Agenda item

Board Member updates

a)  Nottinghamshire Police

b)  Environmental Health

c)  NHS


Steven Cooper, Nottinghamshire Police, gave an update on the work of the Police in the City since the last Board meeting.  He highlighted the following information:


a)  So far, the opening up of retail and outdoor hospitality has gone smoothly with very few breaches of compliance.


b)  Planning for the forthcoming weekend is taking place to ensure sufficient resources are available.


c)  Overall there have been approximately 3,300 fixed penalty notices issued across the Force since the start of the pandemic.  Approximately 2,100 of these have been in the City and approximately one half of these issued during 2021.  However, only 8 fines have been issued in the City so far this week and this greater level of compliance reflects the advantages and opportunities of more open hospitality.


d)  There was a recent high profile incident at a short let house rental and 95 attendees were issued with fines.  The organiser has been identified.


e)  The Police continue to support the vaccination programme as appropriate but there is generally a minimal policing presence.


Paul Dales, Chief Environmental Health Officer Nottingham City Council, gave an update on the work of the Environmental Health Team in relation to the re-opening of businesses.  He highlighted the following information:


f)  Extensive planning took place with partners prior to the re-opening of retail and outdoor hospitality.  Advice was consolidated into a factsheet provided to businesses ahead of opening.  Intelligence about planning for re-opening was also gathered and visits to premises were prioritised based on this and previous compliance history.  Businesses were then advised how to conduct their business safely.


g)  In the past week 133 premises have been visited to assess compliance and give further advice and information.  85 of these were in the close contact sector and there were generally good levels of compliance.  15 premises were only partially compliant (the majority of which related to not displaying QR codes) and there was 1 major case of non-compliance.  48 hospitality premises were visited.  Compliance was generally good, with three premises partially compliant and 1 non-compliant.  The main issues at hospitality premises were outdoor seating structures that were not 50% open and poor signage.  Overall there was general good co-operation in complying with advice.  No fixed penalty notices were served and businesses rectified the issues.


Sarah Carter, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group, gave an update from a health perspective.  She highlighted the following information:


h)  There continues to be improvements across the sector.  Hospital admissions have returned to March 2020 levels and most people in hospital beds are not there for Covid-19 related reasons.  Covid-19 related activity in intensive care has reduced and there has been a significant reduction in Covid-19 related hospital deaths.  Calls to NHS 111 are also reducing.


i)  However, similar benefits experienced in summer 2020 quickly diminished so there needs to be ongoing messaging about the importance of ‘hands, space, face’.


j)  There has been an increase in activity at the Urgent Care Centre and Emergency Department, which suggests that citizens are becoming more confident to access health services. 


k)  Elective activity, both day cases and those procedures requiring admission, are being stepped up and there is planning in place to support an increase in activity over the next six months.  Elective activity for the highest priority cases has been maintained throughout the pandemic but this is now being broadened out to all those on waiting lists.


l)  In Nottingham the Covid-19 vaccination has now been given to over 117,000 people and there continues to be incremental increases in rates.


m)  Covid-19 vaccination appointments are now available to book for over 45s; and anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable, a carer or in cohorts 1-9 who hasn’t yet received their vaccine can still book an appointment at one of the local or national sites.


n)  Second doses of the vaccine are being rolled out, including to care home residents.  It is important that people attend to receive their second dose as this offers the best protection.


o)  The Vaccination Bus has been in operation in Nottingham to drive up uptake in low uptake areas, including St Anns, Strelley and those in hostel accommodation.  The Clinical Commissioning Group has been working with the City Council and voluntary sector on promotion of the bus in different areas of the City and it is operated by NHS staff.  Further pop-up clinics are also planned.


p)  Local GPs have been clear that Muslims should not delay getting the vaccine during Ramadan.  The British Islamic Medical Association has also confirmed that receiving the vaccine does not invalidate the fast.