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Problems arising from large vehicle access on Arleston Drive

We the undersigned petition the council to Remove the current square shaped speed bumps. Replacing them with smoother rounded speed bumps. Introduce to the road a limit on the size of vehicles that are able to use Arleston Drive to 7.5 tonnes.

Due to a number of complaints from the residents on Arleston Drive and the surrounding streets that the large vehicles are causing dispruption, Councillor Jim Armstrong has made the above proposals to take to the Council in order to find a solution to the problem.

Started by: Councillor Jim Armstrong and Tom Ward (Nottingham City Council (Conservative Group))

On reaching 1 signatures the head of the relevant department will be made aware of the matter.

This ePetition ran from 09/01/2019 to 01/03/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Acknowledgement 08/03/19:

Thank you for your Petition. Your Petition has been forwarded to the Department of Development and Growth and will now be investigated. You should receive a response within 12 working days from the date of this email. If you would like any further information or have any queries, please contact Constitutional Services on 01158764468.

Response from Chris Henning 25/03/2019:

Thank you for your petition regarding Arleston Drive. Nottingham City Council is already aware of the request to replace the traffic calming cushions on Arleston Drive and a study to undertake the design and consultation has been added to the list of possible schemes. This will be considered for funding at the next Area Committee meeting in the summer, provisionally scheduled for June. You will be able to keep up to date regarding further developments through the Area Committee meetings which are published on the City Council’s website. Your petition also raises the proposition of imposing weight restrictions. Such restrictions allow for access and are usually only implemented where there is a physical reason such as a weak bridge. Nottingham City Council is unable to enforce such a restriction and compliance would depend on the driver of the vehicle. Given this it is not a course of action that we recommend.

The traffic calming on Arleston Dr was installed in 1999. There are no reported injuries in the last five years. A few improvements were made by the Area Committee when Fernwood School expanded. A similar scheme on Bramcote Ln was replaced in 2015 for approximately £150k.

Weight restrictions are rarely implemented without a physical reason to do so, e.g. a weak bridge. They are not enforceable by Nottingham City Council and we do not recommend them as it would lead to unachievable expectations.

On Arleston Dr there are the ten traffic calming cushions:
Two side by side near 27 Arleston Dr
Two side by side near 39 Arleston Dr
Two side by side near Renfrew Dr
These are relatively easy to replace, subject to the outcome of the required consultation, the costs are expected to be in the region of £12.5k each.

Two near the pedestrian crossing refuge at Goodwood Rd.
As the cushions are staggered to slow vehicles on the approach to the pedestrian crossing then at this location the central refuge would need to be removed and replaced a plateau, possibly supported by a road narrowing. This is expected to cost in the region of £50K however it would also be sensible to reduce the width of the wide junction, increasing the expected cost to £60k

Two near the pedestrian crossing refuge at Wollaton Vale service road, located on the approach to the crossing. This is more complicated than the Goodwood Rd crossing due to the presence of driveways which mean the crossing would need to be relocated. The proximity of the nearby junction means changes would be required to this to accommodate the new location. We estimate this to be in the region of £60k.

In addition to the above costs a full design and legally required consultation process would be needed costing £15k. The total price, including all the above, is likely to be in the region of £175-200k. This price and possible changes are only indicative and could change during the design and consultation. As such our recommendation would be to undertake the £15k design study in advance. This would confirm the concept scheme and produce a preliminary design and price estimate, undertake the consultation and develop the agreed scheme including any agreed changes, produce the detailed design and accurate price for construction which would then be added to the contenders list for funding approval.

We can add this to the contenders list for funding from the Area Committee’s area capital allocation. If approved then the study would be programmed for 20/21. We are not aware of any other funding that could contribute to the scheme.