Agenda and minutes

Nottingham City Health and Wellbeing Board
Wednesday, 31st May, 2023 1.30 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Committee Room - Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG. View directions

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Appointment of Vice-Chair


Resolved to appoint Dr Hugh Porter as Vice Chair of the Nottingham City Health and Wellbeing Board for the 2023-24 municipal year.


Change to membership

To note the following changes to non-voting members of the Board:


·  Annie Jennings has replaced Emma Rowsell as the representative

  of the University of Nottingham.

·  Damien West has replaced Mick Sharman as the representative of

 the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

·  Kevin Lowry is the new representative from Housing Services, Nottingham City Council


The Chair led the Board in tribute to Leslie McDonald, who was a member of the Board and passed away in April. Leslie lived his life providing care and support to others. Whether through his work at the Nottingham Counselling Service, his advocacy for those whose voice is seldom heard or his leadership in the voluntary sector, he made a difference every day. A minute’s silence was held.


The Board also noted that


·  Annie Jennings has replaced Emma Rowsell as the representative of the University of Nottingham.

·  Damien West has replaced Mick Sharman as the representative of the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

·  Kevin Lowry is the new representative from Housing Services, Nottingham City Council.

·  Councillors Sulcan Mahmood and Eunice Regan have been appointed to the Board as City Councillor members.




Apologies for Absence


Mel Barrett

Councillor Cheryl Barnard

Dr Dave Briggs

Jan Sensier

Catherine Underwood

Damien West


Declarations of Interests




Minutes pdf icon PDF 435 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 29 March 2023, for confirmation


The minutes of the meeting held on 29 March 2023 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Minutes of the Commissioning Sub-Committee pdf icon PDF 97 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 29 March 2023, for noting


The minutes of the Commissioning Sub-Committee, held on 29 March 2023, were noted.


Hewitt Review findings pdf icon PDF 202 KB

Report of the Director of Public Health

Additional documents:


Lucy Hubber, Director of Public Health, presented the report on the findings of the Hewitt Review which was published in April 2023. The government is currently considering the recommendations made by the review it is not currently government policy. The following information was highlighted:


(a)  a notable recommendation includes a shift from focussing on illness to promoting health, including a shift in the share of total NHS budget at ICS level going towards prevention. This work has already begun in Nottingham;

(b)  sharing of data will be key to achieve these recommendations, and this requires care following the implementation of GDPR. Work is ongoing with the System Analytics Intelligence Unit on this, and they could come and present to a future Committee;

(c)  it is promising that the Review recognises the role of communities in creating their own strategies and develop longer term engagement. This was recognised during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Resolved to


(1)  note the publication and content of The Hewitt Review: An independent review of integrated care systems;

(2)  consider learning and reflections from the review which can be applied within the local Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS ahead of a government response to the review and the recommendations contained within it;

(3)  invite the System Analytics Intelligence Unit to a future meeting of the Board.


Nottingham and Nottinghamshire NHS Joint Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 376 KB

Report of the Director of Integration, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB


Joanna Cooper, Assistant Director of Strategy, NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, presented the report and delivered a presentation briefing members of the Board on the development of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire NHS Joint Forward Plan as required under the Health and Care Act 2022. The following information was highlighted:


(a)  the Joint Forward Plan for the local NHS sets out the 5 year response to the Integrated Care Strategy. The Plan is for the whole of the NHS with all local NHS organisations owning it and contributing to its delivery, a move away from separate organisational strategic planning approaches;

(b)  it provides an opportunity to reposition how the NHS organisations will work together and with partners in the future in order to ensure that it delivers the health elements of the Integrated Care Strategy;

(c)  a public facing Joint Forward Plan must be produced before the start of each financial year, meaning that a final version of the first iteration must be ready by 30 June this year. The Integrated Care Partnership and NHS England must be consulted and the Health and Wellbeing Boards must be involved;

(d)  the Integrated Care Strategy commits the ICB to its four aims and the principles of prevention, equity and integration. The Joint Forward Plan will set out what these principles mean in terms of how the local NHS will operate and the impacts arising from this approach. This will result in improved outcomes for patients, staff, NHS organisations and partners;

(e)   engagement events are planned throughout May and June with key stakeholders, as well as members of the public and communities.


The following suggestions were made by Board members:


(f)  the Plan should be accessible and not too long, and should allow for flexibility;

(g)  it should take into account that people lead busy lives, particularly in deprived areas, and cannot always make scheduled medical appointments, and include links with the voluntary sector;

(h)  the Health and Wellbeing strategy must be linked in, and clarity of the role of the Place Based Partnership.


Resolved to


(1)  note the update on the development of the NHS Joint Forward Plan;

(2)  receive the final NHS Joint Forward Plan for formal endorsement at the next meeting of the Board, subject to the recommendation of the Chair and Director of Public Health (under their delegated responsibility). 



Nottingham City Place-Based Partnership Update pdf icon PDF 595 KB

Update from the Nottingham City Place-Based Partnership

Additional documents:


Rich Brady, Programme Director, Nottingham City Place-Based Partnership (PBP), presented the report paper providing an update on the work of the Nottingham City PBP, including the launch of the PBP Strategic Plan, an update on the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy delivery plans and an overview of business cases put forward as part of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board’s inequalities and innovation fund. The following information was highlighted:


(a)  the PBP Executive has recently signed off a strategic plan for 2023 – 25 with 6 objectives:

·  Accelerate integrated working in neighbourhoods

·  Build trust with communities

·  Continue to deliver the PBP population health and enabler programmes

·  Better evidence the impact the partnership is having on population health outcomes and supporting the delivery of system partner priorities

·  Formalise governance and reporting with partner organisations

·  Test methods of accountability and assurance


(b)  the 10-year strategy for the Eating and Moving for Good Health programme has been agreed, with an agreed delivery plan for 2022-25 setting out actions across the 5 key themes. A delivery plan for the Financial Resilience programme is currently in production;

(c)  on 18 January 2023, the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB agreed to set aside a recurrent £4.5m ‘inequalities and innovation fund’ from ICB allocations. Several proposals were received and submitted for consideration and will be recommended for approval by the ICB’s Strategic Prioritisation and Investment Committee in July 2023;

(d)  as part of the suite of PBP ‘enabler programmes’, on 10 May, partners took part in an accelerated design workshop to explore opportunities for developing ‘Integrated Neighbourhood Models of Support’ in Nottingham. This was the first of what is expected to be a series of workshops that will inform the implementation plan for this PBP programme of work;

(e)  on 11 May, the PBP hosted Nottingham’s first Race Health Inequality Summit. This event brought together PBP partners with community representatives in Nottingham to discuss health inequalities that disproportionately impact minority communities in Nottingham. 


Resolved to note the update from the Place Based Partnership


Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and other Needs Assessments update pdf icon PDF 198 KB

Report of the Director for Public Health, Nottingham City Council

Additional documents:


Hannah Stovin, Intelligence and Insight Manager, presented the report providing the Board with an update as to progress on the creation of Joint Strategic Needs Assessment dashboards in conjunction with Nottinghamshire County and Integrated Care Board colleagues, and the proposals for continuation of this work. The following information was highlighted:


(a)  the Health and Wellbeing chapter is now complete, and work has begun on the Children and Young People chapter with key metrics and stakeholders being agreed;

(b)  following the publication of the national Women’s Health Strategy in 2022, Nottingham City will undertake a Women’s Health Needs Assessment. Planning and scoping has commenced and stakeholders and steering group members are being identified;

(c)  the Covid-19 chapter of the JSNA has recently been completed and published. This has been an ongoing piece of work since the pandemic, and assesses its health impact from a variety of perspectives. It is likely that the mental health impacts will be long term;

(d)  it is important to recognise the inequalities laid bare by the pandemic, and action must be made on this, involving communities. Lessons have been learnt and some improvements have already been made, however more could be done for example on health screening.


Resolved to


(1)  note the updates regarding the progress of the JSNA and other Needs Assessments;

(2)  note the findings of the Covid-19 JSNA chapter report and the ‘Learning for the Future’ points, taking these into account during any future policy decisions. 


Joint Health Protection Board Update pdf icon PDF 123 KB

Update from the Joint Health Protection Board


Lucy Hubber, Director of Public Health, presented the report providing an update on the statutory responsibilities to assure adequate protection of the health of the local population, highlighting the following:


(a)  screening programmes are back to normal levels with some maintained Covid-19 measures. The cervical cancer screening programme continues to experience lower than national targets and some targeted work is being undertaken;

(b)  immunisation levels are lower than expected, and the City & County are developing a dashboard board to review the available data, working with strategic intelligence unit;

(c)  there has been an increase in cases of measles this year compared to last year, so infants and young people need to receive vaccinations. There has been a rise in monkey pox cases in London, so vaccinations for vulnerable groups are being advocated.


Resolved to note the report.


Board Member Updates pdf icon PDF 204 KB

Updates from Board Members


The written updates were noted.


Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment


Victoria McGregor-Riley, Locality Director, Bassetlaw Place Based Partnership, provided a verbal update on the statutory responsibility to publish and keep up-to-date a statement of the needs for pharmaceutical services for the population in its area.


The main conclusion of this pharmaceutical needs assessment is that there are no gaps in the current provision of pharmaceutical services as the providers, both within and outside of the Health and Wellbeing board’s area, are meeting the residents’ current needs for such services. The PNA also confirmed that the current provision is sufficient for future need.


Work Plan pdf icon PDF 190 KB


In addition to the work plan published with the agenda, the following items were added:


·  Gambling Harm Strategy (July)

·  Joint NHS Forward Plan (July)

·  Acute Trust and Local Authority Collaborative Working on Population Health (September)

·  Data Integration for Population Health (September)


The forward plan was noted.


Future Meeting Dates

To agree to meet on the following Wednesdays at 1.30pm at Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham:


26 July 2023

27 September 2023

29 November 2023

24 January 2024

27 March 2024


Resolved to meet on the following dates:

·  Wednesday 26 July 2023 at 1:30pm

·  Wednesday 27 September 2023 at 1:30pm

·  Wednesday 29 November 2023 at 1:30pm

·  Wednesday 24 January 2024 at 1:30pm

·  Wednesday 27 March 2024 at 1:30pm