Agenda and minutes

Area Committee East (A.C.E) Dales, St Ann's & Mapperley
Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019 6.00 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Committee Room - Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG. View directions

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Michelle Graley – Neighbourhood Development Officer


Councillor Sue Johnson – unwell

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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 11 September 2018


The minutes of the meeting held 11 September 2018 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Issues and good news stories


(a)  Richard Brown, from the Friends of Colwick Woods, updated the Committee on issues and news affecting Colwick Woods:

·  Recently the Friends of Colwick Woods have objected to planning permission for the new Colwick Hall function suite, due to the loss of a 200 year old Oak tree. It was felt that a tree of this age should have protection under planning policies, with very well evidenced need for the development to override that, which there did not appear to be in this case. There is a need to retain the great environmental assets of Colwick;

·  An historic scenic route from Greenwood Road to Sneinton Boulevard was closed off by the development of a local academy, and the Friends of Colwick Woods would like it to be re-opened. They are working on a claim on it as a historic right of way. It is also a route to the old memorial woodland alongside the sports pitches, which as it was a cot death memorial woods may contain some graves;

·  The old school hall has been sold, despite great effort by the community to come up with a viable alternative plan. There is concern around selling off community assets to the highest bidder;

·  The old bowling green pavilion is well-used in the nature reserve for storage and for hosting events. It is a fantastic facility that the Friends of Colwick Woods would like to keep for community use;

·  An interpretation panel for the west view looking across the city is being installed, which makes reference to Jan Siberechts 300 year old painting “View of Nottingham from the East”;


(b)  Councillor David Mellen noted that previous attempts to claim the path between Greenwood Road and Sneinton Boulevard had been unsuccessful, and noted that the right of way for walkers needs to be balanced with the safety of local children. There is a safeguarding risk to having the path open whilst the school is sitting, and alternative routes are available;


(c)  Pete Wright, from the STOP Tenants and Residents Association, updated the Committee on issues and news affecting the group:

·  The group and local residents would like to extend their thanks to St Anns Councillors for paying for the bonfire night event. It was very well attended, with around 700-800 people, and was very successful;

·  The group and local residents would also like to thank Community Protection for the Christmas Party on King Edwards Park, which went very well;


(d)  Noel Martin, from Prettier Whittier, informed the Committee that there are around 40 planters on the streets in the Whittier Road area now, and the vision of Prettier Whittier is working well;


(e)  Councillor David Mellen commended the work of the Prettier Whittier group, and noted that the streets have less litter, fewer bins left on the streets, and more planters.


RESOLVED to thank Community Representatives for their input, and note the content of their updates.


Nottinghamshire, WW1 Roll of Honour Centenary Memorial Project pdf icon PDF 142 KB

Report of the Corporate Director, Commercial and Operations

Additional documents:


James Dymond, Parks Development Manager at Nottingham City Council, delivered a presentation to the Committee, as circulated with the first publication of the minutes. He provided the following additional information:


(a)  it is hoped that the memorial will be launched in July 2019, to coincide with Armed Forces weekend;


(b)  the budget for the memorial has increased from £350,000.00 (as on the PowerPoint presentation) to £380,000.00;


(c)  there will be a number of blank panels included, which can be used to add any additional names at a later date if they are omitted in error;


(d)  there are no particular security concerns regarding the proposed memorial. It is in an open part of the memorial gardens, and will be lit at night.


(e)  Councillor Dave Trimble, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, has asked that all Councillors consider funding request for the project as part of their Ward Councillor budgets, and that any individuals consider donating to the project as well.


RESOLVED to thank James Dymond for the presentation, note its contents, and support the promotion of the project within the local community.


South Locality Engagement Officer


April Holmes, Community Protection Officer, let the Committee know that up to £250.00 is available for any events within the area to promote social inclusion. Community Protection colleagues will be attending an event at the Chase for careers insight for young people. There will be fun engagement activities, and insight into what the Army and Police have to offer and the different types of roles available.


RESOLVED to note the information and thank April Holmes for the update.


Area Policing Update

Update from Inspector James Walker, Nottinghamshire Police


Inspector James Walker of Nottinghamshire Police, presented the following statistics regarding change in crime levels, showing the percentage increase or decrease of crimes in specific wards using year to date figures from 01/04/2017 - 21/01/2018 compared against the current period of 01/04/2018 - 21/01/2019:



St Anns


Sneinton and Dales



All crime






Violence with injury









+44.5 %

(believed to be a

 reporting anomaly)















Vehicle offences

























He also provided information on specific incidents and initiatives in the area:


(a)  recently there was a weapon discharge incident. A suspect was arrested the same day and charged with possession of a firearm the next day;


(b)  there have been two recent stabbings in the area. The victims sustained minor injuries, and it is not believed that the incidents are linked to on-going groups or tensions. Relatively speaking this is a fairly low level for crimes of this type;


(c)  armed response vehicles are shared between City South and City North in order to respond quickly to any knife crime;


(d)  intelligence gathering has been ongoing around drug use and dealing, with three warrants executed in the last period. A notable result has been achieved at court, with an offender receiving a sentence of 7 years 8 months;


(e)  autocrime is not really relevant to this area;


(f)  Chief Inspector Steven O’Neal is now in charge of the area on a temporary basis, with Sergeant Hunter covering Sneinton and the Meadows;


(g)  the Police continue to work closely with the Police Cadets, and St Anns will be a cadet base by the end of 2019. Funding has been made available for “mini police” within primary schools, to build relationships with young people who will hopefully follow through to Cadets.


Following questions and comments from the Committee, some further information was provided:


(h)  there has been a reduction from 4 Sergeants to 4 Sergeants in the area. This decision has been raised as an issue;


(i)  in addition to the hate crime figures reported above, there are also non-crime hate related incidents which are recorded. Hate crime policies are fairly robust, and all incidences and crimes are well recorded. The Daily Management Meeting covers hate crimes on a daily basis. There has been an increase of 17 non-crime hate related incidents, a large proportion of which are incidents which are perceived to be homophobic. The area is generally speaking incredibly diverse and tolerant. There are not a lot of random incidents from strangers, there are normally other factors in play;


(j)  there is a robust Council process in place for clearing graffiti once it is reported, and Community Protection colleagues can then increase patrols if there is a particular hotspot.


RESOLVED  ...  view the full minutes text for item 34.


Area Capital Fund 2018/19 Programme pdf icon PDF 127 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection

Additional documents:


Greg Foister, Operations Manager, presented the report for approval. Following a question from a Councillor, he clarified that there is a delegation process in place to ensure that any urgent Area Capital Fund decisions which need approving between Area Committee meetings can be approved.




(1)  approve the following schemes prioritised by Ward Councillors since the last Area Committee meeting:

·  Dales LTP Schemes:

·  £683.00 for relining at Candle Meadow junction to allow a filter lane;

·  Dales Public Realm Schemes:

·  £2,335.00 further contribution to area improvement across the ward, including tree works, litter bins and goal posts;

·  £5,000.00 for the provision of fence to protect pedestrians and road users in the Greenwood Road area;

·  Mapperley LTP Schemes:

·  £16,400.00 towards a residents parking scheme on Morley Avenue (LTP contribution);

·  £15,000.00 for a residents parking scheme on St Jude's;

·  £10,000.00 for a residents parking scheme on Cambria Mews and Goldswong Terrace in conjunction with St Anns ward parking scheme;

·  £12,442.00 towards phase 3 of the Mapperley Road parking scheme;

·  Mapperley Public Realm Schemes:

·  £1,170 for the installation of LED light fittings and lantern conversion to 18 columns in City Heights Park;

·  £1,600.00 towards a residents parking scheme on Morley Avenue (Public Realm contribution);

·  St Anns LTP Schemes:

·  £50,000.00 for measures to address parking issues in the Cranmer Street and Alma Road areas including TRO, lining, signage and other measures;

·  St Anns Public Realm Schemes:

·  None;


(2)  note the monies available to Dales, Mapperley and St Ann’s Wards for 2018/19:

·  Dales: £3,230.00 (£2,539.00 LTP, £691.00 Public Realm);

·  Mapperley: £5,989.00 (£0.00 LTP, £5,989.00 Public Realm);

·  St Anns: £111,010.00 (£42,100.00 LTP, £64,246.00 Public Realm).


Ward Performance Report pdf icon PDF 121 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection

Additional documents:


Fi Cusick, Neighbourhood Development Officer, presented the report for approval.


RESOLVED to note the progress on Ward priorities and other supporting information including the issues being addressed by each Neighbourhood Action Team, and upcoming opportunities for citizens to engage, as contained within the report.


Ward Councillor Budget pdf icon PDF 122 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection

Additional documents:


Fi Cusick, Neighbourhood Development Officer, presented the report for approval.


RESOLVED to note the actions agreed by the Director of Community Protection in respect of projects and schemes within the wards:

·  Dales ward:

·  Sneinton Festival 2018, £1,500.00;

·  Litchfield in Bloom 2018, £250.00;

·  Sneinton Football Team, £700.00;

·  Greens Mill 2018, £1,150.00;

·  Growing Spaces 2018, £1,200.00;

·  Dales Xmas 2018 Event, £6,000.00;

·  KAI GT Cricket and Sports Club, £416.00;

·  Sneinton Town FC, £400.00;

·  Sneinton Alchemy CIC, £45.00;

·  Save the Earth Cooperative Ltd; £250.00;

·  Union of Pakistani and Kashmiri Organisations, £250.00;

·  Muslim Community Organisation Nottingham, £600.00;

·  Sneinton Play Centre, £470.00;

·  Mapperley ward:

·  Summer Sizzler, £250.00;

·  Love NG3 event, £500.00;

·  ACNA 40th anniversary celebration event, £1,500.00;

·  St Anns ward:

·  Little Chase Playgroup, £496.00;

·  11TECH18, £200.00;

·  St Anns & Sneinton FC, £2,426.00;

·  Save the Earth Ltd (amended total from 12th June 2018), £500.00.


Draft Waterside Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) pdf icon PDF 311 KB

Report of the  Corporate Director of Development and Growth

Additional documents:


Gill Callingham, Regeneration Specialist at Nottingham City Council, delivered a presentation to the Committee, as circulated with the first publication of the minutes. She provided the following additional information:


(a)  the Core Strategy identifies which areas of the city should be allocated for different uses, such as housing, commercial, business etc. Sometimes a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is also produced to outline what is required in more detail for a specific area. As the proposals for the Waterside area are for an entirely new neighbourhood, it was felt that an SPD would be appropriate;


(b)  Nottingham has not had a new neighbourhood in a number of years. The aim will be to create a new residential community, making the most of the riverside area. A lot has been learned from other cities with riverside areas, by analysing what has worked elsewhere and what has not;


(c)  the SPD includes provision of 1,200 family homes (with 4 residential development schemes already approved), retail space along the waterfront, a new primary school (Greenwood Academy Trust have put in a bid to start a free school), a new road through the middle of the area, and a continuous riverside path all the way from Victoria Embankment through to Colwick Park;


(d)  the area is very close to the city centre, and it would be easy to walk there. Existing use of the riverside area includes the residential developments of Turneys Quay at one end and Trent Basin at the other, with low quality commercial buildings in-between. The area is not currently well served by public transport; consideration will be needed as to how it will connect to the rest of the city;


(e)  the SPD is not without challenges, and will require the relocation of some fairly major existing industrial and commercial facilities over the next 10-15 years;


(f)  any feedback on the proposals, including anything else citizens, Councillors, colleagues and partners would like to see included on the SPD would be greatly appreciated.


Following questions and comments from the Committee, some additional information was provided:


(g)  there are currently no plans to increase the number of GP surgeries in the area, as those nearby can cope with the increased projected demand from these developments. However usage and provision will be monitored;


(h)  the roundabout at the top of Trent Lane is currently felt by some to be dangerous and difficult to access. Due to the increased traffic demands on the roundabout, it will be altered as the residential developments are completed;


(i)  there will be shared equity and social housing throughout the developments, including on the waterfront. As more phases are completed and the area becomes more desirable, it may be possible to require higher levels of social housing than on earlier phases;


(j)  as a development of this nature will be very expensive to complete given the cost of land and decontamination, the development will not attract a large amount in Section 106 funding. It would not  ...  view the full minutes text for item 38.


Nottingham City Homes Update pdf icon PDF 232 KB

Report of the Chief Executive of Nottingham City Homes


Additional documents:


Luke Walters, Area Housing Manager at Nottingham City Homes (NCH), updated the Committee on various news affecting NCH and NCH properties in the Area:


(a)  work at Kingston Court is on-going, and the Woodview Court scooter room is now complete;


(b)  the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) are writing an article for their journal regarding the replacement of rooves at Robin Hood Terrace;


(c)  scaffolding is going up at Morley Court, Haywood Court and Byron Court, and works are nearing completion;


(d)  communal bins are being trialled in some areas (as opposed to bin chutes). If the trial is successful this will be rolled out to other low rise blocks;


(e)  there has been a small delay to Energiesprong work due to a recent flood on Carlton Road – NCH wished to extend their thanks to everyone dealing with disruption during on-going works;


(f)  a blocked bin chute at Victoria Court is causing frustration for tenants whilst repairs are ongoing. The block caretaker is supporting residents to remove waste by other means;


(g)  a high rise safety day was recently held, with a demonstration of the sprinkler system, questions answered about lifts and the intercom system, and reassurances given to vulnerable residents;


(h)  works on the Victoria Centre roof garden are well underway, with completion anticipated for February 2019. A gardening club will be set up to get residents involved in ongoing maintenance of the garden;


(i)  the Tenant and Leaseholder Team have launched their Tenant Academy prospectus, which includes courses such as practical DIY workshops and Women in Construction;


(j)  the Tenants and Leaseholder award nominations are now closed, with many nominations received. The street and block champions’ initiative is also still going strong;


(k)  the block champion of the year, Betty Charlton of Curzon Court, made the final shortlist of only 30 people for the Co-Op Good Neighbour award;


(l)  a tree planting event has taken place at new build properties on Morley Place – apple trees have been planted between every other front garden, so that each property will be able to access fruit from half an apple tree;


(m)  tenant satisfaction with Anti-Social Behaviour levels is above target, with a strong focus on victim care. There is a strong partnership with Community Protection, and NCH colleagues are familiar with the referral pathway to Victims Support. Dealing with incidents effectively increases people’s confidence to report further or repeat incidents;


(n)  a Councillor asked for an update on repairs to the grass of the Courts in the St Anns ward. Contractors had previously parked on grass where local children had planted bulbs. The parking issue has ceased, but assurances were made that the land would be restored. This has not yet happened. Luke noted this issue to feed back.




(1)  note the performance information in appendices 1 and 2;


(2)  note the remaining allocation of funds for 2017/18:

·  Dales  -  £20,127.38;

·  Mapperley  -  £0.00;

·  St Ann’s   -  £117,222.71;


(3)  approve the Area Capital  ...  view the full minutes text for item 39.