Agenda item

Pay Policy Statement 2019/20

Report of the Director of HR and Customer


Richard Henderson, Director of HR and Customer, introduced the report introducing the council’s Pay Policy Statement for 2019/20 as required by the Localism Act. The report sets out information on pay and conditions for chief officers in comparison to the bulk of the workforce employed on ‘Local Government Services’ (LGS) terms and conditions. The following information was highlighted:


(a)  the data for this Pay Policy Statement is taken as at 31 October 2018. 45 posts fall within the Chief Officer definition, representing approximately 0.7% of the council’s workforce. This year’s figure includes officers reporting into the Section 151 Monitoring Officer role which has now been designated as a Strategic Director as well as officers reporting to the Director of Public Health and the Midlands Engine Programme Director;

(b)  there was an increase in Chief Officer posts this year due to changes to the management structure and reporting lines;

(c)  the pay multiple of the average Chief Officer’s pay to that of the non-Chief Officer average earner including guaranteed payments is 1:3 which has narrowed from 1:4, and the relationship between the Chief Executive’s pay to that of the council’s non-Chief Officer average earner excluding allowances is a pay multiple of 1:7 which has remained static;

(d)  the final version of the Pay Policy Statement will be agreed by Full Council, as required by the Localism Act.


RESOLVED to note the council’s Pay Policy Statement for 2019/20, which will be presented to the Full Council meeting on 5 March 2019.

Supporting documents: