Agenda and draft minutes

Dales, Mapperley and St Ann's Area Committee
Tuesday, 14th January, 2020 6.00 pm

Venue: Dining Room - Bakersfield Community Centre. View directions

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Greg Foister – Neighbourhood Development Officer

Luke Walters – Nottingham City Homes (sent substitute)



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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 3 September 2019


The minutes of the meeting were confirmed as a trure record of the meeting and were signed by the Chair.


Issues and Good News Stories

Verbal update from Community Representatives


Community Representatives gave a verbal update on issues and good news stories since the last meeting in September 2019.


(a)  Peter Wright – Sneinton Tenants Outreach Programme (STOP), gave a brief overview of the events they have held since the last committee, including a fireworks event and Christmas events. He raised concerns about the complex and lengthy paperwork required to hold events, and stated that without the help of the Neighbourhood Development officers they would not have the knowledge to complete it. He expressed concerns, that were echoed by the committee that the extensive paperwork may put off smaller groups from holding events on parks.


(b)  Cherry Underwood informed the committee that the Open Spaces forum was looking at group insurance to help smaller groups and to make the process easier for community groups. 


(c)  Greg Feltham – Sneinton Tenants and Residents Association spoke about issues of ASB in specific areas. He was very pleased to say that following sustained and targeted work by partners that this had very much decreased. He expressed thanks to all involved in the hard work to reduce the anti-social behaviour;


RESOLVED to call on the Portfolio Holder Leisure, Culture and IT to look at simplifying the process for small community groups to put on events on parks.




Area Policing Update

Inspector James Walker, Nottinghamshire Police.  


Inspector James Walker, Nottinghamshire Police, provided an update on year to date crime statistics detailed in the table below:



St Ann’s

Mapperley and Wells

Sneinton and Dales



All Crime






Violence with injury
























Vehicle Offences































During discussion, the following points were made:


(a)  The most significant drop in crime in the year to date figures is seen in the violence with injury category, with decreases across the area;


(b)  The area has seen an increase in the numbers of robbery. St Ann’s saw an additional 5 offences and there were an additional 8 offences in Mapperley compared to this period last year. The percentage increase shown above may look significant but the actual number of offences is low;


(c)  The increase in robbery offences across St Ann’s and Mapperley have been monitored, there does not appear to be any pattern to the offences or any indication that the same offender is responsible; 


(d)  Vehicle crime has dropped in St Ann’s and Mapperley however there has been a spike in Sneinton. This is attributed to an increase of catalytic converter thefts, in particular focused on the Park and Ride site at the Racecourse. This is a relatively new type of crime and there have been a number of sites targeted across the city;


(e)  There have been a number of drugs warrants carried out since the last area committee, with a substantial amount of cannabis, heroin, cocaine and what is suspected to be MDMA seized. There have also been a number of arrests made in connection with these seizures;


(f)  There is additional funding for targeted knife crime work and additional bids for the knife crime team have been submitted;


(g)  There are currently 10PC’s and 12.5 PCSOs for the area, this is below the full capacity of 11 PCs and 17 PCSOs. The committee raised concerns about the low level of staffing in the area leading to low Police visibility in the area;


(h)  Crime statistics for the City Centre are not included in the statistics above.


The Committee noted the information presented by Inspector Walker and asked that he get in touch with any of the Councillors if their support would be beneficial for supporting bids for additional funding or staff.


Employment and Skills

Additional documents:


Danny Goodwin, Community Employment and Skills Officer, gave a presentation to the Committee updating them on the recent work of the Employment and Skills Area Partnership (ESAP). He highlighted the following points:


(a)  The ESAP is chaired by a ward councillor and provide a strategic response to developing activities at a local level. They aim to bring together professionals, support and develop partnership working to reduce service duplication, identify gaps and target support;


(b)  The unemployment rate across the city is 4.5%. The national average is 3.1%.

·  The Dales rate is 6.2% (713 citizens) this is 4th highest rate across the city. Claimants over 50 is the 5th highest in the city and the area has a BAMES working population of 42.7%

·  Mapperley rate is 4.2% (535 citizens) and is ranked 11th highest in the city and is below the city average. The highest unemployment rates in the ward are around the Ransom Road and Wells Road estates.

·  St Ann’s rate is 5.2% (948 citizens). This is 7th highest across the wards. 1 in 4 are over 50. The St Ann’s working population is one of the most diverse in the city with 50.4% from the BAME community


(c)  There are three priority groups that the ESAP want to focus on within the Dales, Mapperley and St Ann’s areas

·  Out of work people aged 18-24 and over 50

·  Out of work people who are part of the BAME community

·  Out of work people with a disability or health condition


(d)  The ESAP has identified 6 key objectives to work towards in the area. These are:

·  Raising awareness of support services to increase referrals from 18-24 and the over 50’s

·  Create more work experience opportunities for local residents

·  Provide a one stop shop for citizens to increase access to employment support and advice

·  Raise awareness of employment services with health professions

·  Focus on improving digital literacy for local residents

·  Signpost BAME community groups to local employment and skills services and increase outcomes


(e)  The ESAP has produced a Directory of services, which was circulated in the supplement agenda for this meeting. This directory details service available across the area, and residents are able to attend provision in wards other than the one they live in.


During discussion the following further information was highlighted.


(f)  The statistics refer to people claiming unemployment benefits. They do not capture the more transitory populations that are common in this area, and do not capture those people currently seeking work but not claiming unemployment benefits;


(g)  With the introduction of Universal credit the further breakdown of statistic will be lost as DWP are unable to provide the information. The committee agreed that a breakdown of the statistics into specific communities would be helpful for each ward and area where possible. Demographics of the people accessing programmes and drop in sessions are recorded and further breakdown and presentation of these will be circulated;


(h)  The statistics above do not consider self employed people  ...  view the full minutes text for item 29.


Area Based Grant update pdf icon PDF 383 KB

Presentation by Chief Executive of Renewal Trust


Cherry Underwood, Chief Executive of the Renewal Trust, gave a presentation updating the Committee on the Area Based Grant between 1 April 2019 and 30 September 2019. She highlighted the following points:


(a)  Renewal Trust partners have remained largely consistent since the last update with the exception of City College Nottingham who are no longer partners;


(b)  The Renewal Trust continues to liaise with other Area Based Grant lead organisations to support key objectives across the City including creating jobs for Nottingham people, as well as cutting crime and reducing anti-social behaviour. Holiday hunger and reducing levels of children going without meals in the school holidays is also a priority across the city in the most deprived wards;


(c)  The ABG has supported 72 people into sustainable employment. These positions have not necessarily been full time but they do not include the unsustainable zero hours contracts;


(d)  139 job clubs were supported and 576 1:1 support sessions. A breakdown of repeat visitors is not currently available but can be produced for Councillors. There are a number of repeat visitors to the Job clubs, within this cohort of repeat visitors there is an increasing element who have complex social care needs. There is work taking place to ensure that these needs are addressed by partners;


(e)  22 people across the area were helped to access training specific to the field of work that they wanted to move into, such as, CSCS card and food hygiene; 


(f)  There are two provisions supported as locally idnetified need. The first is Stonebridge City Farm, which brings local peopl together to improve neighbourhoods, and increases the sense of strong community. The second is Young People Outreach, who attedn local events direct young people to existing provisoon and promote activites/sessions within the area. They work toeards cutting crime and antisocial behaviour and have worked with at least 500 young people each year at risk of becoming involved with gange and knife crime, or are at risk of exploitation;


(g)  The ABG also provides universal provision for children and young people. 99 sessions were provided in this reporting period, reachin 2111 young people. There were 6 of these sessions held weekly, across the area;


(h)  Holiday provison is also provided by the ABG. There were 44 sessions provided by Greenway, EPIC and STAA, and 3007 children and young people attended. These schemes helped to tackl holiday hunger and helped to eoncourage young people to be more active.


During questions and discussion the following information was highlighted:


(i)  The Renewal Trust, as lead organisation for the Are Based Grant work closly with Nottingham Together to ensure a spread of activites across the wards ensuring provision for al citizens;


(j)  Despite a bid to central government for money to help towards provision designed to tackle holiday hunger Nottingham City was not awarded the funding.  Schemes still ran and going forward there will be work around engaging partners and organisations to ensure sufficient funding;


The Committee thanks Cherry for her  ...  view the full minutes text for item 30.


Local Plan Part 2: Land and Planning Policies Document – Adoption pdf icon PDF 236 KB

Report of the Director Planning, Housing and Regeneration and the Corporate Director Development & Growth

Additional documents:


Peter McAnespie, Partnerships and Local Plans Manager, presented the report informing the Committee of the adoption of the Local Plan Part 2: Land and Planning Policies document had been adopted by the City Council on 13 January.


During discussion the following points were highlighted:


(a)  The policies have been renewed and realigned to reflect local need, each site is considered carefully within its environment. The sites discussed in the presentation are not the only sites that are available for development and the recommendations for the type of development on the sites is not fixed;


(b)  Sites within the city centre part of the area can be circulated to councillors separately;


(c)  Sites designated suitable for student housing are focused within the city centre, close to university campuses and on main transport routes. The aim is to establish a balance of housing available to families to include affordable homes;


There was some discussion around specific sites both included in the plan and those that were not. The committee were assured that careful consideration to each individual planning application is given, and the plan is to suggest to interested developers the sort of regeneration that the Council would like to see in specific areas.


The Committee thanked Peter for his attendance and for the information contained within his presentation.


Resolved to note that the Local Plan Part 2: Land and Planning Policy documents and the accompanying Polies Map has been adopted by the City Council on 13 January.


Nottingham City Homes pdf icon PDF 222 KB

Report of the Chief Executive of Nottingham City Homes

Additional documents:


Hilary Fyfe-Hardy, Housing Patch Manager for Nottingham City Homes, introduced the report providing an update to the committee on key issues and themes linking back to the local priorities and strategic themes for Nottingham City Homes. She provided the following updates:


(a)  A number of work programmes are due to take place within the Victoria Centre flats. These include

·  Work on the bin chutes due to start February 2020 and take two to three weeks

·  Sprinkler system installation entering the final phase

·  Communal fire doors


(b)  Decisions are still to be made around window replacement and intercom system replacement at Victoria Centre;


(c)   A new Tenants Academy prospectus will be published soon for 2020.


The Committee noted the information provided within the report and the appendices.


RESOLVED to approve the Area Capital Programme funding request detailed below:






Kingston Court – DALES

Installation of security barrier

Enhance security and eliminate inappropriate parking





Appointment to Outside Bodies pdf icon PDF 205 KB

Report of the Director of Legal and Governance

Additional documents:


The Chair introduced the report asking the committee to confirm appointments to outside bodies relevant to the area.


For the Dales, Mapperley and St Ann’s Area there were no revisions to the Outside bodies appointed to by this committee


RESOLVED to confirm the following appointments:


·  Councillor David Mellen to Bakersfield Community Association Management Committee

·  Councillor Neghat Khan to Friends of the Mill

·  Councillor Gul Nawaz Khan to Greenway Centre Management Committee


Ward Performance Report pdf icon PDF 413 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection


Lylse-Anne Renwick and Michelle Graley presented the Ward Performance report to the Committee. They highlighted the following points:


(a)  In Mapperley ward there was 27 tons of garden waste was removed in one day in a clean up event, this has helped to improve the appearance of the local area;


(b)  Also in Mapperley there are continued traffic issues around the Wells Road/Ball street area. Consideration is being given to a residents parking scheme;


(c)  The rebuild of the Wells Community Centre has been delayed slightly, however discussion is underway to get the project back on track.


(d)  A ward walk is planned on 27 February 2020 in the Wells Road Area, residents and citizens are welcome to come along and engage with councillors and officers;


(e)   Budget consultation events are due to take place on 23 January at 3.30pm and 5.30pm at the St Ann’s  Joint Service Centre;


(f)  In the Srt Ann’s ward there was a successful week of action back in October2019 and successfully adopted the Elgar Gardens approach to a problematic alleyway, this approach will be considered again when looking at other prolem alleyways;


(g)  Over 300 people attended the Christmas lights turn on in St Ann’s helping to make the event a success;


(h)  There are ongoing concerns about groups of youths gathering and causing ASB. This has been reduced somewhat in the winter months but is expected to peak again as the weather becomes warmer. The Youth Van is being deployed in the area to divert young people from possibly becoming involved in criminal activity;


The Councillors thanked the NDO’s for their continued hard work in supporting the local area and noted the content of their report.


AREA CAPITAL FUND – 2019 - 20 PROGRAMME pdf icon PDF 265 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection


Lylse-Anne Renwick, Neighbourhood Development Officer, introduced the report updating Councillors with the latest spends under the Area Capital Fund including Highways and Footways.


Councillors noted that there were no new schemes for the Dales, Mapperley or St Ann’s wards and noted the content of the report.


Ward Councillor Budget pdf icon PDF 339 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection


Lylse-Anne Renwick, Neighbourhood Development Officer, introduced the Ward Councillor Budget report advising the committee on the use of delegated authority by the Director of Community Protection for those projects funded by Ward Councillor Budgets.


RESOLVED to note the actions agreed by the Director of Community Protection in respect of projects and schemes within the Dales, Mapperley and St Ann’s wards detailed below:


Dales Ward

Committed Schemes

Project number


Muslims Womens Network 2019



Muslim Community Organisation 2019



UKPO 2019



Oliver Hind Youth Club 2019



Dales Ward Support Costs



Dales Xmas Events 2019



Music Hub 2019



Let's Shine and Give a Smile - Christmas 2019



Total Uncommitted Funds




Mapperley Ward

Committed Schemes

 Project Number





Total Uncommitted Funds




St Ann’s Ward

Committed Schemes

 Project Number


School Holiday Programme



St Ann’s Carnival



King Edwards Park Fireworks



The Chase Connections Project



St Ann’s & Sneinton Market Christmas Lights Switch On



Total Uncommitted Funds





Date and Venue of next meeting

To note that the next meeting will be held on 3 March 2020 venue to be confirmed


RESOLVED to meet on 3 March 2020 at St Ann’s Joint Service Centre, 2 Livingstone Road, NG3 3GG at 6pm.