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Commissioning and Procurement Executive Committee

Purpose of committee

The Leader of the Council is elected by the City Council and is responsible for all of the executive functions of the Council – including most major decisions about service delivery – within the over-arching policies and budget set by the City Council. He/she can personally make these decisions or choose to delegate them. He has decided to delegate decisions relating to commissioning and procurement to the Commissioning and Procurement Executive Committee.

The Commissioning and Procurement Executive Committee oversees the Commissioning Framework and Procurement Strategy across the City Council and One Nottingham Strategic Partnership. Commissioning is the cycle of assessing the needs of people, designing services and monitoring their delivery and effectiveness to ensure the best outcomes for local people making use of available resources. Procurement means the whole process of acquisition from third parties (including logistical aspects) and covers goods, services and construction projects.

The Committee sets an annual work programme including the approval of procurement plans and commissioning, decommissioning and third sector grant aid proposals above £25,000, including those above the Key Decision threshold. A decision is referred to as a ‘Key Decision’ if it will result in the Council incurring expenditure or making income or savings of £750,000 or more, or if it will have a significant impact on two or more wards in the City. If the Committee intends to take a Key Decision details of the decision to be taken will be published in advance in the ’28 Day Notice’ whenever possible.

The Committee’s membership is Executive councillors including those whose portfolios include commissioning. Representatives of Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service (NCVS) and Nottingham Equal have a standing invitation to attend and speak at meetings.

The Committee meets monthly and meetings are open to the public.


Contact information

Support officer: Mark Leavesley.

Phone: 0115 8764302