Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 30th September, 2020 1.30 pm, Health and Wellbeing Board

Venue:   To be held remotely via Zoom -

Contact:    Adrian Mann
Governance Officer

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Dr Manik Arora Committee Member Present
Lyn Bacon Non-voting Present
Councillor Cheryl Barnard Committee Member Present
Mel Barrett Non-voting Present
Uzmah Bhatti Officer In attendance
Rich Brady Officer In attendance
Councillor Eunice Campbell-Clark Committee Member Present
Alison Challenger Committee Member Present
Sarah Collis Committee Member Present
Viki Dyer Non-voting Apologies (Unwell)
Tim Guyler Non-voting Present
Julie Hankin Non-voting Absent
Superintendent Mathew Healey Non-voting Present
Richard Holland Non-voting Absent
Adrian Mann Clerk In attendance
Kate McCandlish Substitute Present as substitute
Leslie McDonald Non-voting Present
Craig Parkin Non-voting Apologies (Work commitments)
Dr Hugh Porter Chair Present
Jules Sebelin Substitute Present as substitute
Michelle Tilling Committee Member Apologies, sent representative (On leave) Substituted by Kate McCandlish
Jane Todd Non-voting Apologies, sent representative (Work commitments) Substituted by Jules Sebelin
Catherine Underwood Committee Member Present
Councillor Adele Williams Committee Member Present
Andy Winter Non-voting Apologies (Work commitments)