Agenda and minutes

Greater Nottingham Light Rapid Transit Advisory Committee
Tuesday, 13th July, 2021 2.00 pm

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Contact: Kate Morris  Governance Officer

No. Item


Appointment of Chair


Resolved that Councillor Healy be appointed Chair for the remainder of the 2021/22 municipal year.


Appointment of Vice Chair


The Committee agreed to defer this item to the next meeting to allow Nottinghamshire County Councillors to discuss which member would be appointed Vice-Chair.


Apologies for Absence


Councillor Jackson

Councillor Kerry

Hugh McClintock

Chris Roy

Jim Thomas


Declarations of Interests





To note the current membership of the Committee:


Nottingham City Council:

Councillor Rosemary Healy

Councillor Samuel Gardiner

Councillor Phil Jackson

Councillor Dave Liversidge

Councillor Adele Williams


Nottinghamshire County Council:

Councillor Neil Clarke MBE

Councillor Eric Kerry

Councillor Gordon Wheeler

Councillor Daniel Williamson



Co-Opted members:

Roger Bacon   - Travel Watch East Midlands

Justin Donne  - Nottingham Federation of Small Business

Helen Hemstock  - RideWise

Hugh McClintock  - Pedals

Chris Roy  - Nottingham Trent University

Lorraine Salt-Pulford  - Nottingham City Disability Involvement Group

Jim Thomas  - Nottinghamshire Better Transport

Vacancy  - East Midlands Chamber of Commerce




The Committee noted the membership and that since publication of the agenda, Councillor Jim Creamer (Nottinghamshire County Council) had been appointed to fill the vacancy shown.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 233 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 9 March 2021, for confirmation


The Committee agreed the minutes of the meeting held on 09 March 2021 as a correct record and they were signed by the Chair.


NET Operational Performance and Progress Update pdf icon PDF 216 KB

Report of the Head of Operations, Nottingham Trams


Mike Mabey, Head of Operations, Nottingham Trams, presented the report, detailing operational performance and response to covid, an update on tram works undertaken during April/May 2021 in the Lace Market, a revision to fares (introduced on 28 June 2021), anti-social behaviour during the previous 4 months, ongoing community engagement and filming for a Sky TV series to be shown in the autumn, which included filming on the trams.


In response to a question regarding the lifting of covid restrictions announced the day before this meeting, Mr Mabey stated discussion was ongoing in respect of plans going forwards. However, there was a general consensus that while it may no longer be a legal requirement to wear a mask, NET will still be strongly in favour of customers doing so while travelling on trams, and will likely be putting signage on trams to that effect, it will also continue to ensure that touch surfaces on all trams are sanitised.


Resolved to note the report and record that this Committee would strongly urge members of the public to continue to wear masks, sanitise and socially distance for the safety of themselves and others whenever they are using public transport.


Tramlink Update

Update from the Chief Operating Officer, Tramlink Nottingham


The Committee received a presentation by Stephanie Moss-Pearce, Marketing Manager, Tramlink, detailing the recently introduced ‘Trust the Tram’ campaign.


The main points were as follows:


i.  the objective of the campaign was to encourage faith in the network by supporting public trust in the tram and highlighting the benefits to customers of returning to the network;


ii.  this has been done by creating a simple, clear design stating the benefits of travelling by tram under the ‘Trust the Tram’ seal of approval, which will be used on all marketing material, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) and across the network on trams and at tram-stops;


iii.  the campaign was launched in May 2021, and includes promotions (pandemic permitting) in partnership with other agencies for key events such as Nottingham Castle re-opening, Nottingham Beach, Goose Fair, ‘Freshers’ week, Bonfire Night and ‘Winter Wonderland’;


iv.  marketing activity will include – paid for social media activity (including shared content on NCiC sites), a bi-weekly E-shot highlighting the monthly key activities, posters on tram-wraps, at tram stops, city billboards and the train station, at least 2 positive news stories each month, attendance with appropriate marketing material at events and regular customer surveys. All marketing will be reviewed after 3 months and amended where necessary;


v.  marketing success will be measured by monthly social media ‘counts’ and paid-for cost-per-click / cost-per-impression values, including ticket purchases driven by paid-for advertising;


vi.  quarterly surveys will also be undertaken to assess the performance of the ‘Trust the Tram’ campaign.


In response to a question regarding the ‘new norm’ of possible hybrid working reducing patronage and income for public transport in general due to working from home, Ms Moss-Pearce stated that this is already being discussed with local businesses and ‘the offer’ looked at, such as in respect of more flexibility for season tickets. There may also be opportunities to work with new partners, such as Nottingham Castle, in light of the ‘staycation’ opportunities in tourism.


Resolved to note the update.


Ticketing Infrastructure Improvements pdf icon PDF 179 KB

Report of the Head of Operations, Nottingham Trams

Additional documents:


The Committee received a presentation by Mike Mabey, Head of Operations, Nottingham Trams, detailing new ticketing technology being introduced over the next few months at all tram stops, and stated the following:


i.  the new ticket vending machines (TVM) and platform validators will enable contactless payment, with the validators allowing customers to ‘tap-on’ before boarding, initially only for travel by tram, but eventually as part of a city-wide, multi-operator scheme (Robin Hood card for NCT/NET);


ii.  the changes will make it easier to purchase tickets for public transport as a whole;


iii.  the new validators will be a vibrant colour so that they stand out on the platform;


iv.  all 118 existing TVM will be replaced by 22 December 2021 and are being provided by Cammax, the current Robin Hood card machine supplier, and will be enabled to top-up existing Robin Hood Cards, with some machines also enabled to retail new cards;


v.  the re-vamped website will have an app allowing purchase of season tickets, a reward portal and a customer sign-in portal, which will allow business customers to manage their own account;


vi.  the timelines are:


·  contactless ticketing (EMV) – all validators changed, enabling single operator use by mid-July 2021;

·  all pin-pads changed in TVM and contactless to become multi-operator by end August 2021;

·  TVM replacement at Wilkinson Street (with Robin Hood top-up and sale enabled) by end July 2021;

·  all other TVM replaced during 20 September to 22 December 2021;

·  the new website with customer sales portal by end of July 2021.


Resolved to note the update.


Issues Raised by Committee Members and Citizens pdf icon PDF 276 KB


In response to issues raised by members on behalf of residents, and those present, Mike Mabey, Head of Operations, Nottingham Tram, stated the following:


i.  further to a previous noise complaint from a Wilford resident, NET have been greasing the track in the area 3 times per week and this seems to have resolved the issue;


ii.  in respect to a similar noise complaint from a resident at Heathervale, at the junction of Wilford Lane, raised at this meeting, the team will investigate;


iii.  Mr Mabey will discuss with the team whether different types of wheel are causing the noise issue, and whether track curves can be straightened slightly;


iv.  the validator at the Treatment Centre will be moved by the end of August 2021 and, following a final decision, the precise location will be notified to members.


Work Plan pdf icon PDF 11 KB


The Committee noted the work plan without discussion.


Future Meeting Dates

Tuesday 14 September 2021 at 2:00pm

Tuesday 14 December 2021 at 2:00pm

Tuesday 15 March 2022 at 2:00pm


For the remainder of the 2021/22 municipal year, the Committee agreed to meet on the following Tuesdays at 2.00pm:


2021    2022

14 September  15 March

14 December