Agenda and minutes

Castle, Hyson Green & Arboretum and Radford Area Committee
Wednesday, 12th June, 2019 5.30 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Committee Room - Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG. View directions

Contact: James Lavender 

No. Item


Appointment of Chair


RESOLVED to appoint Councillor Azad Choudhry as Chair of the Area Committee for the 2019/20 municipal year.


Appointment of Vice-Chair


RESOLVED to appoint Councillor Jawaid Khalil as Vice-Chair of the Area Committee for the 2019/20 municipal year.


Apologies for absence


Councillor Azad Choudhry – Illness


Rosemary Jarrett

Maxine Davies

Abdoulie Jah



Declarations of interests


Councillor Sam Webster declared an interest in Item 9, stating that he is a Board Member for Nottingham City Homes.


Community Protection Update


Katalin Kiss, Tom Lynk and Ben Parrington, Community Protection Officers, gave verbal updates to the committee on the actions taken by Community Protection within the wards. Nick Burns, City Centre Management Officer and Steve Stott, City Centre Manager, gave a further update about actions taken by Community Protection in areas where the City Centre covers parts of the wards. They highlighted the following points:


(a)  There has been not much change since the meeting of the Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton, Radford and Park Area Committeeon 20 March 2019. There are still anti-social behaviour and high noise-levels from houses in the Lenton Triangle, as well as issues with fly-tipping in the Park Estate;


(b)  In the Hyson Green & Arboretum Ward, there were 30 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued, 69 alcohol confiscations, 13 Trade Waste instances, 95 bin issues, 5 fly-tipping FPNs and 156 fly-tipping investigations, 16 Community Protection Notice Warnings (CPNWs), 16 Community Protection Notices (CPNs), 156 messy garden instances and 71 noise issues reported; 


(c)  In the City Centre, there were 170 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued, 589 alcohol confiscations, 78 Trade Waste instances, 457 Graffiti Actions issued, 41 fly-tipping instances, 19 Community Protection Notice Warnings (CPNWs), 4 Community Protection Notices (CPNs), 1348 rough sleeping/begging interactions and 68 PCNs issued;


(d)  In Radford, there were 30 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued, 2 alcohol confiscations, 1 Trade Waste instances, 11 Graffiti Actions issued, 231 fly-tipping instances, 123 Community Protection Notice Warnings (CPNWs), 19 Community Protection Notices (CPNs), 34 begging interactions and 114 ASB and Noise notices issued.


The Committee’s questions were responded to as follows:


(e)  The statistics for Castle Ward are represented in both the Radford report, which includes The Park, and the City Centre report, which covers the rest of the Castle Ward.


Police Update


Inspector Riz Khan, Neighbourhood Policing Inspector, gave a verbal update on policing issues in the area. The following points were highlighted:


Hyson Green & Arboretum and Radford


a)  Overall, there has been a small increase in All Crime Recorded including Non-Crime & ASB to 35 more offences than last year in the same period from 1 April 2019 to 10 June 2019. This equates to a 6.4% increase in recorded offences;


b)  However, there have been positive outcomes, arrests and prosecutions of 86 crimes (15%), which is 3 less offences than last year;


c)  Stalking, social media harassment and events will have a seasonal influence;


d)  There been a slight increase in violence with injury from April 2019 to date, with 18 more offences in the same period than last year. As for violence without injury, the police have detected 13 offences so far with an 8.3% decrease from last year; 


e)  Robberies are 9 less (down 41%) in the same period, but detected 4 of them;


f)  There has been a slight increase of offences in burglaries with 3 more than last year. The police have detected 3 offences so far;


g)  Shop theft has decreased by 37%, with 0 less offences;


h)  Theft from Motor Vehicles has increased with 4 more than last year and Theft of Motor Vehicles is down 6 from the same period; 


i)  Criminal damage is slightly up by 10 offences, with 5 being detected;


j)  Domestic violence is up by 22 offences; with 9 being detected;


k)  Hate crime has down 20% with 5 less offences;


l)  Anti-Social Behaviour is down by 5% with 14 less incidents;




m)  There has been a slight increase in All Crime Recorded including Non-Crime & ASB to 29 more offences, in the same period from April 2019 to 10 June 2019. This equates to a 6% Increase in recorded offences;


n)  Positive outcomes, arrests and prosecutions of 88 more offences, equating to 17.4%; 


o)  There been a 6% decrease in violence with injury and 17.5 % detection rate since April 2019;


p)  There have been 9 less robberies this year, a 50% reduction from last year, and 22% detection rate;


q)  There has been a 17% drop in burglaries, with 8 less offences than last year. Shop theft has increased by 22 offences;


r)  Both Theft from Motor Vehicles and Theft of Motor Vehicles are down 45%;


s)  Domestic violence is up by 6 offences; although the police have detected 16% of them;


t)  Hate Crime has increased by 4 offences, in which 2 incidents have been detected by prosecution and several others by community resolution;


u)  Anti-Social Behaviour is up by 36 offences.


The Committee’s questions were responded to as follows:


v)  November 2018 - £2,000 from the PCC office. Paid for extra patrol and warrants;


w)  There were 9 arrests and convictions for domestic violence;


x)  The statistics for Stop and Search can be provided for the next meeting;


y)  Two ward walks talk place in  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Community Representatives

Verbal update from Neighbourhood Development Officers.


Gursharan Nijran and Linda Wright, Neighbourhood Development Officers, present a report to confirm the appointments of Community Representatives to the Castle, Hyson Green & Arboretum and Radford Area Committee.




(1)  appoint the following Community Representatives to the Area Committee;




Rebecca Beinart


Rob Bird

Vine Community Centre

Janine Broomhall

St Pauls and Pleasant Row TRA

Claire Brown

Park Residents Association

Maxine Cockett

Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

Maxine Davies

Hyson Green Youth Club

Ursula Dove

Radford Leen Residents Group

Eshe Graham

Notts Activist Wellness

Abdoulie Jah

Hyson Green Cultural Festival

Rosie Jarrett

St Pauls and Pleasant Row TRA

Christina Jenson-Bates

Park Estates Association

Carol Laverick

Addison TRA

Beverley Pearson

Radford Care Group

Courtney Rose

Take 1 Studio

Ben Talbot

POW Nottingham Ltd


(2)  approve more Community Representatives, including representatives from University of Nottingham Students’ Union and Nottingham Trent Students’ Union, at the next committee meeting.



Issues and Good News Stories

Verbal updates from Community Representatives.


Community Representatives and members of the public took the opportunity to update the committee.


Brian Davey, a resident of Arboretum, raised awareness of the potential health risks from equipment used to carry the 5G broadband network. Gursharan Nijran would contact the Environmental Health Team to look into further research into this issue. There were also some issues with parking in and around the Nottingham High School.


Ursula Dove of the Radford Leen Residents Group thanked the Community Protection Officers for their presence in the Radford ward. She also noted that there was poor street cleaning in her area as well as residents flaunting street parking around the mosque near where she lives. 


Eshe Graham of the Notts Activist Wellness group and Rob Graham, a resident of Arboretum, noted similar problems of disregards for the parking rules in Gedling Grove and Arthur Street; a problem which occurs all day. Questions were raised around how much funding was received under Section 106 for local development because of the building of student accommodation in Arboretum. 


One resident noted a scheme in which Nottinghamshire Police worked with schoolchildren to issue ‘parking notices’ to their parents when they get picked up from school as a reminder to parents about following parking regulations.


Beverley Pearson of the Radford Care Group informed the committee that the group had moved temporarily to the Methodist Church on Forster Street. They have been using drop-off points for day users using the existing parking zones and said CPOs were welcome to drop in for any information about what was happening in the area.


Josie Tanvir of Nottingham Park Estates reports that Nottingham Park Conversation Trust is drawing up a new plan for the Council and additional tree applications have been put in place.




1)  CPOs to be deployed to tighten up the parking situation in the aforementioned areas;


2)  Consider an explanation of Section 106 funding as an item for a future meeting.


Nottingham City Homes Update pdf icon PDF 144 KB

Report of the Area Housing Manager, Nottingham City Homes.

Additional documents:


Katie Sharp, Area Housing Manager for Nottingham City Homes, introduced the report highlighting key issues and themes linking back to strategic themes and local priorities for Nottingham City Homes. He highlighted the following points:


(a)  The Woodlands high-rise flats are having improvements works in terms of kitchens, bathrooms and roofing. New sprinklers and an Intercom system are being installed;


(b)  A European funded project called Remourban is coming to the Auckland, Hopedale and Lismore properties in Radford. The insulation on the properties will be upgraded, ensuring warmer, healthier properties with lower energy bills and lower carbon emissions;


(c)  The Tenant and Leaseholder Involvement Team are currently running the Best Gardens Competition and area encouraging tenants to get involved with this. Entries are open until Thursday 20 June;


(d)  Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) undertook an audit at Pine View, to which NCH received excellent feedback;


(e)  The Big Spring Clean took place on Clifford and Holden Streets and it proved to be an excellent way to engage with residents and tenants; 


(f)  NCH have an Environmental Budget to make service improvements.


The Committee’s questions were responded to as follows:


(g)  The funding for Remourban comes from the EU;


(h)  NCH can look into ways of engaging residents in independent living schemes;


(i)  Due to the recent bad weather, Lenton and Radford Fun Days were postponed until July.


Ward Reports pdf icon PDF 900 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection.


Gursharan Nijran and Linda Wright, Neighbourhood Development Officer for Nottingham City Council, introduced the report focusing on the current priorities and issues being addressed by each Neighbourhood Action Team (NAT). They highlighted the following points:


Hyson Green & Arboretum


(a)  Deep cleans took place on the Forest Recreation Ground, Caulton Street, St Pauls, Hawksley Road, Gregory Boulevard. Monthly ward walks taking place with Councillors and the Arboretum Working Group;


(b)  A Student Big Spring Clean event took place with 6 student volunteers undertaking litter picks. 90 Students contacted with safety messages and media students have been documenting the work of the CPOs as part of a project;


(c)  Burglaries have gone down by 63% between January and March. Eight incidents have been report in the year to date. Operation Graduate continues in the student areas. Identified gates have been repaired and replaced on A’Court Street, Birkin Avenue and Palin Street as a target hardening measure to reduce burglary and fly tipping in those alleyways;


(d)  Violent crime has increased between January and March during by 45% with 84 incidents reported. The trend for this period also shows a 69% increase of reported domestic violence, with 27 incidents reported. Alcohol offenses of 25 incidents, a 4% decrease of offences in the year to date;


(e)  Outreach activities continue to take place with families and children;


Castle and Radford


(f)  Deep cleans took place on the John Carroll Centre car park area, Wordsworth, Glentworth and Grimston Roads, Thackeray Street and Garfield Road;


(g)  Community Protection working closely with the student community to ensure effective waste management, the safety of students on nights out (Operation Corridor) and encouraging good relations with the local community;


(h)  All crime figures for the ward shows an increase of 2402 incidents, a 25% increase for year to date;


(i)  Outreach activities continue to take place with families and children within Castle and Radford.


The Committee’s questions were responded to as follows:


(j)  The budgets for summer activities for children and young people come out of the Ward Budgets. These events are advertised by the Council and partner organisations and their impact is scrutinised by these meetings.


Area Capital Report pdf icon PDF 197 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection.


Gursharan Nijran and Linda Wright, Neighbourhood Development Officers introduced the report providing councillors with the latest spend proposals under the Area Capital Fund.


RESOLVED to approve the current Area Capital Fund 2019/20 programme of schemes as detailed below:





A’Court Street


Residual contribution to resurfacing of identified section of A’Court Street footpath – lead service – Highway Maintenance – LTP

Arboretum Ward street name plates


Residual contribution to programme of street name plate refurbishment and replacement at identified sites in the ward. Joint with Radford and Castle Ward – lead service – Highway Maintenance – LTP



Ward Councillor Budget pdf icon PDF 42 KB

Report of the Director of Community Protection.


RESOLVED to note the budget allocation for Ward Councillors:


·  Castle Ward – Joint allocation of £7,500;

·  Hyson Green & Arboretum – Joint allocation of £10,000;

·  Radford Ward – Joint allocation of £7,500.



Dates of Future Meetings

To agree to meet on the following Wednesdays at 5.30pm:


11 September 2019

11 December 2019

11 March 2020


RESOLVED to note the dates of future meetings of this Area Committee on Wednesdays at 5.30pm in the Ground Floor Committee Room of Loxley House:


·  11 September 2019

·  11 December 2019

·  11 March 2020