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Beckhampton Road Shared Access Parking

There are major problems with parking especially during school times. The buses often have difficulties driving through the street. There have been a number of accidents, some involving children along with damage to vehicles parked on the street. To help in addressing this issue a number of us living on that part of the Beckhampton Road have come together and agreed to meet the costs of creating shared access to enable their vehicles to be parked directly outside their propertied away from the main road.

The desired outcome is that the Council confirms they are happy for the residents to appoint and pay a separate contractor and outline in detail the various stages of the legal elements in this process. Properties included are: 241, 245, 247, 255, 257 Beckhampton Road

Started by: James Brooks

On reaching 1 signatures the head of the relevant department will be made aware of the matter.

This Paper petition ran from 09/05/2022 to 08/06/2022 and has now finished.

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Council response

Thank you for your petition.

We are aware of traffic and parking issues on this portion of Beckhampton Road. There is a longstanding desire among some homeowners (241 to 261 Beckhampton Road) to have vehicular access to their homes or to be able to park their vehicles on their drive.

Any access will require the crossing or installation to be made to Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Land. The Housing and Regeneration section has no objection, subject to there being no expenditure regarding installation or onward maintenance incurred by the HRA and that any installation complies with standards set out or required by the Network Management Team.

Officers from Network Management have provided residents with layout plan for new driveway(s) connecting properties to the road. Colleagues from Legal and Property Services have had early discussions as to how residents can best assume use of the driveways and make the necessary contributions given that these will be installed by the council-on-council land.

The main aspects being considered are:
• how the driveway installation is funded by the council,
• how residents reimburse this initial outlay, lease/covenant arrangements to allow residents use of the driveway/access, and
• creating a fund or schedule of charges for maintenance of the driveways going forward.

Officers will review work and progress to date (i.e. a position statement), identify remaining tasks, which sections will take be required to undertake them and will provide a note to this effect by 20th June 2022. Tasks identified will then be allocated to officers in the relevant sections as resources and priorities allow, with specific timeframes following.