Delegated Decisions

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Title Date Effective from
4743 - Approval of resources to procure a Carecap development work of Liquid Logic ref: 810804/10/202204/10/2022
4742 - Approval of resources to procure additional software modules to support transformation of Adult Social Care ref: 810704/10/202204/10/2022
4741 - Approval to spend for Parks & Open Spaces on Christmas Trees ref: 810604/10/202204/10/2022
4740 - Internet connectivity ref: 810504/10/202204/10/2022
4739 - C-Card Condom Distribution Scheme ref: 810427/09/202227/09/2022
4738 - Licencing of Nottingham Performing Arts Library Service IT system for use by Hertfordshire County Library Service ref: 810328/09/202228/09/2022
4737 - Household Support Grant 3 ref: 810206/10/202214/10/2022
4736 - Purchase of smartphones for all staff in assessment teams ref: 810105/10/202214/10/2022
4735 - Sale of freehold in land (1,670sq yards) fronting to Lloyd Street and Mansfield Street, Nottingham, NG5 4BP ref: 810005/10/202213/10/2022
4732 - Approval to procure resources to support the development of an IT investment and operating model proposals ref: 809713/09/202213/09/2022
4731 - Approval to procure resources to support the delivery of the Procurement savings and operating model implementation proposals ref: 809613/09/202213/09/2022
4734 - Former Toll Bridge Inn site, Victoria Embankment Nottingham NG2 2LW ref: 809905/10/202213/10/2022
4733 - Approval to the extension of external specialist engaged to lead the Council's Transformation programme up to 31 December 2022 ref: 809813/09/202213/09/2022
4730 - SEND Disagreement Resolution, Mediation Advice and Mediation Services ref: 809528/09/202211/10/2022
4729 - Consultation on Admission Arrangements for 2024/2025 Academic Year ref: 809428/09/202207/10/2022
4728 - Review of the Council's Administrative Office Accommodation ref: 809320/09/202220/09/2022
4727 - Tender for Vehicle Breakdown and Recovery Services ref: 809213/09/202213/09/2022
4726 - Establishment of 2 Additional Waste Advisor Posts ref: 809127/09/202205/10/2022
4725 - Chewing Gum Task Force - grant approval ref: 809023/09/202223/09/2022