Committee details

Nottingham Local Access Forum

Purpose of committee

The Nottingham Local Access Forum (NLAF) is an independent advisory body set up in 2004 under Section 94 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. NLAF Members are appointed by the City Councils Highway Authority as volunteers and all have a passion for improving public rights of way and public access on foot, cycle and horse across Nottingham and the surrounding areas.


The Forum holds four meetings a year and members represent Nottingham at local and national events and attend site meetings when required.


NLAF roles and responsibilities include:

·  assessing the extent to which local rights of way network meets the present and likely future needs of the public;

·  commenting on opportunities for access to the open spaces within Nottingham and further afield where appropriate;

·  commenting on access to places of work, education and local services;

·  assisting the Council in developing and implementing its plans and policies;

·  delivering improvements to the walking, riding and cycling network.


The NLAF is consulted on four main topics:

·  implementation and management of access to and through Nottingham;

·  changes to the Rights of Way network through planning, development and land use proposals;

·  creation, improvement and loss of public access;

·  implementing the policies within the Rights of Way Improvement Plan and other relevant plans.




Contact information

Support officer: Catherine Ziane-Pryor. Email:

Phone: 01158764298