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Keep Easylink in full service

We the undersigned petition the council to Stop making cutbacks to the vital Easylink service, re-establish the full service its users are used to, let the operating company CT4N have full control.

The new system doesn't work, it's overly restrictive and is isolating vulnerable people and those in desperate need.

Started by: Kevin Poxon

This ePetition ran from 19/04/2024 to 30/05/2024 and has now finished.

6 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

31 May 2024

Dear Kevin Poxon,

Petition regarding the Easylink Dial-a-Ride Service

Thank you for your petition regarding the Easylink dial-a-ride service, which is funded by Nottingham City Council, and operated under contract by CT4N.

The Easylink service is an important part of the comprehensive public transport network in Nottingham, providing a service for those people who find it difficult to travel by using conventional public transport services.

However, you’ll be aware that the Council is under severe financial pressure, and it undertook a consultation late last year on withdrawing services and functions that it did not have to provide in order to meet its requirement to set a balanced budget. Easylink was one of the services that was consulted on for withdrawal, and although the service was ultimately able to continue, it was necessary to critically evaluate its operation and to introduce changes which would reduce costs but still maintain a good level of service to customers.

The Easylink service operates on Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4pm. The changes to the service were to reduce the number of vehicles on the service from five to four, reduce the operating day by 30 minutes, and reduce the time in advance that bookings can be made and introduce a cancellation charge. The specific changes were fully consulted on before they were introduced and were discussed with the operator to fully understand their implications for customers. There was also significant advanced notice of the changes to allow people to understand these and to allow time to adapt to the revised arrangements.

It was considered that the changes still enable a comprehensive service to be provided to people which would cover the types of journeys the service is used for (mainly medical appointments, shopping, leisure), thereby ensuring accessibility is maintained for the people who use it. There is still nearly 200 hours of vehicle availability each week, and the shortened booking time and cancellation charge has led to far fewer cancellations which means the available resource are being put to much better use, which will in turn help its case for retention in the future.

We have discussed the operation of the service since the service changes with the operator and they have not indicated any awareness that the changes have led to any significant inconvenience for regular users of the service.

In conclusion, the Council is having to make difficult decisions that it doesn’t want to take on removing services that it is not required to operate, as it doesn’t have the money to keep all services going. Easylink is a service that many other places do not have, and is highly valued by the Council, and the changes have been made to help create a model that is sustainable into the future.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Garlick
Transport Strategy