Agenda and minutes

Basford and Bestwood Area Committee
Wednesday, 5th December, 2018 4.30 pm

Venue: LB 31-32 - Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG. View directions

Contact: Mark Leavesley  Governance Officer

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Councillor Arnold    )  other Council business

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Chris Easton    -  Bestwood Anglican & Methodist churches

Angela Bolton    )  Neighbourhood Development Officer

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Declarations of interests

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 143 KB

Last meeting held on 12 September 2018 (for confirmation)


The minutes of the meeting held on 12 September 2018 were agreed as a correct record and were signed by the Chair.


Issues from Community Representatives

Please contact the Neighbourhood Development Officer at least 3 days before the meeting with any issues you wish to raise


No issues were raised.


Police and Community Protection update


Inspectors Christine Busuttil and Gordon Fenwick, Nottinghamshire Police, and Rupindar Kooner, Senior Community Protection Officer and Laura Arnold, Community Protection Officer, updated the Committee on policing matters in the wards, including crime and arrest figures, local initiatives to address crime and anti-social behaviour and current Police/Community Protection areas of focus.


During discussion, the following comments were made:


a)  the Councillors and community wanted to thank all those involved in ‘Operation Reacher’, which had been very successful in addressing crime in the area;


b)  the recent removal of travellers from Southglade within 4 days of their arrival was welcomed, and showed that it need not take weeks or months to achieve the outcome;


c)  the ‘Schools Officer’ scheme, similar to the one currently underway in Glasgow, where Officers are based in schools to work on community cohesion, collaborative working etc, has only been running in Nottingham for a short time and the effectiveness of the scheme will be reported to the next Committee meeting.


  RESOLVED to note the update.


Nottinghamshire WW1 Roll of Honour Centenary Memorial project pdf icon PDF 143 KB

Report and presentation by Eddie Curry, Head of Park, Open Spaces and Investment Funding


Eddie Curry, Head of Parks, Open Spaces and Investment Funding, presented a report and slide show, which detailed the ‘Nottinghamshire WW1 Roll of Honour Centenary Memorial’, a project to create a memorial on Victoria Embankment to honour and commemorate on one monument all 14,000+ from the City and County that lost their lives during World War 1.


Mr Curry stated that:


a)  anyone wishing to donate to the project can do so via Nottingham Open Space Forum at;


b)  if people wish to check that their relative will be included on the memorial, there is a roll of honour on the County website, and this can be added to if anyone is missing from the list -


RESOLVED that the report is noted and that members support the project and its promotion in the local community.


Flood Alleviation scheme pdf icon PDF 362 KB

Presentation by Richard Campbell, Flood Mitigation Manager


Richard Campbell, Flood Mitigation Manager, introduced the report and gave a presentation, which detailed the ‘Blue Green Infrastructure Project’, a scheme to alleviate flooding along stretches of the Day Brook and River Leen watercourses. The main points were as follows:


a)  the project has an allocation of £2.5m, made up between FDGiA (central government ‘Flood Defence Grant in Aid’, Local Levy (locally raised income for local priorities) and ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funding;


b)  the project will also open-up land currently unusable (due to it being classified as ‘flood plain’) for possible development;


c)  it will also deliver benefits such as environmental enhancements, improved biodiversity, habitat creation and improved public access to open spaces;


d)  phase 1 will be completed by December 2019;


e)  the aim is to re-naturalise / re-direct watercourses, thereby slowing the flow and lessening bank erosion.


During discussion, members stated that where land in private ownership is concerned, conversations should be held regarding the costs of the remediation works, bearing in mind that the value of the land concerned will rise significantly following the work.


RESOLVED that the report and presentation be noted, and the Flood Mitigation Manager be requested to submit an update report to the March 2019 meeting.


Nottingham City Homes pdf icon PDF 142 KB

Report of Chief Executive, Nottingham City Homes

Additional documents:


The Committee noted, without discussion, the latest Nottingham City Homes performance and spend proposals for the area, as detailed in the report and appendices.


Area Based Grants: Quarter 2 2018 - update pdf icon PDF 416 KB

Gary Cawthorne to report


Gary Cawthorne and Donna Denning, Bestwood Partnership, updated the Committee on performance for July to September 2018 (quarter 3) against Area Based Grants in the wards, including grant management, employment and training activity, children and young people initiatives and community centres / voluntary sector information.


During discussion, members stated that the performance against targets was exceptional and thanked Bestwood Partnership for its continued hard work.


RESOLVED to note the update.


AREA CAPITAL FUND - 2018/19 Programme pdf icon PDF 312 KB

Report of Director of Community Protection


Dale Griffin, Neighbourhood Development Officer, presented the report, detailing spend for 2018/19 and requesting approval for schemes as listed in a revised appendix 1 handed around the table.




(1)  approve the following schemes:






Basford - LTP




Vernon Avenue - traffic study / road safety measures


Vernon Road - road safety measures


Heathfield Road - parking


Park Lane area - road safety measures


Tewkesbury Avenue - ‘speed’ survey




Basford - Public Realm




Stockhill Park - contribution to pre-fabricated building






Bestwood - LTP




No schemes




Bestwood - Public Realm




Mildenhall Crescent - road safety measures


Oakington Close - supply grit bin and salt


Beckhampton Road - tree works



(2)  subsequent to the decisions in (1) above, note the following remaining balances:


Basford - LTP


Basford - Public Realm




Bestwood - LTP


Bestwood - Public Realm




Ward Councillor Budget pdf icon PDF 130 KB

Report of Director of Community Protection


The Committee noted, without discussion, the actions agreed in respect of projects and schemes in the wards for 2018/19, taken under delegated authority by the Director of Community Protection, as detailed in the appendices to the report.


Ward Reports pdf icon PDF 440 KB

Report of Director of Community Protection

Additional documents:


The Committee noted, without discussion, the progress on ward priorities, including issues being addressed by Neighbourhood Action Teams, upcoming opportunities for citizens to engage, the ‘Respect Action Plans’ and the latest Crime and Drugs Partnership statistics for the area, all as detailed in the report and appendices.