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Nottingham Local Access Forum
Wednesday, 13th January, 2021 6.30 pm

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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 14 October 2020


The minutes of the meeting held on 13 October 2020 were confiremd as a true record.


E-Scooters update

Verbal update from Rasita Chudasama, Transport Strategy


Rasita Chudasama, Principal Transport Planner, gave a presentation updating the Forum on the E-Scooters trial that was initially launched in Nottingham City in October 2020. She highlighted the following points:


(a)  Following a procurement process through the summer Wind Mobility were appointed to manage the trail for Nottingham City. Derby City also appointed Wind Mobility in the same process. The trial has taken learning from earlier trials in other cities and incorporated that into the current trial here;


(b)  Initially a small fleet of around 25 scooters were introduced in October 2020, this has gradually been increased to a total of 250. Following a slow start to the trial the total number of rides per day has peaked at 1800 in mid November. This number has now dropped off but that is likely due to the increased lockdown measures currently in place nationally;


(c)  The average scooter ride lasts 30 minutes and in total there have been 110,000 miles across the city travelled on the scooters with over 26,000 hours of hire time;


(d)  Feedback has been varied. The scheme is popular with young people, it is seen as convenient, and a safe way to travel in the current climate. Sign up to the scheme specifically aimed a Key Workers was initially good, but has since tapered off. This is possibly to do with convenience, cost or preferring not to take the scooters home;


(e)  Wind Mobility have been responsive to partners etc. Initially their customer services struggled with the volume of contact from the public but this was quickly addressed and more resources brought in;


(f)  There been some strong negative reactions from the public too, these are most often from older people. There have been complaints about abandoned scooters and inconsiderate parking of scooters. This may be explained by the way the app works, although the app indicated parking places for the scooters there is no physical indication at the location that they are designated parking spaces;


(g)  Initially there was more demand for scooters than capacity allowed for. However as the fleet size has increased this has evened out. There have been some reports of vandalism, including battery theft, graffiti, helmets going missing and hand sanitizer bottles being ripped off scooters. Reports of these incidents are now in decline;


(h)  A number of improvements to the scheme are being considered to address emerging issues including:

·  The council marking pavements with designated e-scooter parking both to inform the public and reduce the abandoned scooter reports, and to encourage more responsible and considerate parking by riders.

·  Terms and conditions of hire are being altered with consideration being given to a graduated penalty scheme for repeated reports of poor riding. This will include up to suspension and termination of the app account;

·  Introduction of number plates to hire scooters to allow easy identification of the hire scheme scooters and riders when reports of bad riding are made


(i)  There will be further engagement with wider stakeholders, and non  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Active Travel Update

Verbal update from Keith Morgan and Thomas Humphries, Transport Strategy


Keith Morgan, Principal Transport Planner, gave an update on the Active Travel Fund schemes currently in place and proposed across the city. He highlighted the following points:


(a)  The city has been awarded a further £2million for active travel schemes over the next year. The first tranche was focused on quick schemes to enable fast implementation of active travel as a response to the Covid pandemic, whilst this second tranche is focused more on public consultation and refining temporary schemes to make them permanent where appropriate;


(b)  March 2021 will see the start of a series of public consultations which will run alongside the Transforming Cities programme meaning that the Active Travel projects can be aligned with bigger schemes to benefit the City and residents;


(c)  Package One is focused on links into the city:

·  Derby Road – Focus on improving routes for pedestrians and cyclists in particular looking at accident blackspots and low traffic neighbourhoods – street closures have been in place, assessing and consultation with residents on how well these schemes worked, how welcome they were etc. Permanent barriers would provide a sense of improved public realm.

·  Porchester Road – Focus on safer routes to cross for pedestrians and cyclists

·  St Ann’s Wells Road – focus on improving the road, not only as a main commuter route but also for the local residents wanting to walk into the city centre

·  Trent Bridge – Working on designs for bus and cycle paths. This will be a joint scheme with the County Council so will require further consultation.


(d)  Package two is more focused on neighbourhoods and neighbourhood improvements including:

·  Low traffic schemes in the Sherwood and Berridge areas, closing roads and improving pedestrian access. Consultation will take place with residents.

·  Further assessment of the existing low traffic scheme in the Arboretum area, traffic movement is being monitored and it is apparent that traffic has reduced along the shortcut routes.

·  Formal consultation process regarding a 20mph zone within the City Centre encouraging safe pedestrian access for the future.


(e)  Package three looked at schemes around schools and encouraging safer pedestrian and cycle routes to school. Trial schemes have been generally well received and those with positive feedback will be considered for permanency. Work is taking place with Sustrans on these schemes;


(f)  Package four focuses on improvements to parks and open spaces. There were a number of different schemes around the Victoria Embankment including stopping through traffic to allow for more access for pedestrians and cyclists and more space to allow socially distanced exercise for families. However these schemes will continue to allow larger events to take place in the future. Routes to and around Colwick Park were improved with pathways being made more easily accessible and improved;


(g)  Package five focuses on promoting ideas, talking to business, promoting schemes, etc. The Common Place app is working well gathering feedback on various schemes allowing the public to drop pins into an app to leave feedback. This package also looks to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Sub group Updates


Update from the Walking group


Liz Cordle, Nigel Sarsfield and Ian Bussey gave a brief update on the activities of the Walking sub group. The following information was shared:


(a)  The Broxtowe walk was now complete and online and can be found here : and 


(b)  The Basford walk start point is being altered, with consideration being given to the library rather than the tram stop;


(a)  The work on the Inclosure Walk that John Lee has been assisting with has been delayed due to Covid restrictions. And more recently, the Council’s Officer who has been assisting with the design of the Inclosure interpretation boards and LAF walk leaflets generally, has left the authority. Temporary versions of the LAF walks are still available online; 


(c)  Contact has been made with Notts Wildlife Trust, and they are keen to support any activity that the Local Access Forum is involved in to promote access to their sites;


(d)  Ridewise are promoting walks for those who are currently isolated due to the Covid pandemic. Printable maps are the most accessible;


Update from the Planning group


Margaret Knowles gave an update on the Planning sub group’s activities since the last meeting. She highlighted the following points:


(a)  Comments on the Planning White paper were submitted at the end of October and echoed the concerns around the apparent democratic deficit and lack of focus on sustainability;


(b)  Comments have also been submitted on the Broadmarsh Big Conversation following a meeting with the Director of Planning Paul Seddon. Comments focused on rights of way and movements of pedestrians and cyclists. Comments also emphasis the need for flexibility within the development. Comments have been circulated to Forum members;  


(c)  Around 550 individual applications have been sifted through, comments have been made on a few including:

·  The Grove Public House – welcome the cycle parking on the proposed development and requesting additional charging points

·  Student accommodation on Triumph Road – there has been a proposed reduction of cycle parking which has been objected to.

·  Sherwood Library development – cycle parking provision is not sufficient

·  Sea Cadet Training Centre – this has now been approved with additional cycle parking

·  Unity Square – there are still concerns about this development, dialogue is taking place with planners around cycling provision. Cycle parking is part of the transport infrastructure and needs to be appropriate for the site


Update from the Definitive Map group


Chris Thompson informed the Forum that their work is still affected by the Covid restrictions, including research at the local archives office. However, a new member, Laura Dominguez has joined the group.


Chris Thompson raised the lack of consultation with the LAF on closing paths to deal with ASB. John Lee explained that since 2015, under the new Public Spaces Protection Order regulations, there is no obligation to consult with LAF’s nationally. John Lee confirmed that he has previously responded to this query and has since asked colleagues who deal with PSPO’s if the Forum could be added to the Council’s discretionary consultee’s list.



Update on the Foot/Cycle Bridge, Trent Basin to Lady Bay


Hugh McClintock gave a brief update on the progress of the designs for the newly announced footbridge. The planning application is likely to come to the Planning Committee in summer, although no firm time scale has been agreed. There has been positive press and the public generally seem to be in favour.


Consultation will need to take place to ensure that the bridge is well connected on both banks extending to Colwick Park and the eastern corridor on the City side. The long-term ideal would be to ensure links into the Gedling area with the Environment Agency’s Trent Basin Gateway project linking in.


Items for future agendas


Ideas for future agenda items include:


·  Further update on the Active Travel projects

·  Living Streets

·  Ridewise and the E-bike prescribing scheme

·  Slow Ways – Joining up villages and towns


Future Meeting Dates

To confirm the following future meeting dates:


14 April 2021

14 July 2021

13 October 2021

12 January 2022


The Forum confirmed the following future meeting dates:


14 April 2021

13 October 2021

12 January 2022