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City Council
Monday, 10th July, 2017 2.00 pm

Venue: Council House, Old Market Square

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Apologies for absence


Councillor Merlita Bryan – personal

Councillor Jon Collins – other Council business

Councillor Pat Ferguson – unwell

Councillor Steve Young – unwell



Declarations of interests




Questions from citizens




Petitions from Councillors on behalf of citizens


Councillor Steve Battlemuch submitted a petition on behalf of 24 signatories, requesting the implementation of a residents parking scheme for Harrow Gardens and Abbots Way, Wollaton.


To confirm the minutes of the last meeting of Council held on 8 May 2017 pdf icon PDF 281 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 8 May 2017 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


To receive official communications and announcements from the Leader of the Council and/or the Chief Executive


The Chief Executive reported the following:


Ashden Award


Nottingham City Council’s pioneering scheme to transform the city by funding greener transport through a Workplace Parking Levy has jointly won the 2017 Ashden Award for Clean Air in Towns and Cities. Thanks to the scheme, public transport usage in the city has increased by almost five million journeys a year since April 2013.


The Ashden Awards are given to pioneers in sustainable energy and are a globally recognised measure of excellence. The award was presented by former Vice-President of the US Al Gore.


Nottingham City Council shares its award with Big Birmingham Bikes, a scheme to encourage cycling amongst residents living in deprived areas of Birmingham.


According to the Ashden judges: “Nottingham City Council is a UK sustainable transport exemplar and on a par with top European cities. It has achieved full public transport integration and brought in a unique Workplace Parking Levy and, in doing so, has succeeded in changing behaviour as well as transforming parts of the city into quieter, less polluted zones.”


Glen O’Connell


Today after 22 years’ service, Glen O’Connell, the Council’s Monitoring Officer, retires from Nottingham City Council. Glen joined the Council on 10 July 1995, exactly 22 years to the day and has had a distinguished career in Legal and Democratic Services. Throughout his tenure as Director of Legal and Democratic Services, Corporate Director for Resources and Monitoring Officer, Glen has helped guide the development and regeneration of many of Nottingham’s major projects, such as the National Ice Centre in 2000 and the first line of the Tram in 2004. I’m sure Council will join me in wishing him well in his retirement.



Questions from Councillors - to the City Council's lead Councillor on the Nottinghamshire and City of Nottingham Fire and Rescue Authority




Questions from Councillors - to a member of Executive Board, the Chair of a Committee and the Chair of any other City Council body

Additional documents:


Canning Circus Creative Hub


Councillor Georgina Culley asked the following question of the Deputy Leader:


Back in 2013, Canning Circus Creative Hub were threatened with eviction and mounted a successful media campaign which resulted in Nottingham City Council, the landlord, accepting that they should be allowed to stay and following a £50,000 grant to Nottingham City Council, the Hub were promised a much-needed refit to bring their long neglected buildings up to modern specifications.


Four years later, after waiting patiently for works to begin, they are now being threatened with eviction again while in the interim Nottingham City Council have been developing plans to sell off The Hub, along with all the other publicly owned buildings in the Grade 2 listed block for conversion to, “attractive rental accommodation”.


When will Nottingham City Council begin their meticulously planned and promised refit, to ensure The Canning Circus Creative Hub remains an asset to the 30+ businesses as well as to those in the broader creative community of Nottingham, who are mentored at The Hub?


Councillor Graham Chapman replied as follows:


It has already been publicly stated that the £50,000 which the Council committed to support the works to the building is still available. However, surveys done since suggest that bringing the building up to safe and acceptable standards, including fire standards, will cost many times more that amount. The amount being given is £700,000 to £750,000, and the Council can neither directly meet the costs, for reasons that we all understand, nor support the expenditure through subsidised rents.


Consequently, we are in direct discussion with Canning Circus Creative Hub to look at if, and how, it might be possible to allow them to remain in the existing premises. However, the more realistic solution is that we will find that we will have to look for alternative premises for the Creative Hub, and the Council have been working with them to identify suitable properties and locations. This will then enable them to move in to appropriate and fit for purpose accommodation, on similar and affordable lease terms to those that they benefit from now, and to continue to do their business.


I do understand the frustration, but there is no easy solution to this, if there had been then it would have been found. Finally, I have spoken to Councillor Collins who is responsible for this particular portfolio, the properties portfolio, and he is intending to meet the Canning Circus Creative Hub in order to discuss the issues in person.


Armed Forces Day


Councillor Georgina Culley asked the following question of the Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture:


The Leader of the Council will recall that on Armed Forces Day last month this Council held no events for the Armed Forces but did, on that day, hold and pay for the Lord Mayor’s Parade. Can the Portfolio Holder explain the justification behind the shameful situation of Nottingham being the only major city in England to have no event held to celebrate and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 23.


Amendments to the Constitution pdf icon PDF 234 KB

Report of the Leader


In the absence of the Leader, the Deputy Leader submitted a report on Amendments to the Constitution, as set out on pages 15 to 21 of the agenda.




(1)  note the amended Portfolio Holder/Executive Assistant appointments/remits and executive committee membership appointments, as detailed below:


Portfolio Holder and Executive Assistant Appointments and Remits



Broad Responsibilities


Strategic Infrastructure and Communications -

Councillor Jon Collins


Executive Assistant (Communications) -

Councillor Linda Woodings




Strategic Regeneration and Development

Overview of all regeneration activity across the City

City Centre, major regeneration projects

Local Economic Partnership and European Funding

Strategic and Operational Property

Strategic Transport


NET phase 1, 2 and 3

NCT board member

Communications and Marketing

Crime and Drugs Partnership

International and European Links

Resources and Neighbourhood Regeneration -

Councillor Graham Chapman


Executive Assistant (Neighbourhoods) -

Councillor Rosemary Healy






Legal and Democratic Services, Monitoring

Health and Safety

Risk Management and Emergency Planning

Collection of Council Tax and NNDR

Housing and Council Tax Benefits

Welfare Rights

Income Generation and Commercialisation

Facility and Building Services

Corporate Council Transport Fleet

Commissioning and Procurement

Corporate Strategic Commissioning

Neighbourhood Regeneration

Neighbourhood Retail Management

Neighbourhood Management and Engagement

Area Working

Community Development

Shareholder – Nottingham City Transport

Early Intervention and Early

Years -

Councillor David Mellen





Children’s Services

Performing the Lead Role for Children’s Services in accordance with statutory requirements and guidance.

Children’s Safeguarding, children’s social care

Children in Care and Care Leavers

Leading on early-intervention

Children’s Partnership and Young People’s Plan

Integrated youth service including YOT

Early Years including Children’s Centres

Children’s Disability and Children’s Mental Health

Lead on commissioning of Children’s Services

Lead on refugees and asylum seekers

Adults and Health -

Councillor Nick McDonald


Executive Assistant

(Social Care) -

Councillor Marcia Watson




Health and Social Care Integration


Corporate Strategies for Older People and Vulnerable Adults

Championing Independent Living

-  telecare

-  catering

Adult Safeguarding


Public Health and Wellbeing

-  health inequalities

-  smoking and avoidable injuries

Chair of the Health and Well Being Board

Mental Health and Well-being

Teenage Conception

Wider Health Links

Lead on commissioning of Adults Services

Passenger Transport

Creative Quarter

Energy and Sustainability -

Councillor Alan Clark




Robin Hood Energy

Climate change and Carbon Reduction.

Nature Conservation - Strategy

Energy and energy bills

Energy from Waste inc Enviroenergy (WRG)

Nottingham Energy Partnership

Waste disposal

Air Quality

Planning, Housing and Heritage - Councillor Jane Urquhart


Executive Assistant (Housing and Flooding) -

Councillor Neghat Khan




Planning Policy and Development Management


Physical neighbourhood transformation and regeneration.

Estate Management – Council and private Estates

Private Housing and Private Rented Sector

Performance of NCH and Housing Associations

Student Housing

Support to vulnerable people

-  homelessness

-  housing with care and support.

Strategic and Retained Housing functions

Regeneration Land and Property (tied in with above)



Responsibilities as a Lead Local Flood Risk Authority


Business, Education and Skills -  Councillor Sam Webster


Executive Assistant (Business and Employment) -

Councillor Leslie Ayoola






Business & Growth

Growth Plan Delivery

City Centre Retail  ...  view the full minutes text for item 24.


Decisions taken under Urgency Procedures pdf icon PDF 208 KB

Report of the Leader


In the absence of the Leader, the Deputy Leader submitted a report on decisions taken under urgency procedures, as set out on pages 23 to 26 of the agenda.




(1)  note the urgent decisions (exempt from call-in);


Ref no

Date of decision


Value of decision

Reasons for urgency



Woodthorpe and Winchester Extra Care Scheme: Contractual Arrangements


The urgency of the SCAPE framework, detailed in the exempt appendix



The granting of a new lease for a new substation at Nottingham bus depot


Nottingham City Transport has a ground lease which expires in September 2019 on land at Lower Parliament Street. They need to install a new electricity substation on site to power a gas compressor to supply gas to a fleet of new gas powered buses. The electricity supplier will only install power to the substation if they have a long lease on this site so a new 99 year term has been agreed. The substation is to be in use by the end of April



Property Investment Acquisition – Project 118


The call in period would seriously prejudice the Council’s ability to meet timescales proposed by the vendor. This could result in the loss of the investment and result in abortive costs


(2)  note that no key decisions were taken under special urgency procedures.




Accepting delegated function for CCTV Parking Enforcement from Leicester City Council pdf icon PDF 199 KB

Report of the Portfolio Holder for Community and Customer Services

Additional documents:


The Portfolio Holder for Community and Customer Services submitted a report on the acceptance of a delegation from Leicester City Council in respect of bus lane enforcement and CCTV parking functions, as set out on pages 27 to 40 of the agenda.




(1)  formally accept the additional CCTV parking delegation given by Leicester’s City Mayor on 21 April 2017, as detailed in appendices 1 and 2 of the report;


(2)  note that further approval will be sought by the Portfolio Holder in respect of the discharge of the executive functions by the Executive, and in relation to the Partnership Agreement reflecting the extended functions.




Motion in the name of Councillor Jane Urquhart:


This Council calls on the new government to repeal the ‘spare room subsidy’, known as the bedroom tax.


The 'tax' affects approximately 6,000 households in Nottingham, the vast majority of whom are low income and many of whom are disabled.


This Council therefore resolves to write to the government and opposition parties calling for the immediate repeal of this element of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and in the meantime will continue to lobby our MPs for their support.



Moved by Councillor Jane Urquhart, seconded by Councillor Adele Williams:


“This Council calls on the new government to repeal the ‘spare room subsidy’, known as the bedroom tax.


The 'tax' affects approximately 6,000 households in Nottingham, the vast majority of whom are low income and many of whom are disabled.


This Council therefore resolves to write to the government and opposition parties calling for the immediate repeal of this element of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and in the meantime will continue to lobby our MPs for their support.”


RESOLVED to carry the motion.