Agenda item

Area Policing Update

Update from Inspector James Walker, Nottinghamshire Police


Inspector James Walker of Nottinghamshire Police, presented the following statistics regarding change in crime levels, showing the percentage increase or decrease of crimes in specific wards using year to date figures from 01/04/2017 - 21/01/2018 compared against the current period of 01/04/2018 - 21/01/2019:



St Anns


Sneinton and Dales



All crime






Violence with injury









+44.5 %

(believed to be a

 reporting anomaly)















Vehicle offences

























He also provided information on specific incidents and initiatives in the area:


(a)  recently there was a weapon discharge incident. A suspect was arrested the same day and charged with possession of a firearm the next day;


(b)  there have been two recent stabbings in the area. The victims sustained minor injuries, and it is not believed that the incidents are linked to on-going groups or tensions. Relatively speaking this is a fairly low level for crimes of this type;


(c)  armed response vehicles are shared between City South and City North in order to respond quickly to any knife crime;


(d)  intelligence gathering has been ongoing around drug use and dealing, with three warrants executed in the last period. A notable result has been achieved at court, with an offender receiving a sentence of 7 years 8 months;


(e)  autocrime is not really relevant to this area;


(f)  Chief Inspector Steven O’Neal is now in charge of the area on a temporary basis, with Sergeant Hunter covering Sneinton and the Meadows;


(g)  the Police continue to work closely with the Police Cadets, and St Anns will be a cadet base by the end of 2019. Funding has been made available for “mini police” within primary schools, to build relationships with young people who will hopefully follow through to Cadets.


Following questions and comments from the Committee, some further information was provided:


(h)  there has been a reduction from 4 Sergeants to 4 Sergeants in the area. This decision has been raised as an issue;


(i)  in addition to the hate crime figures reported above, there are also non-crime hate related incidents which are recorded. Hate crime policies are fairly robust, and all incidences and crimes are well recorded. The Daily Management Meeting covers hate crimes on a daily basis. There has been an increase of 17 non-crime hate related incidents, a large proportion of which are incidents which are perceived to be homophobic. The area is generally speaking incredibly diverse and tolerant. There are not a lot of random incidents from strangers, there are normally other factors in play;


(j)  there is a robust Council process in place for clearing graffiti once it is reported, and Community Protection colleagues can then increase patrols if there is a particular hotspot.


RESOLVED to thank Inspector James Walker for his update and to note the information.