in low-rise properties. Nottingham City Homes continues to work with Nottinghamshire Fire service to ensure fire safety keeps residents safe;


(b)  The regeneration of the Church Square area continues following the recent approval of 17 new family homes. The site has now transferred to NCH and the scheme is due to be completed by May 2018;


(c)  The annual Leaseholder and Tenants Awards took place at the end of March. There was a very large number of nominations for individuals, community groups and projects. Information on the winners can be found at


(d)  Work is taking place to assess tenancy sustainability, particularly in the Radford and Dunkirk areas and, if possible, to establish why tenancies are not sustained and what work could take place to improve that;


(e)  A new repairs management system is in place and NCH aims to respond more quickly to repair requests;


(f)  The format of the performance report will be different for the next meeting. The new format will be more easily accessible;


Following questions and comments from the Committee the following points were highlighted:


(g)  There will be a series of fire safety information available for residents at high-rise properties across the City in the coming days;


(h)  Historically there has been resistance from some residents around installing sprinklers in the high-rise properties. Sprinklers will be fitted, starting with the Victoria Centre flats. Residents in the main welcome this move;


(i)  There are a number of privatised high-rise properties in the Hyson Green area in particular. NCH is happy to work with private owners around safety in their buildings;  


(j)  Nottingham City Council is in the processes of reviewing its emergency response plans to ensure that should a fire take place in a high rise block that residents safety was addressed in the aftermath. The committee commented that following a fire on Alfreton Road in the past the response of emergency services had been excellent;




(1)  Note the update and performance information provided to the meeting;


(2)  note the allocation of funds for 2017/18 as detailed below:



Actual Budget (including carry over from 2016/17)

Schemes Approved

Schemes Committed

Schemes De Committed

Remaining Budget







Dunkirk & Lenton






Radford & Park







(3)  approve the Area Capital Funding request detailed below:







Mozart Street and Landseer Street – Radford

Replace the current dilapidated fencing with metal  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.


Ward Councillor Budget Report pdf icon PDF 120 KB

Report of Director of Neighbourhood Services

Additional documents:


Deborah Wright, Neighbourhood Development Officer, introduced the report on Ward Councillor Budgets detailing the use of delegated authority by the director of Neighbourhood Services for projects funded by Ward Councillors in 2016/17.


RESOLVED to note the actions agreed by the Director of Neighbourhood Services in respect of projects and schemes within the Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton, Radford and Park wards.


Ward Report pdf icon PDF 125 KB

Director of Neighbourhood Services and Commercial Operations.

Additional documents:


Linda Wright Neighbourhood Development Officer introduced the Ward Report to the Committee. She highlighted the following points:


(a)   In Arboretum the reduction of street drinking remains a priority, as does  tackling the paraphernalia left behind, particularly at Forest Recreational Ground and other local parks;


(b)  Work continues to reduce crime in the ward, targeting the Forest and Student Area. Work is also taking place to raise awareness  of Domestic Violence and Abuse;


(c)  Recycling is  being promoted with residents, and removing bins from streets is being actively encouraged in streets identified as hotspot areads


(d)  In Dunkirk and Lenton Ward the focus is end of term waste management;


(e)  Other priorities include tackling anti-social behaviour and improving security for pedestrians and Cyclists;


(f)  There are ongoing parking issues in the ward centred on Willoughby Street, Park Street, Church Street, Palmer Court, Abbey Bridge Lenton Boulevard Galway Road and Harrowby Road;


(g)  In Radford and Park Ward trade waste and fly tipping are currently a key issue. There are ongoing parking issues and there are schemes currently being implemented to introduce waiting restrictions, calm traffic and improve general road safety;


(h)  Encouraging work is being done to developed tenants associations being developed between new and existing Nottingham City Homes tenants;


(i)  Parks and Play areas are being addressed and work continues on St Peters Park and Wallan Street Park;



(1)  note the progress on Ward Priorities including the issues being addressed by each Neighbourhood Action Team;


(2)  note the progress against the existing Council Plan.


Area Capital report Area 4 pdf icon PDF 120 KB

Report of Director of Neighbourhood Services and Commercial Operations.


Additional documents:


Linda Wright, Neighbourhood Development Officer presented the report detailing the latest allocation for the Local Transport Plan (LTP) element under the Area Capital Fund for Highways and Footways. It also highlighted schemes recently prioritised by Ward Councillors for approval at this Committee in accordance with the City Council’s Constitution. A revised appendix to the report was circulated at the meeting and is appended to these minutes. In an amendment to the original report circulated  with the agenda the Committee was asked to approve 8 additional schemes.




(1)  Note the monies available to Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton and Radford and Park wards outlined below:

Arboretum     -   £95,457

Dunkirk and Lenton   -  £91,279

Radford and Park  -   £123,890


(2)  Approve the new schemes prioritised by the Ward Councillors as detailed below:


Arboretum  LTP Schemes



Councillor Prioritised



Gregory Boulevard trees

tree works

prioritised 12 June 2017


Pruning works to trees on Gregory Boulevard, starting from Alfreton Road end - lead service: Parks & Open Spaces


Arboretum Public Realm Schemes



Councillor Prioritised



Hovenden Gardens


prioritised 26 May 2017


Contribution to scheme to improve and enlarge car park off Hovenden Gardens - joint scheme with NCH - lead service: Highway Maintenance


Dunkirk and Lenton LTP Schemes



Councillor Prioritised



Lenton Boulevard


Prioritised 15 May 2017


Further contribution to existing scheme for provision of additional cycle stand on Lenton Boulevard - lead service: Transport Strategy`

Willoughby Street area


Prioritised 20 June 2017


Traffic regulation order for parking scheme on Willoughby St, Prospect Place, Church Street and Park Street - lead service: Traffic & Safety



Dunkirk and Lenton Public Realm Schemes



Councillor Prioritised



Montpelier Road

litter bins

Prioritised 25 May 2017


Installation of litter bin to reduce fly tipping and ASB - lead service: Streetscene


Dunkirk and Lenton Withdrawn schemes






Lenton Drives

Road safety


Installation of drop down bollards on Harrington, Harlaxton and Rolleston Drives to improve road safety (Jun-15)


Radford and Park LTP schemes



Councillor Prioritised



Ilkeston Road


Approved by DA April 2017


Reconstruction of footpath on Ilkeston Road from Albert Grove to Douglas Road - lead service: Highway Services

Hartley Road

road safety

Prioritised 19 May 2017


Additional contribution to road safety improvement scheme around the junction of Hartley Road/Norton Street - lead service: Traffic & Safety


Radford and Park Public Realm schemes



Councillor Prioritised



Mozart Street / Landseer Street

area improvement

Prioritised 5 June 2017


Contribution to public realm improvement scheme in partnership with NCH - lead service: NCH



Date of Future Meetings

For the municipal year  2017/18 to consider meeting at 5:30pm on the following Wednesdays:


20 September 2017

22 November 2017

21 February 2018


RESOLVED to meet on the following Wednesdays at 5.30pm:


20 September 2017

22 November 2017

21 February 2018