Agenda and minutes

Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)
Wednesday, 16th June, 2021 4.30 pm

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Dr Ifran Malik

Debs Hunt


The Chair explained that the meeting was not quorate but it was agreed that the meeting would proceed on an informal basis.


Declarations of Interest




Minutes (for confirmation) pdf icon PDF 347 KB


As the meeting was not quorate, no formal resolution could be passed to confirm the minutes. The minutes will be confirmed at the next meeting of SACRE. There were no actions arising from the minutes.


School Matters

Verbal update from the John Dexter, Director of Education Strategy


John Dexter, Director of Education Strategy gave a verbal update and explained that since 8 March 2021 schools had resumed their services, despite the continuation of the pandemic. The following points were highlighted during discussion:


a)  A number of student ‘bubbles’ had been sent home due to Covid but there was no pattern or trend to the reported cases. There was still some concerns with regards to attendance - schools were reporting that they were not fully up to their usual capacity;


(b)  Secondary schools were having to submit their grades which was similar to the work of the exam boards which were need to be completed by 18 June 2021. OFSTED have resumed visits again and have produced a review document of sexual abuse in schools and colleges. The full report and supporting documents can be viewed here:


Resolved to note the update provided


Recent review of Religious Education by Ofsted

Verbal update from Jane Lewis, Southwell and Nottingham Diocese


Jane Lewis, Southwell and Nottingham Diocese was not present at the meeting and therefore this item was deferred to the next meeting of SACRE.


Update on Partnership Work with County

Verbal update from John Dexter, Directo for Educational Strategy


A verbal update was given by John Dexter, Director for Educational Strategy and noted that he had been approached by Ken Johnson (Chair of Nottingham County SACRE) as to whether there could be a continuation of the 2 SACRE’s with the suggestion that a joint SCARE is held next year on the 15/16 March 2022 at the Holocaust Centre.


a)  The County SACRE are attending a conference at the end of July which will offer support on the new syllabus and this has been offered out to City teachers. There has been some development to commission some resources for the teaching of the new syllabus and there was a number of units being developed at a cost;


b)  There have been joint meetings before which was useful when there has been business regarding the joint syllabus. There are things that need to be done together but it is necessary to focus on city SACRE. However, there may be times to when an ad hoc meeting of the two could be arranged;


c)  In supporting the agreed syllabus, ‘RE today’ can be commissioned to produce 3 units of support materials for our teachers at a cost of £1000 which would be split between the County (two-thirds) and City (one third).



Relationships and Sex Education Engagement Group update pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Verbal update


John Dexter, Director for Educational Strategy, gave a verbal update and explained that work had been undertaken which had been prompted by some unwanted antagonism. Work by the group had been completed however, the Group would remain in place (but dormant) until there is further need for it.


a)  RSE day is to be held on the 24June 2021 and the theme would be ‘Faces’.


b)  NCC Managed to get the correct information into Communities through the work of the Group.


c)  35 schools have signed up to RSE day and it is anticipated that there would be wider involvement from schools and agencies.


The guide to support faith-inclusive Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) in Nottingham Schools (appended to these minutes) was circulated to members of SACRE.



Budget Update

Verbal Update from John Dexter, Director of Educational Strategy


John Dexter, Director for Educational Strategy gave a verbal update and explained that there was approximately £6.5K and a further £3k from the County.  


Any Other Business


The Chair explained that John Heard (Methodist Church representative) would be stepping down from his role on SACRE and thanked him for his hard work. It was noted that Mark Bennet would be the future representative from the Methodist Church.


Date of Next Meeting

12 January 2022  - venue to be confirmed


The next meeting of SACRE will be held on 12 January 2022