Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 18th January, 2023 9.30 am, Nottinghamshire and City of Nottingham Fire and Rescue Authority - Appointments

Venue:   Carlton Fire Station, 46 Manor Road, Nottingham NG4 3AY

Contact:    Cath Ziane-Pryor, Governance Officer

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Robert Corden Committee Member Apologies, sent representative (Personal reasons) Substituted by Councillor Johno Lee
Councillor Sybil Fielding Committee Member Present
Councillor Tom Hollis Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Patience Uloma Ifediora Committee Member Present
Councillor Johno Lee Substitute Present
Craig Parkin Officer Present
Councillor Michael Payne Chair Present
Malcolm Townroe Officer Expected
Councillor Jonathan Wheeler Committee Member Present