Delegated Decisions

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
4376 - Creation of 3.3 FTE 18 month fixed term Information Officer posts for Information Compliance ref: 773117/09/202125/09/2021
4374 - Sneinton Market-increasing capacity to support management of the asset ref: 773017/09/202117/09/2021
4375 - Award of Contract for Barcoded Bill Pay Service ref: 772916/09/202125/09/2021
4373 - Approval to procure independent reviews of Nottingham City Council companies and audit work ref: 772716/09/202125/09/2021
4372 - Basic Needs Grant funding allocation for school capital works at Djanogly City Academy, to ensure sufficiency of secondary school places ref: 772616/09/202125/09/2021
4371 - Acceptance of Tranche 2 Department for Transport grant award for Development of Local Bus Proposals as outlined in the National Bus Strategy ref: 772514/09/202123/09/2021
4370 - Approval to participate in Afghan Locally Employed Staff Relocation ref: 772414/09/202122/09/2021
4369 - English Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) Integration Funding 'Learn English Together' Extension - Year 2 ref: 772314/09/202122/09/2021
4368 - Grant of Lease - Unit 4, Broadmarsh Bus Station, Canal St, Nottingham ref: 772214/09/202122/09/2021
4367 - Broad Marsh Substation Lease ref: 772113/09/202122/09/2021
4366 - 222-224 Southchurch Drive, Clifton, NG11 8AA ref: 772014/09/202122/09/2021
4365 - Various Telecoms assets ref: 771913/09/202121/09/2021
4364 - National Trust Blossom Again Project ref: 771809/09/202109/09/2021
4362 - Proposed Admission Arrangements for Nottingham City Community schools for 2023/24 ref: 771707/09/202116/09/2021