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Stop the Closure of the Victoria Centre

We the undersigned petition the Council to undertake the following action: 1) to agree to honour the existing lease of the Victoria Centre Market to ensure that it remains in its existing location until its expiry in 2072; 2) to engage with existing traders and provide flexibility and support in pitch location and facilities; and 3) to allow new leases to be taken on so that the range and number of open stalls can be expanded.

The Council is trying to close the Victoria Centre Market, claiming that the cost of running the market exceeds the revenue obtained from it. The market is, and should be, an asset to the people and city of Nottingham. The Council has prevented new traders from obtaining leases and this is driving footfall down whilst we are trying to revive the city centre post COVID. The market is a lifeline to many people in the city centre and surrounding areas and, with the cost-of-living squeeze, is now more vital than ever. We think that the market should be allowed to remain open, for new leases and lease renegotiation to commence, and the Council should ensure that the market remains open in its existing location so that it can continue to serve the city for at least the next 50 years. The only reason the market is not performing is that the Council has banned any new trader joining the market and mismanaged it for some years.”

Started by: Stephen Taylor

This Paper petition ran from 15/09/2022 to 03/11/2022 and has now finished.

4375 people signed this Paper petition.

Council response

Thank you for the petition in relation to the closure of the Victoria Centre Market.
Nottingham City Council is required to ensure that it delivers value for money for taxpayers. The current arrangements at the market, which the Council operates under a lease, represent a considerable cost to the Council, which is estimated to be £39 million over the remaining 50 years of the lease.
Within that context, the Council has been undertaking a review of its operation of the market. To support this review, a six-week consultation was undertaken, which ended on 5 June 2022. The results of that consultation have been collated in a document that has now been published. This highlights that there has been good engagement with this consultation, with over 600 responses being received.
The Council has considered the consultation feedback from the public, traders and the landlord and, currently, no sustainable option has been presented that would reduce the considerable cost to the Council for operating the market for the remaining term of the lease.
The Council is undertaking ongoing dialogue with all individual traders and the landlord. The outcome of these discussions will inform a future decision on the market.
Yours sincerely