Delegated Decisions

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
3737 - Long Lease Extension (re-gear) for land fronting Daleside Road Sneinton, Nottingham, NG2 4DH ref: 507211/12/201919/12/2019
3736 - Maximising Capacity at Buwell Riverside and St Anns Valley Centre ref: 507111/12/201919/12/2019
3735 - Consultancy support to assist the Flood Risk Management Team with the Capital Programme and Statutory Duties ref: 507011/12/201919/12/2019
3734 - 57 Glaisdale Drive East, Bilborough, Nottingham, NG8 4GU ref: 506911/12/201919/12/2019
3733 - Arkwright Street and Meadows Way, NG2 3DP - sale of freehold interest in 370 sq/mt of land ref: 506811/12/201919/12/2019
3732 - Integrated Property Asset Management Solution Phase 2 ref: 506711/12/201919/12/2019
3731 - Intelligence Analyst level 4 apprenticeship provider ref: 506609/12/201917/12/2019
3730 - On Street Parking charges - removal of fixed evening rate in Zone 1 ref: 506506/12/201914/12/2019
3729 - On Street Parking - Removal of 30 minute parking option in Zone 1 ref: 506406/12/201914/12/2019
3728 - On Street parking tariff increase of 20% in Zones 1 - 3 ref: 506306/12/201914/12/2019
3727 - New Burdens funding from MHCLG towards information on tall buildings ref: 506206/12/201906/12/2019
3726 - Use of Rapid Rehousing Pathway fund 2019/20 - Specialist Navigators ref: 506104/12/201912/12/2019
3725 - Use of Flexible Homelessness Support Grant 2019/20 ref: 506004/12/201912/12/2019
3723 - Approval to deliver the Education Catering contract for Forest Town Primary school, Nottinghamshire ref: 505928/11/201906/12/2019
3722 - Approval to deliver the Education Catering Contract for Woodland View Primary School, Nottinghamshire ref: 505828/11/201906/12/2019