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Children's Partnership Board
Tuesday, 5th January, 2021 4.00 pm

Contact: Catherine Ziane-Pryor  Governance Officer

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 318 KB

Of the meeting held on 23 September 2020 (for confirmation)


Subject to amending Councillor David Mellen’s Portfolio title to Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Schools and Communications, and noting that Maria Ward’s role is representative of ‘Maintained Primary School Governors’, the minutes of the meeting held on 29 September 2020 were confirmed as a true record and will be signed by the Chair.


Membership Update

To note that:


Michelle Strong (Bulwell Academy) replaces Derek Hobbs as Secondary Head Teacher representative;



Karla Banfield has replaced Chris Wallbanks on the Board as a representative of Commissioning and Procurement;





Resolved to note that:


Michelle Strong (Bulwell Academy) replaces Derek Hobbs as Secondary Head Teacher representative;


Karla Banfield has replaced Chris Wallbanks on the Board as a representative of Nottingham City Council’s Commissioning and Procurement Section.



Draft Nottingham City Children and Young People's Plan 2021-2023 for Consultation pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Presented by Sophie Russell, Head of Children’s Strategy and Improvement


Sophie Russell, Head of Children’s Strategy and Improvement, presented the initial consultation draft of the Nottingham City Children and Young People's Plan 2021-2023, which it is anticipated will be presented in its final form at the March 2021 meeting for adoption.


The new streamlined version is less formalised, easily accessible and simpler to share with communities and young people, in addition to being a useful tool for professionals to link into when formulating new strategies.


Further consultation of the draft is taking place.


The majority of priorities identified in the original Plan were considered to be still relevant but an additional priority has been identified of ‘hearing and including children, young people and families’. This has been identified as a particular focus in the current circumstances of the pandemic and lockdowns, whereby digital exclusion and poverty have been highlighted and also in recognition of disproportionality for BAME young people.


The next stage is to identify existing plans and strategies to prevent duplication of work amongst partners.


Early Health remains a priority with a focus on preventative action and a strategic approach.


Comments from Partnership Members and responses to questions included:


a)  with regard to the figure referred to of 16% of pupils in the City having Special Educational Needs (SEN) and/or disabilities, this figure is not only based on children with Health and Care Plans (HCPs) but is more broadly inclusive of the wide range of needs across the City;


b)  the dedicated consultation events have provided some powerful quality feedback from young people which has proved very positive in initially identifying and underpinning the most important priorities;


c)  during the year ahead, partners need to focus on addressing the digital deprivation which has been exacerbated due to the pandemic;


d)  it’s important that where young people are engaged and contribute, that they see the results and for partners to be accountable to the young people who brought those ideas and evidence forward;


e)  the Small Steps Big Changes partners welcome the priority for early intervention to prevent escalation of issues. The parent’s voice is also valuable for capturing the voice of younger children and needs to be listened to;


f)  the inclusion of the learning and achievement priority is welcomed and it is suggested that the draft plan is presented to the Nottingham Schools Trust Termly Heads Briefing. Also beneficial would be updates or evidence of what partners are doing to contribute to progressing the plan priorities. With regard to focusing on addressing the digital divide issue, the Nottingham Schools Trust has been supported in steps to support pupils with the issue of connectivity through a generous donation of sim cards for children who have been struggling, although finding the appropriate and compatible machinery is an on-going effort;


g)  young careers are recognised as having some specific vulnerabilities but are not considered as a separate focus within the plan to prevent duplication as many of their known issues are the same as other young people but with additional complexities  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.


Core Development Standard Progress & Updates pdf icon PDF 493 KB

Presented by Elaine Mitchell, Integrated Workforce Manager, and James Lovett, Integrated Workforce Development Specialist

Additional documents:


Elaine Mitchell, Integrated Workforce Manager, and James Lovett, Integrated Workforce Development Specialist and project manager, presented the report which informs the partnership work undertaken to refresh the Core Development Standard from 2017, including seeking approval to rename it the ‘Children’s Partnership Board Development Offer’.


The report and was accompanied by a presentation which is issued with the initial publication of the minutes and identifies the changes made from the 2017 Standard.


The following points were highlighted and responses provided to questions:


a)  a task and finish group consisting of a range of connected professionals and partners worked well over only 2 meetings to revise the format, update the priorities and ensure there is an easily accessible and co-ordinated offer in one single page per age grouping, providing information on resources available (including e-learning) across the whole of the children and young people focused workforce within the City:


b)  the new offer now includes an integrated service specific to 0-5 year’s age group, alongside the 0-19 year’s resources available;


c)  the offer will continue to be evaluated, monitored and updated on a quarterly basis to evolve in line with resources available and required to respond to current priorities, whereas previously, the Standard was reviewed annually;


d)  some partner members felt that there is still more to consider regarding what should be available and identifying gaps, including ensuring that the Small Steps Big Changes (SSBC) programme in the City is fully utilised;


e)  it’s necessary to ensure that the workforce has the skills and knowledge to intervene early to make the most effective contribution within the City. The new addition of speech, language and communication is an exciting element;


f)  best practice doesn’t stand still so the documents will continue to evolve;


g)  the offer needs to be promoted and accessible to the voluntary community sector as part of the wider partnership in addition to statutory partners, meeting the CYPP priority of safeguarding and having the right people to connect with for safe advice and direction;


h)  one of the aims of the offer is to ensure that there are no blind spots and gaps in the resources available, and that the offer is accessible to everyone, including those harder to reach groups. Since the requirement for virtual communications due to the pandemic, communications have become easier to access and are broader reaching but the offer still needs to be promoted through all routes as a tool to help and support rather than dictate. Further ideas are welcomed as to how it could reach a further audience;


i)  it will be very difficult monitor usage of the offer on the website other than registering ‘hits’ which will only indicate general access and not the resources and specific tools used. There are plans to train the trainer to help spread the knowledge but any support or suggestions for promoting the offer are welcomed;


j)  it is gratefully noted that there appear to be a couple of partner provided e-learning packages omitted from the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 17.


CYPP Priority: Safeguarding and Supporting Children and Families

to include:

·  Update on Children’s Improvement Programme

·  Update on Priority Families

·  Update on Young Carers



Sophie Russell, Head of Children’s Strategy and Improvement, Tajinder Madahar, Head of Service Children’s Duty and Targeted Services, and Rosaleen Lynch, Service Manager, Action for Young Carers, provided updates of activity within their respective areas of work which linked into the Children and Young People’s Plan priority of Safeguarding and Supporting Children and Families.


Sophie Russell, Head of Children’s Strategy and Improvement, delivered a brief presentation updating the Partnership on the Children’s Improvement Plan. The following points were highlighted and questions responded to;


a)  Ofsted undertook a focused visit during February 2020 and this is an update on the significant work undertaken since then;


b)  2 priority areas were identified for action by Ofsted so the Children at the Heart Improvement Board was established to focus on addressing these areas;


c)  a clear strength-based practice model was relaunched using the well-established Signs Of Safety approaches to support consistency of practice, with additional learning resources for social workers such as tools for direct work with children, and the new neglect practice guidance for identifying neglect and working with (not to) families, in addition to working closely with the Safeguarding Partnership to jointly produce a Partnership Neglect Strategy;


d)  frontline social worker teams have stabilised with additional capacity to sure there is time available for purposeful and high quality work with children;


e)  with our partner in practice (Essex Local Authority) we worked continued to learn and develop an understanding of the quality of practice in key areas, delivering diagnostic activity and practice conferences. Colleagues from Essex have been very helpful in supporting a positive direction of travel;


f)  the early help offer for children and families was maintained and funding cuts responded to by creating a more targeted play and youth offer, further improving CAMHS, and building the capacity of our VCS partners;


g)  the rapid pace of the improvement journey has been maintained throughout the pandemic and changes to the Corporate Leadership Team. Services have provided a robust approach in responding to the challenges during COVID-19 and ensuring contact is maintained with vulnerable children and families, providing regular returns to DoE, and ensuring visibility maintained. There has been fantastic work across partners, agencies and education providers, providing assurance that vulnerable children remain safe. This latest period of lockdown has highlighted the importance of Partnership and moving forward together;


h)  the focus was initially on  delivering against priorities identified but now the scope needs to widen  with partners to ensure the most effective impact;


i.  children will benefit from consistently good social work practice;

ii.  services will be enabled and supported to make a difference for children;

iii.  children will benefit from a partnership that works together to improve outcomes for children;


i)  the targeted approach of Youth and Play Services is monitored and can be provided following the meeting. Play and youth targeted work is important in a preventative approach and there are good indicators that they are having a positive impact and reach. Services have adapted contact due to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.


Partner Updates - Nottinghamshire Police


Nottinghamshire Police Superintendent Matt Healey, delivered a presentation, a copy of which is circulated with the initial publication of the minutes.


The presentation included the following:


a)  an overview with regard to staffing, recruitment and proposed improved facilities, current policing operations (including Operation Reacher which is now across the City), and dedicated funding to help address child criminal exploitation;


b)  Lead Policing officer roles  were identified as follows:


o  Nottingham City Area– Supt Mat Healey – 24/7 Response, Neighbourhood Policing & Criminal Investigations;

o  Public Protection– Supt Andy Gowan – CAIU, Rape Investigation, Domestic Abuse, Sex Offender Management;

o  Serious & Organised Crime– T/Supt Mike Allen – Modern Day Slavery, Human Trafficking, County Lines, Organised Crime Groups;

o  Youth Justice, VRU & Knife Crime Strategic– Supt Ted Antill;


c)  how the Police Service is contributing to the Children’s Partnership, mainly co-terminus with the City Council but also liaising with partners, including:


i.  committing to Children at the Heart Improvement Board and particularly development of the Neglect Strategy;

ii.  Missing From Home Locate Team (MFHL) of the 2,427 missing reports, 61% of repots are for young people/children, (which is a reduction of 21%) and 21% of those are young people from residential care). Overall outcomes have improved;  Each missing report presents a cost to the Police of £2,500, so prevention work is important in many aspects;

iii.  ongoing Youth Justice work;

iv.  dedicated Children in Care Police Officers;

v.  an officer is seconded to the Troubled Families Team;

vi.  coordination with the Mental Health Triage Team, including BARNHAUS at the QMC to support the victims of child sexual abuse;

vii.  a Schools Officer;

viii.Child Sexual Exploitation awareness and strict prosecution;

ix.  contributing to Partnership Risk Management, including providing youth engagement with the Police Cadets, Mini Police, Internships & Work Experience and a full time Police Career Advisor

x.  Violence Reduction Unit;


d)  overall, crime has reduced across all non-covid legislation breach categories, really due to the COVID-19 lockdown, but the number of reported incidents is rising as restrictions are eased:


i.  first has reduced by 37% compared to the same period last year;

ii.  sexual offences has reduced by 26% (204 fewer offences);

iii.  domestic abuse is increased by 1% (34 for incidents);

iv.  reporting of domestic incidents (which do not meet the threshold for domestic violence ) has increased by 14% (663 more incidents);

v.  City Policing is driving the reduction in knife crime of 7.6% (21 fewer offences) and knife possession educed by 31.7% (72 fewer offences);

vi.  Anti Social Behaviour has incidents have increased significantly but this is mainly due to the inclusion of reports of


e)  Statistics for the city and county were presented for Public Protection notices (regarding safeguarding referrals of sexual exploitation) month by month for the past year;


f)  Statistics for ‘Encompass Referrals for city and county for the past year, in relation to informing schools when the police have attended a domestic incident where a child was present, so that the child  ...  view the full minutes text for item 19.


Any other Partner updates

The opportunity for partners to briefly update the Partnership on any headline updates


None at this time.


Key Messages and Items for Information


None at this time.


Forward Plan and Suggestions for future agenda items pdf icon PDF 111 KB

Partners are invited to suggest potential topics for future agenda items


Resolved to note the forward plan with the inclusion of potential future items on;


a)  Play and Youth Services engagement; and


b)  Small Steps Big Changes update, as the programme has now passed the mid-point and the impact of the programme will become evident as children enter the education system.