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Information about Executive Board

The Leader of the Council is elected by the City Council and is responsible for all of the executive functions of the Council – including most major decisions about service delivery within the over-arching policies and budget set by the City Council.  He / She can personally make these decisions or choose to delegate them, including to the Executive Board.


The Leader of the Council appoints councillors to sit on the Executive Board and allocates specific areas of responsibility, known as ‘portfolios’.  These councillors are known as ‘the Executive’ and collectively take decisions as an Executive Board.  Individual Executive councillors may work with Council officers and others to develop policy within their portfolio which then comes to Executive Board for approval.


A decision is referred to as a ‘Key Decision’ if it will result in the Council incurring expenditure or making income or savings of £750,000 or more, or if it will have a significant impact on two or more wards in the City.  The intention to take a Key Decision is published in advance in the ’28 Day Notice’.  By law the Executive is not allowed to take certain decisions, such as those about planning or licensing – these non-executive decisions are taken by committees set up by the City Council.


The Executive Board meets monthly and is chaired by the Leader of the Council.


Meetings are open to the public.


The ability to take decisions on certain issues within their portfolio has been delegated to individual Executive councillors and, in some cases, to individual Council officers.  This individual decision making takes place outside of Executive Board meetings and decisions are published on the Council’s website.