Agenda item

Amendments to the Constitution

Report of the Leader


In the absence of the Leader, the Deputy Leader submitted a report on Amendments to the Constitution, as set out on pages 15 to 21 of the agenda.




(1)  note the amended Portfolio Holder/Executive Assistant appointments/remits and executive committee membership appointments, as detailed below:


Portfolio Holder and Executive Assistant Appointments and Remits



Broad Responsibilities


Strategic Infrastructure and Communications -

Councillor Jon Collins


Executive Assistant (Communications) -

Councillor Linda Woodings




Strategic Regeneration and Development

Overview of all regeneration activity across the City

City Centre, major regeneration projects

Local Economic Partnership and European Funding

Strategic and Operational Property

Strategic Transport


NET phase 1, 2 and 3

NCT board member

Communications and Marketing

Crime and Drugs Partnership

International and European Links

Resources and Neighbourhood Regeneration -

Councillor Graham Chapman


Executive Assistant (Neighbourhoods) -

Councillor Rosemary Healy






Legal and Democratic Services, Monitoring

Health and Safety

Risk Management and Emergency Planning

Collection of Council Tax and NNDR

Housing and Council Tax Benefits

Welfare Rights

Income Generation and Commercialisation

Facility and Building Services

Corporate Council Transport Fleet

Commissioning and Procurement

Corporate Strategic Commissioning

Neighbourhood Regeneration

Neighbourhood Retail Management

Neighbourhood Management and Engagement

Area Working

Community Development

Shareholder – Nottingham City Transport

Early Intervention and Early

Years -

Councillor David Mellen





Children’s Services

Performing the Lead Role for Children’s Services in accordance with statutory requirements and guidance.

Children’s Safeguarding, children’s social care

Children in Care and Care Leavers

Leading on early-intervention

Children’s Partnership and Young People’s Plan

Integrated youth service including YOT

Early Years including Children’s Centres

Children’s Disability and Children’s Mental Health

Lead on commissioning of Children’s Services

Lead on refugees and asylum seekers

Adults and Health -

Councillor Nick McDonald


Executive Assistant

(Social Care) -

Councillor Marcia Watson




Health and Social Care Integration


Corporate Strategies for Older People and Vulnerable Adults

Championing Independent Living

-  telecare

-  catering

Adult Safeguarding


Public Health and Wellbeing

-  health inequalities

-  smoking and avoidable injuries

Chair of the Health and Well Being Board

Mental Health and Well-being

Teenage Conception

Wider Health Links

Lead on commissioning of Adults Services

Passenger Transport

Creative Quarter

Energy and Sustainability -

Councillor Alan Clark




Robin Hood Energy

Climate change and Carbon Reduction.

Nature Conservation - Strategy

Energy and energy bills

Energy from Waste inc Enviroenergy (WRG)

Nottingham Energy Partnership

Waste disposal

Air Quality

Planning, Housing and Heritage - Councillor Jane Urquhart


Executive Assistant (Housing and Flooding) -

Councillor Neghat Khan




Planning Policy and Development Management


Physical neighbourhood transformation and regeneration.

Estate Management – Council and private Estates

Private Housing and Private Rented Sector

Performance of NCH and Housing Associations

Student Housing

Support to vulnerable people

-  homelessness

-  housing with care and support.

Strategic and Retained Housing functions

Regeneration Land and Property (tied in with above)



Responsibilities as a Lead Local Flood Risk Authority


Business, Education and Skills -  Councillor Sam Webster


Executive Assistant (Business and Employment) -

Councillor Leslie Ayoola






Business & Growth

Growth Plan Delivery

City Centre Retail Management

Business Support, Development and Liaison

Inward Investment

Place Marketing Organisation

Sector Development

Social Enterprise and Enterprise Development

Smart Cities


Education Improvement Board

Educational provision 3 – 16 including school re-organisation and governance, Academies and Free Schools


Special Educational Needs – Special Education Schools

Pupil Referral Units

Employability in Schools

Jobs and Skills

Lead on skills and employment

-  Post 16 Training, FE and HE

-  Develop opportunities for young people and adults

-  Local Jobs for Local People and Making the Connections

-  Investment initiatives

-  Nottingham and Notts Futures Advice, Skills and Employment

Leisure and Culture -

Councillor Dave Trimble



Leisure and Culture

Parks, allotments and open spaces and playgrounds

Street Parks (Play Zones

Leisure Transformation Programme

Museums and Heritage Sites

Libraries, Arts and Events, Museums, Theatres and Sport

Lead on arms length venues – Ice Arena, Playhouse, Theatre Royal, Royal Centre

Nature Conservation – operational


Markets, Fairs and Toilets

Cemeteries and Crematoriums

Neighbourhood Services and Local Transport -

Councillor Sally Longford






Waste collection

Street Scene

Street Lighting

Woodfield Industries


Meals at Home

Neighbourhood Transport

Traffic Management and Parking

Highways Design and Maintenance

Public Transport

Area committee highways work

Community and Customer Services -

Councillor Toby Neal



Executive Assistant (Community Safety) -

Councillor Linda Woodings




Customer Services and customer care

HR & Transformation

Information Management and Assurance


Partnerships- voluntary sector and faith

Digital Inclusion and IT

Community Sector

Lead role with the Community Sector and Volunteering

Community Centres

Community Cohesion

Community Safety

Overview of the Council’s Section 17 responsibilities.

Public and Consumer Protection

Community Safety and Respect for Nottingham

Domestic Violence

Licensing and Environmental health

Trading Standards

Taxi Strategy

One Nottingham


Executive Committee Memberships


Executive Board

Councillor Jon Collins

Councillor Graham Chapman

Councillor David Mellen

Councillor Nick McDonald

Councillor Alan Clark

Councillor Jane Urquhart

Councillor Sam Webster

Councillor Dave Trimble

Councillor Sally Longford

Councillor Toby Neal


Executive Board Commissioning and Procurement Sub Committee

Councillor Graham Chapman (Chair)

Councillor Nick McDonald

Councillor David Mellen

Councillor Dave Trimble

Councillor Jon Collins

Councillor Jane Urquhart

Councillor Toby Neal


East Midlands Shared Services

Councillor Toby Neal

Councillor Alan Clark


The City of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Economic Prosperity Committee

Councillor Sam Webster


(2)  note the amended memberships of non-executive committees, approved by the Corporate Director for Strategy and Resources as in-year changes, as detailed below:


Audit Committee

Councillor Adele Williams appointed in place of Councillor Toby Neal


Greater Nottingham Light Rapid Transit Advisory Committee

Councillor Sally Longford appointed in place of Councillor Marcia Watson


Health Scrutiny Committee

Councillor Carole Jones appointed to the vacant position


Joint Committee on Strategic Planning and Transport

Councillor Alan Clark appointed

Councillor Sally Longford appointed in place of Councillor Jon Collins

Councillor Neghat Khan appointed in place of Councillor Marcia Watson


Licensing Committee

Councillor Adele Williams appointed in place of Councillor Sally Longford


Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Councillor Jackie Morris appointed in place of Councillor Nick McDonald


Overview and Scrutiny Call-in Panel

Councillors Carole McCulloch and Marcia Watson appointed to the vacant substitute positions


Standards Committee

Councillor Ginny Klein appointed in place of Councillor Carole McCulloch

Councillors Leslie Ayoola and Neghat Khan appointed to the vacant substitute positions


(3)  note that Nottinghamshire County Council decided not to include the Joint Health Scrutiny Committee in its governance arrangements for the 2017/18 municipal year, therefore the City Council is no longer required to appoint councillors to its membership;


(4)  increase the membership of the Health Scrutiny Committee from 10 (9:1) to 14 (13:1) to accommodate councillors who were previously on the Joint Health Committee, and appoint Councillor Eunice Campbell, Councillor Jackie Morris, Councillor Brian Parbutt, and Councillor Adele Williams to the committee;


(5)  approve the amendments to the Constitution required by the above changes.


Supporting documents: